Looks good, If it itll ressemble russia or germany, ill like it. It is a reference to a real-life monument of the same name and appearance. Tips & Tricks for New Players.

Special thanks were given to … Approximate map of the flooded and unflooded RULA facility. Explore the hilly terrain of France and use the expanded arsenal brought with the France map, with weapons from every class of the game and even a flamethrower. This location can also spawn zombies, as well as basic civilian loot.

Temperate nation east of Canada.

It is only visible to you. Due to being a deadzone, the location requires a Gasmask or Biohazard Hood to safely enter the area. Ranger-grade loot spawns at the location, such as the Zubeknakov, Teklowvka, and Stealy Wheely Automobiley. PS. • It would be occupied by the military as a way to control electricity and radio communications just like silo 22. The beautiful city of Paris is the capital and largest city in France. • This is the official curated map, but migrated to the workshop. Map Nodes: Ardennes Forest • Bay of Biscay • Bernard's Pond • Biarritz • Bordeaux • Camp Ariege • Camp Grenoble • Château de Versailles • Cotentin Arsenal • Flamanville Power • Gare 17 • Guernsey • Le Mans Hospital • Lourdes Farm • Marseille • Mont Blanc • Orly International • Paris • Plage d'Arcachon • Pont du Gard • Port de Calais • Satory Defense HQ • Toulouse • Usine • Verdun Airbase • Vignec Vineyard

unturned-planet. Unturned-Planet.com is not affiliated with Unturned or Smartly Dressed Games. Without the diving items, you will drown before you get to the room. the fortified Marseille stronghold or Verdun Airbase. By the end of the 2020, players should be able to experience some survival gameplay while on a stable server that is running a basic map. This would prove to be disastrous, as when a large group of infected came through, the guards were unprepared and were overwhelmed. To obtain these rare weapons, a Snorkel and Diving Tank are required, due to the distance needing to be traveled to get to the focus spawns being quite substantial. Russia (Festive) It was a passion project, so they worked on it until they felt it was ready. Due to the infected coming in small amounts, the soldiers standing guard let their guard down, not expecting much. Unturned> Workshop > Vilespring's Workshop . Spoiler just gives you one more thing to click before you can see it. The flooding of the RULA facility might have been caused by the same group responsible for bombing Marseille, as suggested by the amount of ranger-grade loot around the reactor and other sections. This location is the border of France and Germany, further supported by the fact that there is a German and French flag at the collapsed tunnel. Explore medieval cities, alpine forests, and sandy shorelines.

The note that details their plan can be found at Gare 17. Then click on the folder servers in the listing, then unturned, and then server. Recommended for experienced survivors. Jourdan's Fort is an unlisted safezone, which is the only safezone in the map. This area is only accessible by Sea or Air but when there you will have to dive. • The map of Unturned recives updates as the game continues to progress in development. Two hangars can be found outside next to the runway, as well as an air traffic control tower, a military tent, and a medical tent.