What type of law would you like to practice and where would you like to start your career? Where do you want to practice? Tell me about a book you’re reading or have read recently that changed your perspective?

(He had us go around and say “Student A” or “Student B” without any discussion.

See also What Questions Should You Ask a Law School Admissions Officer? *. We were in groups of 3-4 for the first two scenarios, and then we all got together in one large group to discuss the third scenario.

[Interviewer also asked a lot of questions based on Student A’s resume]. admissions consulting and editing services, your interest in their law school in particular, an academic or professional accomplishment. I divide questions you can ask them into two categories: genuine questions and suck-up questions. Four of the questions are picked randomly from a large bank; they often focus on your experience of (1) working on a team, (2) speaking to people who disagree with you, or (3) failing. Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is a world-renowned law school – consistently ranked among the top 14 (“T14”) in the U.S. First scenario was about a student who had been suspended for a year on account of plagiarism. Much of the growth in the past few years has been with nonresident applicants. Which student organization would you be interested in? Why did you decide to go to [grad school]?

Can you tell me about a success you’ve had? He did not let people raise their hand and share their opinions freely.

The Admissions Officer that interviewed me was super friendly and the interview overall was pretty informal. I was asked why I didn’t choose to first go to law school in Japan and then to try to enter an LL.M.

What can you do in law school other than academics? Which particular clinics are you interested in?

Describe a relationship that went from adversarial to amicable. If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be with?

Applicants can overcome a lower LSAT score with demonstrated academic excellence during their four years of college. When you are facing a strict deadline for an important project, how do you organize and manage your time? I highly recommend international students that they request interviews because it gives us chance to meet an alum living in the country and to connect with lawyers with American J.D.

When did you decide you wanted to become a lawyer? An invitation to interview is never a bad sign. Some people simply have trouble with standardized tests. (And for those who don’t have work experience, be prepared to sell why you should still be let in.). There’s no excuse for being late.

Do you have any questions for us? What would you do if you can’t make it to the top 10% of your class? Lastly, the dean presented two candidates, “A” and “B.” A is a better candidate in terms of LSAT and GPA, but not too much better than candidate B. What’s a potential downside of your application?

Why did you study [something you studied at grad school] and how will it inform your career? How did you end up [across the country] for college? Law school goes by quickly. He said something like, “Sometimes it’s best to say I’m sorry and then zip it.”. The Dean then weighed in, and he believed that this should be rated as a 7. What is one thing you want the Admissions Council to know? What is something that you have done for the first time recently? Considering your consulting background, why law?

10 years from now? If they wanted to see what you could do with time to revise, they would send you written questions. (Follow-up) But why law instead of doing an MPP or MBA?

What would interest you about corporate law? What are you most looking forward to in law school? Who should you admit if you have to choose one over the other? You must be prepared to talk about the following: You should probably be prepared to talk about these: A Word about Preparing and Being Unprepared. University of Virginia 2019–2020 UVA Interview Questions. Name a time when you had to work with a difficult person, what made them difficult to work with, and what did you do about it? I see that you took the LSAT many times. UVA will NOT require that applicants submit standardized testing to be considered for admission for at least the next application cycle. How would you describe yourself in one sentence? You can choose from Skype, Google Hangouts, or in-person. How do you navigate through a difficult conversation? Tell me a time you were part of a team with low morale/motivation. He is currently getting his graduate degree at Oxford. Name a time that you were not happy with your performance. What do you want to do five years after graduating from law school? (This required a 300-word written essay). ), Fourth Scenario: Student A has slightly better stats than Student B, but Student B wrote an unsolicited “Why Georgetown” essay. Tell us about a time when you failed. How did you handle constructive criticism when you didn’t agree with it. Georgetown does a group interview. We all checked in at security, waited in a lobby area, and were given name tags. Why law? What do you hope to do or accomplish with your JD? Student A (waitlist interview in 2019–2020). Discuss a challenge or how you dealt with critical feedback. How did you end up accomplishing the work? One significant advantage in our early decision pool is that you will have an answer in 15 days.

3.2/169 splitter for reference. A time you got frustrating news - how’d you deal with it? I see you’ve been working in the publishing industry for a while. Talk about a time where you worked with people that had disagreements, and what did you do to resolve those. What if the application has some typos?

You must be logged in to post a comment. Alumni from across the country share career and networking advice through our #UVALawNetwork series. What is something that you have learned from playing trumpet? (written). Explain your journey from your previous career to law.

What experiences have helped drive your interest to law? Assuming it's Cordell doing the interview, he loves to do this thing where he asks if you have any questions at the end. When did you seriously begin considering law school, what were your first steps? How will you handle not being in the top of your class? I would encourage all students to apply in the fall semester. What is the one thing you want admissions to know about you? How will you use your skills gained after law school? It sucked because I got my hopes up regarding what exactly the interview request meant. Talk about why you decided to go into each one. This is particularly true at Virginia, where we give our early decision applicants an answer in 15 days. What’s one thing that you might be scared or hesitant about in law school? Did you have a pet growing up, and if not what would you have wanted and why?

And while Barbara was advocating for herself as much as she could, the numbers still usually win out. (written). There are many reason why someone may have a lower GPA and some of those reason are very good ones: They majored in a difficult science or engineering major, their school has relatively low grade inflation, they challenged themselves with advanced coursework, they took classes outside their major to challenge themselves (the history major who takes a minor in mathematics, for example). You can schedule an interview online only after WUSTL invites you. Which student organization would you be interested in? They mostly asked questions, recorded answers, and moved on to the next question. I don’t want to read in to it much, but I hope that was a good thing. Think of a time when you had to do something you didn’t want to do and what was in your head.

Published July 2009 The Admissions Process. Why law? What’s a movie or book that changed your mind? Tell me about a time you were part of a team with low morale/motivation. Any response you’ve prepared but were not asked? The LSAT is a half-day test and often times consistently high academic performance in college over several years can compensate for a lower LSAT score. Tell me about a project you’ve managed and how it went. What sort of things do you hope to do in law school? If possible, plug into your modem for online interviews. Should this admission be overturned? What interests you about the city of Chicago? Third Scenario: A student had stellar GPA and LSAT stats as well as letters of recommendation praising her writing skills. 333 Maple Avenue East #700 Start by making the case for one side, that is, and then say something like, “Nevertheless…” and make the case for the other side. What kind of student do you think you were in university and graduate school? Why did you enter a field other than law out of college? Also, having a solid answer on why you want to go to law school is definitely a must.

[Specific questions about resume/experiences]. What did you think about her time off?

If you would have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be and what would you ask them? What was the most disappointing setback in your life? Tell me about a time where you worked with someone that had a different work style than you, and how did you keep a good relationship? Describe a time when you had a difficult conversation and what did you do about it. The group interview actually went exactly how it was described on the 7sage 2019-2020 Interview Questions section!

Why? How did you get to the point where you are applying to law school? (written) if you had a response prepared that we haven’t asked, please answer that question. Scenario 3: A top applicant has glowing rec letters praising his writing, but his personal statement is awful and filled with typos (including a reference to another school).