Ultravox (earlier stylized as Ultravox!) 11 both in 1982, and "Visions in Blue" and in 1983 "We Came to Dance" charting at No. It was everywhere, on TV, radio and a thousand video jukeboxes. Album Premiere: Stephen Emmer - 'International Blue'.

Although it continued their string of top ten albums in the UK, the declining performance of its singles prompted both Ure and Cross to leave the band, "Same Old Story" peaking at No. The interview did not reveal whether or not new material would be recorded as a result of the reunion tour. We have recently played live around the UK and plan more … Ultravox returned later in 1977 with the punkier Ha!-Ha!-Ha!. Similarly, Western Promise’s otherworldly intro could hardly be more proggy if it put on a cape and sent someone out for a curry halfway through. In early March 1978, Stevie Shears, whose style of guitar playing was considered a limiting factor, was sacked from the band after they toured England[5] and joined Cowboys International in 1980. On 4 January 2017 Billy Currie announced on his official website that he had decided that his time as a member of Ultravox had come to an end after 43 years. Ultravox would swiftly become one of the great singles bands of the 80s, but this was an album that proclaimed its debt to the experimental likes of Kraftwerk (Mr X is essentially an overt and charming tribute to the German pioneers), Tangerine Dream and Roxy Music. At this stage, Ure and his compatriots seemed unassailable, yet they immediately ran into difficulties when they reconvened to record Ultravox’s eighth LP. The band's best-known line-up of Currie, Ure, bassist Chris Cross and drummer Warren Cann reformed in 2008 and performed a series of reunion shows in 2009 and 2010 before releasing a new studio album, Brill!ant, in May 2012 which reached 21 in the British Album Charts. Trailed by the spooky, attention-grabbing title track, the album was produced by Stephen Lipson (Annie Lennox; Pharrell Williams) and it was a vintage return to form, with numerous highlights including shimmering stadium-sized anthems such as ‘Live’ and the yearning, bagpipe-assisted ‘Flow’; the insistent ‘The Change’ and the sparse, haunting postscript, ‘Contact’. Ultravox (earlier stylized as Ultravox!) were a British new wave band, formed in London in April 1974 as Tiger Lily. Since success from touring the UK they have extended the tour to Germany and Belgium. Eee To celebrate, a special anniversary version of the album will be released on October 9th. Doves drummer Andy Williams reveals his top ten formative albums, LISTEN! With John Foxx then signing to Richard Branson’s Virgin label as a solo artist, Robin Simon joining Magazine and Gary Numan recruiting Billy Currie to play on his highly successful LP The Pleasure Principle, it seemed Ultravox was over until the versatile Midge Ure stepped into the picture. With the band seemingly over, Ultravox were then revitalised by Midge Ure, who joined the band as vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist. There are two vinyl versions available, featuring selections from the above, a deluxe version features four discs pressed in clear vinyl and a double album version on standard vinyl. It may make for a more modern sound, but it is the original album that wins out for us here. In July 1976, while working on the late stages of their debut album, the band conceived the name Ultravox! His addition to the band took away John Foxx’s more arty and perhaps obscure reference points and replaced them with a more mainstream sensibility.

Although Ha!-Ha!-Ha! Dieses flehende Album, das gegen den Strom der bunt-klebrigen Pop-Welt schwamm, war Balsam für die schwarze Seele, wurde aber kein wirklich großer kommerzieller Erfolg.Durchweg formidable Songs wie "Reap the Wild Wind" (1982), "Hymn" (1982) & "We Came to Dance" (1983), eine Stimme mit Wiedererkennungswert und geschicktes Analog-Synthie-Getrickse machten dann auf Albumlänge bei "Quartet" (1982) und "Monument - The Soundtrack" (1983) einen guten Eindruck.Das folgende Album "Lament" von 1984 sicherte danach abermals nennenswerte Chart-Positionen für die New Wave-Truppe. Meanwhile, New Europeans, Passing Strangers and All Stood Still proved that Ultravox were shoulder-to-shoulder with the new wave/post-punk set and, most importantly, knew how to write a cracking tune. These shows proved to be Ultravox's last, as in 2017 both Currie and Ure indicated that Ultravox had run its course.

A new line-up, led by Currie, was formed in 1992, but achieved limited success, with two albums failing to chart and one solitary single reaching 90 in the UK Singles Chart. 1 solo hit with "If I Was" and his solo album The Gift reached No.

The album peaked at No. Running time: 108 minutes On Jonathan Ross's show on BBC's Radio 2 on 21 February 2009, Ure discussed the tour, with all four members of the most successful incarnation of the band on board. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, On the recommendation of Rusty Egan, Ultravox Keyboard player Billy Currie asked Midge Ure to join a revitalized version of the band. Wer seine Synthie-Pop-CD-Sammlung vervollständigen möchte, der findet bei 'Ebay' und auf Flohmärkten oftmals echte Schnäppchen aus dem Wave-Bereich. Von 1980 bis 1986 verzeichnete die Band mit Songs wie Vienna, Hymn und Dancing with Tears in My Eyes mehrere Top-Ten-Platzi… Ein Album mit viel Analog-Synthie und ungehörten Sounds, das nach Meinung der Spex & Musikexpress-Redakteure mit jedem Hören besser wurde. is the eponymous debut studio album by British new wave band Ultravox!.It was recorded at Island Studios in Hammersmith, London in the autumn of 1976 and produced by Ultravox! It’s parent album re-entered the charts following the single’s success and also made it to No 2.

Your email address will not be published. Presaged by yet another Top 20 hit, the standalone ‘Love’s Great Adventure’, the album went triple platinum in the UK, where it peaked at No.2.

Without any other original members, Currie reformed Ultravox again in 1992 with vocalist Tony Fenelle to record Revelation, and later Sam Blue replaced Fenelle in a new five-piece Ultravox line-up, lending his voice to another release, Ingenuity (1994). This year, Vienna turns an incredible 40 years old. Midge Ure, Chris Cross, Billy Currie, Warren Cann.

Their debut self-titled album was released in 1977 and sounds to these ears like it was written before the onrush of punk, but recorded after it. He mentioned that this reunion was not planned in light of the previously mentioned events, but rather was spontaneous and happened very quickly with the band members talking and communicating online (using email and Skype). (the exclamation mark was a reference to krautrock band Neu!, produced by Conny Plank, who later produced three Ultravox albums). It was preceded by a new single, "Love's Great Adventure", which enjoyed massive radio airplay that autumn and eventually peaked at No. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Although its immortal title track battled fruitlessly to topple Joe Dolce’s Shaddap You Face from the top of the UK singles chart, famously stalling at No.2 for an enervating three weeks, Ultravox’s fourth album thoroughly deserves to be viewed as one of the great creative pop triumphs of the early 80s. A second single, "Passing Strangers", failed to reach the Top 40, only reaching No. Ure’s appointment to the Ultravox ranks marked another change of direction, along with an accompanying change of audience. [2] In February 1977, Island released their eponymous debut album, Ultravox!. [6] Some time in 1978, the group also dropped the exclamation mark, becoming simply "Ultravox". Big Country's Mark Brzezicki took his place. Personally I love this kind of thing, a peek behind the curtain that lets the listener in on private moments not originally intended for public consumption. 88 in 1987. Prior to being recruited for Ultravox, he was playing guitar for rockers Thin Lizzy, making his career trajectory one of the strangest of the 70s.

Billy Currie first met him when the pair were collaborating on new romantic icon Steve Strange’s studio-based project Visage, and, after some encouragement from Visage drummer Rusty Egan, Currie asked Ure to join Ultravox. 2 in the UK. The album featured a long track in three parts on the second side. 27. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Language: Cantonese... From toe-tapping rock n’ roll to darkly ethereal modular synthpop - discover highlights from the vibrant Loftas... Ultravox’s Vienna: 40th anniversary box set review.

Ultravox were to be unfairly consigned to history, a victim of the major label demands for shifting units. Ultravox teamed up with producer George Martin for 1982's Quartet, which peaked at No. [9] This would be the first time the classic line-up of the band have performed together since Live Aid in 1985. Es gilt vielleicht nicht als die beste Arbeit, dennoch ist die Platte vom damaligen Zeitgeist geprägt und besticht mit einer gekonnten Mixtur aus dunkel-melancholischen Sounds und solidem Synthie-Pop. Numan had been a fan of Ultravox and Currie was also asked to play on Numan's début solo album, The Pleasure Principle, and its subsequent tour. On 20 January 2011, via their official website, Ultravox.org.uk, the band announced that a new studio album was nearing completion. He is an accomplished and stylish guitarist and he slips effortlessly into his role in the band. It is fascinating to hear the songs away from all studio frills and trickery. Musically, the album was markedly different from Ultravox's earlier work, bringing synthesisers to the forefront of the group's sound. The other Chrysalis-era releases were planned for similar future releases. The band was formed in April 1974 on the initiative of vocalist and songwriter Dennis Leigh, a then Royal College of Art student, and was originally known as Tiger Lily.

The latter is the real gold here: Wilson’s precise but caring touch has brought endless new nuances out of these songs. Dieser Trend zog sich leider durch alle Platten des Gründungs-Line-Ups: "Ultravox!" He may not have turned Ultravox into a pop band per se, but he did make them more conventional and aligned them to a bigger audience. Banjo has been a music journalist for over 6 years, but a music fan since buying his first single at the tender age of nine. But a change in fortune was just around the corner.

Ultravox returned to performing live with their Return to Eden II tour during 2010. Cann emigrated to the US and retired from music to become an actor. The Collection went triple Platinum and reached No. Both these tracks were released as 45s, but each stalled around the Top 30’s outer perimeter, while the third single – ‘All In One Day’, which came couched in a lavish, George Martin-scored string arrangement – stalled at a lowly No.88.

Despite positive critical notices, Systems Of Romance again struggled in the marketplace and Island dropped the band. Made in Hong Kong (1997) Since 1979, Ure and Currie had also been part of the Visage ensemble on a part-time basis while simultaneously being in Ultravox.

But behind the scenes, things were still happening.

Listening back to Vienna, it seems to straddle a line between 80s pop and something perhaps more credible.

At this juncture, Dennis Leigh also chose the new stage name of John Foxx, while bassist Allen rechristened himself Chris Cross and the band continued recording their self-titled debut with co-production from future U2/Siouxsie & The Banshees producer Steve Lillywhite and one of their heroes, ex-Roxy Music synth manipulator and David Bowie collaborator Brian Eno. Banjo. As with Systems of Romance, it was produced in Germany by Conny Plank. Issued at a time when electronic pop outfits such as The Human League and Depeche Mode were beginning to break into the mainstream, Vienna’s state of the art, synth-driven pop surfed the zeitgeist and, after a slow start, its dramatic title track rose to No.2 in the UK singles chart in January 1981.