Performing Due Diligence on a Third-Party Marketer, How Investors can Perform Due Diligence on a Company, Asset-raising history throughout their careers, Asset-raising track record while working together within the firm, Potential commitment of time in terms of hours per week and duration of the contract, and.

Refreshing or creating new brands – we’ll make you shine. A third party is an individual or entity that is involved in a transaction but is not one of the principals and has a lesser interest. Rather than investing scarce resources in a dedicated internal sales force, and all the expenses that go along with it, many firms have chosen to outsource their business’ sales and marketing functions to firms such as Arrow Partners. If you look like all of your competitors, are you really competing? Hedge funds conducting due diligence on a third-party marketing firm should always ask questions about the firm and their employees.

Develop a marketing plan and develop sales and marketing materials; Arrow Partners, Inc. 3010 Westchester AvenuePurchase, NY 10577914-251-1084Email. If a hedge fund manager has a poor reputation, it could reflect poorly on the marketer that is doing the promoting. Hedge funds hire marketers because the hedge fund manager's core expertise is usually in managing the portfolio for investors, and not growing new relationships with them.

These individuals may also be experts in the field of sales and investment marketing. There are exceptions, but most marketers are evaluated almost exclusively on their ability to raise assets. READ MORE. (To learn more, check out Should You Add a Securities License to Your Repertoire?).

These firms may be working on behalf of multiple hedge fund managers at any one time. (If the marketing side appeals to you, read The Marketing Director's Pitch.). Get Amped. Some third-party marketers establish their own broker-dealer to fulfill this requirement while others simply form an agreement with an existing broker-dealer. A hedge fund is an actively managed portfolio of investments that uses leveraged, long, short and derivative positions.

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However, this is a challenging, cutthroat industry to work in. Working with 3rdThird is so easy, it allows your marketing team to do what they do best: sell. Because of this, most third-party marketing contracts are for three-to-five years and often include momentum clauses that ensure the marketer is compensated even if the sale comes in after they stop working with this particular hedge fund client. Because the vast majority of equity managers live somewhere in the same style box, it can be tough to differentiate one firm from the dozens, if not hundreds, of others investing with the same style and discipline. The types of marketing services that third-party marketing firms may offer include: Many third-party marketers work with their hedge fund clients on a commission-only basis, but some with stronger marketing backgrounds may charge a moderate retainer while also taking a percentage of the fees on assets raised. The potential to soak up 20 percent of a hedge fund's management fees is an obvious attraction to this career path.

Third-party marketing serves as a consulting service for persons, such as hedge fund managers, who are in need of the expertise of experienced marketing professionals. “3rdThird has been instrumental in launching our new concept for the active, independent 55+ market.