Go inside, and through the vent, and you can pick up The Zoomer! Follow it. Secret Tunnel[Randomized Chest Loot Table: Fertilizer Bag, Ground Coffee, Ping Pong Ball, Toy Robot, Metal File, Chewing Gum, Beaker, Medical Tape, Battery, Gauze, Wire Spool] [Randomized Destructible Loot Table: Motor Oil, Sneakers, Binoculars, Duct Tape, Metal Chain...]. anonymously (anonymous users cannot post links). Here, stand by the locked door to the SW and the Mindflayer will destroy it. Anyway... Starcourt Mall (Mall Showdown version)[Randomized Chest/Destructible Loot Table: Pocket Knife, Lawn Darts, Metal Chain, Binoculars, Plush Toy, Flashlight, Wire Spool, Knee Pads, Baseball Bat]. Rewards: Unlocked Door, Access to exit east of the Weathertop Shack, Gnome #50: Jareth, locked door requiring a Secret Badge (revisit later).

Steve drives Dustin and Erica to the transceiver so Dustin can coordinate the mission in 3x08.

This will unlock the door, so proceed onwards. Considered as a Cadillac of ham radios, Cerebro can be used to communicate across very long distances, such as, in between Hawkins and Salt Lake City. cache 4h 2m Dustin created Cerebro at Camp Know Where, along with a few other inventions. One of the volleys will track and hit you so you can’t dodge the bullets, but the others you can dodge. Enter the food court for a crazy cutscene. At the end of this path, you’ll find a locked chest with some money. Once is in the middle of the Weathertop forest. The first two parts you can find in … Reversed, it reads: “Stand with associate in room with two wooden consoles. with this post, location or person.

This will no longer require energy, but all the cannons must be facing him to use it. Anyway, just past it in a chest, and inside you’ll find Rift Room Key #2. After the fight, the fence will be gone, and we need to head over to Starcourt. The switch combination here is Right, Left, Right, starting from the left. The first two parts you can find in chests. After this, you’ll see a cutscene, and you’ll be with the other team inside another part of the Russian Base.

Now stand on the switch, and use your partner to loop around to the other side of this door, in the area that we haven’t been yet.

Now go back north, and into the new northern entrance.

In Stranger Things 3 The Game one of the early quests once you’ve found Dustin is to get Cerebro back up and running.

Wait patiently.”. Jaws also work well, if you’re using controlling Joyce.

Through that vent, you’ll find a Body Armor. Now head all the way to the SW until you hit the metal door, go inside to unlock another shortcut. The code for the door was the mathematical equation Planck's Constant, and to get help, Dustin contacted Suzie using Cerebro to ask her what Planck's Constant is.