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The modern wingsuit was developed largely through the efforts of Loïc Jean-Albert and Patrick de Gayardon, who met as members of the French skydiving team. Mark, dressed in his red, white and blue wingsuit, can be seen edging along the back seat of the chopper towards the open door. This is not…” he racks his brain for a yet more contemptible pastime, and finds one: “… golf.

The practice of wearing helmets equipped with cameras, then posting the resulting footage on YouTube, has encouraged some fliers to take ever more alarming risks. He died 20 seconds later. Brutal, but he died doing what he loved. And, who knows, death might just be one of the most beautiful things that we get to experience.”. Of my close friends, I would say 50 per cent.”. Then you hear the rush of air. “You have a lot of friends who die,” Jean-Albert said. The company paid for the participants’ travel, accommodation and helicopter flights in return for rights to all footage taken during the event.

Proximity flying – like many of life's challenging distractions, such as bullfighting, fire-eating or meth – is not for everyone. A viral video on YouTube purports to show a young man landing on a lake in northern Italy, but this footage was simulated. A few, including Corliss, have achieved this accidentally, but always at the cost of spending several months in plaster. Fatal bridge strike by wingsuit flyer He was torn into a number of pieces.

And I couldn’t believe it.’, He says: ‘I landed close to everyone and I shouted out: ‘Mark hit the mountain.’ That destroys everything. In the film, Tony movingly describes how the tragedy unfolded. They have filmed themselves negotiating narrow ravines and rocketing through gaps in stone outcrops with an apparent recklessness that suggests their worst fear would be the words “Game Over” appearing on the skyline. “People who don’t pay attention to these things tend to get hurt. It’s not like anyone.

Proximity flying developed from base jumping: the art of free-fall parachuting in dangerous proximity to cliffs, buildings, or other elevated sites. Those details are not relevant. Do not post the full text of copyrighted articles without permission of … Mark and his fellow wingsuiters had been staying in Chamonix, France, and had crossed over into Switzerland to wingsuit jump. Wingsuit daredevil nicknamed the 'flying dagger' glides... Rather you than me!