Uzbek Tumblers Pigeons.

Starting off breeding pigeons at the age of seven in Almaty, Kazakhstan now raise the best breeds here in the U.S! The Uzbek Crack Tumbler breeds originated in the Uzbek city of Bukhara.

Uzbek pigeon fancier inspects an Uzbek Crack Tumbler pigeon, Bukhara. Flickriver - view images as a 'river of photos' and more... 668 Likes, 4 Comments - Pigeons (@pigeonsfans) on Instagram: “Uzbek Tumbler Pigeon. If you are looking for one of these rare breeds, then you have came to the right place! For centuries other breeders from across Uzbekistan would acquire these breeds from the Emirs of Bukhara. Learn how to update your browser. ", 3 σχόλια - Pigeons (@pigeonsfans) στο Instagram: "Love the color pattern in this Turkish Pigeon. The Emirs of Bukhara imported several different breeds from Persia and cross bred them with the local breeds.

They can do this for up to ten hours at a time without landing! Each breed is identified by it’s color and physical appearance and each variety has a particular name in the Uzbek language. #amazing #beautiful #animals #birds #pigeons #güvercin #tauben #palomas…”. This is a beautiful bird having a double, front or back crest and sometimes they are bearded! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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They are apparently trained to do these acrobatics. the ‘sochi’ variety judging by the ‘white feathers with black flecks’.

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This morning I was looking through old photographs trying to choose one for my ‘photo of the week‘ series. Uzbek Pigeon Uzbek Pigeon image: The most amazing black color Uzbek Tumbler pigeon, So cute Uzbekistan pigeon, very high quality feather for top show pigeon Email This BlogThis! The name ‘Uzbek Crack Tumbler’ apparently comes from the fact that they originate from Uzbekistan (well obviously), but also because of the way they fly. Isn’t it amazing what you can get from just one photograph!

In this case years later…. I couldn’t really remember though, so I Google’d it and it turns out that Bukhara is famous for it’s pigeons! Home; Breeds; Homers. When flying they sometimes begin to rise up vertically and begin tumbling and clap their wings together making an audible clap or crack sound.

© Jonathan E Tyrrell. Recalling travel memories through photography... It’s funny how sometimes you can take a photograph and not really realise what you’re looking at until sometime later.

It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. I came across some images from an early morning walk around the markets of the Uzbek city of Bukhara. May 15, 2014 - Amazing Uzbek pigeons for sale with lovely yellow color, Find more Uzbek Tumbler pigeons for sale. The men were inspecting the condition of the pigeons, opening their wings and generally giving them a good look over. Breeder/Owner: Andreas Baum. These pigeons are highly valued and were once shown off in organised flight demonstrations.

This resulted in a great variety of ‘decorative’ pigeons. uzbek tumblers - Hey guys im new to this site, and so far im loving it! This particular shot caught my eye – an Uzbek ‘pigeon fancier’ inspecting a pigeon before making purchase. I love the concentration on the men’s faces.