I may come across as someone who has something against women.

They started working on their first album. I have been affiliated with them since then.” Junaid now works as the vice president of Muslim Charity, and uses his public influence, talks and naats to raise funds for the causes. Source: http://tribune.com.pk/story/578139/junaid-jamshed-and-the-maternal-instinct/, Who would have thought that the pop-icon turned televangelist who irked women with the statement “it is better if women are not taught to drive” has invested the last ten years trying to save the lives of underprivileged women of Pakistan.

Writer by day, biryani enthusiast by night.

Happy times are rolling in the house of the singer-turned- scholar, Junaid Jamshed. I lived that part of my life to the fullest. My father-in-law mentioned that my wife-to-be was learning how to drive, and I was happy to hear that. He worked as a leading pop singer who has tasted the peak of success in his career. He never lets go of that opportunity. He received colossal popularity all his career and enjoyed every bit of his success. var _g1; The late singer-turned-preacher bore her expenses by sending money every month until his tragic death in the plane crash on December 7, 2016. “I try my best to balance. His elder son, Taimoor Junaid Jamshed tied the knot with Javeria yesterday in an intimate ceremony in Karachi. One of his wives was also on the plane when it crashed.

I cannot turn away from these responsibilities; that would be [ingratitude]. It stated that Jamshed started offering prayers 5 times a day. He did his graduation from Saudi Arabia Yanbu’ al Bahr High School. She is now being denied her due right of inheritance from her late spouse. His meeting with Scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil changed him many ways. “It is sad how women are objectified. He started escaping from the media’s attention, which began following him everywhere he ago. It is said that the life of Junaid Jamshed inspired the film’s main lead role. Munazza Mehmood

Junaid Jamshed’s third wife, Raazia Muzaffar, is seeking her inheritance share as per Muslim laws. A legendary singer who reached the height of success with his songs and Albums took the most significant decision of his life and turned down his music profession after entirely devoting himself to Allah. However, she is being denied her rights by the late preacher's children from his first wife. Comparing it with the comfort and facilities which are available to women in the cities, like his wife at the birth of their four children, he felt deeply disturbed at why so many women in Pakistan had to go through this. JJ has evolved. The second interview was hard to schedule.

Rights to women have been given by the Creator. If she really is his wife then she has every right to get her share. “Damage control lies in this: men should control their tempers and women [should] think before they speak.”, “I knew you’d ask this!” he said with a chuckle. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); I have always felt strongly about the rights of women.”, When asked why families seem to be falling apart, he has a simple formulaic solution. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { But my friend, a senior, advised me, as experienced friends do: ‘Don’t teach your wife how to drive’. As a global initiative, the charity works on improving maternal health the world over. Our aim is to produce peaceful and responsible citizens.”. A man needs to be more sensitive towards his wife. Junaid Jamshed’s Third Wife Demands Her Rightful Share in Inheritance, National Minorities Day: These Souls Deserve Our Thanks and Gratitude, Aiman and Minal Khan Take A Family Vacation To Swat [Pictures]. } catch(e) {}. As a human, a Muslim, a Pakistani, a person whom people know. A young boy who completed his engineering from Lahore went to the music side and joined Vital Band which was originated by Rohail Hayaat in 1986. A suitcase is forever ready for the globe-trotter. Sitting in Shahi Hasan’s studio, his fingers, a couple of times, delicately traced the contours of the guitar strings. Junaid Jamshed — the name brings to one’s mind an image of two juxtaposed pictures: one of a drop-dead handsome young Junaid, the other of a seasoned man with a long beard and a mellower face, beckoning people to come towards Islam. He married twice and blessed with 3 Sons and1 daughter. In 1991 the band released their second Album ‘Vital Signs 2’ that didn’t receive the same response as of the first album. With time the band got immense popularity with the songs that Junaid Jamshed used to sing. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); “The year was 2003. People were not ready for it.” He had not gone public with his change then. And that has to do with his work as a philanthropist whose focus is maternal health.

Its obvious his first wife and family knew about his second marriage. his Naat ‘Illahi Teri Chaukat pai’ is one of the highly famous Naats of all time. That was what I mentioned light-heartedly in that show.”, After he got married, he tried to teach her to drive but couldn’t because of a paucity of time. One of his cousins, Aly Khan, is a notable Pakistani television star who has also worked in Bollywood. “It is a compliment when people call me that but I don’t think I am worthy of that.” His pet peeve is “When people use the word mullah or maulvi in a derogatory way.” For now, it appears that he is neither and defies being pegged as one thing or another. Kyun na chunain wo raasta jis par naheen koi gaya. His decision to quitting Music profession affected many people who loved to listen to his songs.