Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in June 2015 and was updated with the latest information. We sure do! This new realization did little to alleviate people's stress levels. Warning: watch this, and the words 'green tree frog' may become a lifelong trigger for nightmares. Caithlin Pena is an editor for YourTango who enjoys books, movies, and writes about astrology and lifestyle topics. RELATED: What Teen Heartthrob Devon Sawa AKA Casper The Ghost Looks Like Now. All rights reserved. Teletubbies - Children Visit a Woodland & Inspect Bugs Fall Down Dance- Cbeebies, Teletubbies - Larette Tap Dancing - Lithuanian Version, Teletubbies Larette Tap Dancing - Holland Version, https://teletubbies.fandom.com/wiki/Baby_Sun?oldid=63065. Twitter thought a childhood favorite, the sun baby from "Teletubbies", had a baby of her own after someone tweeted out a photo of her all grown up and holding a child on her lap. On the show, guest Holly Willoughby was asked to pick the Sun Baby out from the crowd, but ended up guessing a man standing two rows behind one Jess Smith. This is also how Jess was filmed for the original series. "When I was young I used to laugh along with the sun, but it was only when I got older that I understood it was me. In the caption on the post from the Teletubbies official Instagram page, it was explained: The original Sun Baby is all grown-up! A letter sent to her mother in June 1996 confirms her prior involvement with the popular kids' show. Her face is live-action and the sun is performed by Jess Smith when she was 9 months old. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Original Sun Baby, now all grown-up, passes the sun role to baby Berry for the…”

The internet went wild trying to wrap their heads around this bit of information because how could a baby we all grew up watching have a child of her own? In Painting with Hands and Feet with the Dancing Bear and Playing in the Rain with the Three Ships. But as we all realized later on, even sun babies don't stay sun babies forever. ", A post shared by Teletubbies (@teletubbieshq) on May 24, 2016 at 10:52pm PDT. 7. Check out what the Sun Baby from Teletubbies looks like today. The original Sun Baby is named Jess Smith, and she is now in her mid '20s.

Picture memes mVakP5st6: 1 comment — iFunny. At that time, a new Sun Baby was cast. - July 23, 2019 06:57 pm EDT.

The role went to a toddler named Berry. She originated the role when the Teletubbies first debuted in 1997. Teletubbies was rebooted in 2015 when Nickelodeon picked up the U.S. rights to new episodes, due in no small part, undoubtedly, to the show's cult following among older viewers. "My close friends and family knew, but it just never interested me before to tell everyone," she continued.

RELATED: 28 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up In The 90s. The Sun Baby is usually shown giggle at the beginning of the Magical Events. As Smith later explained to Kent Online, "Everyone knowing would have been a bit scary.". The Smiths were paid just £250 (around $350 at the time) and given a box of toys, but they were more than happy with the arrangement and have no regrets. The Sun Baby from Teletubbies. @gregjames This is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, with our new Sun Baby, Berry! So there's that. The spirit of an infant burning in a giant celestial sphere of hot gases. "This has made me feel 800 years old," BBC Radio 1's Greg James wrote in response, and he wasn't alone. Meanwhile, Smith also took to Twitter around that time to share photos from the Teletubbies anniversary event. "People told my mum that I should have gone into modeling but she thought it wasn't the right move to make as I was quite shy," Smith continued. These pals make the list mainly because it's clear that they must have seen some messed up s**t in that Michael kid's bedroom. 2,115 Likes, 76 Comments - LilyTrescot (@lilytrescotx) on Instagram: “omg guys it’s the teletubbies sun baby ” "Everyone says they can see the likeness between my face now and me as a baby, I still have a baby face. RELATED: 12 Crazy Things Every 90s Kid Collected At One Point Or Another, According to the interview with Smith's mother, her signature giggles were filmed in the midst of playing with her father, who was off camera. According to the Teletubbies alum's Twitter bio, she is "currently studying dance education" at Canterbury Christ Church University. Fans freaked out, assuming that the infamous sun baby had now had a baby of her own. The Book Place was a wholesome, educational, afternoon TV classic throughout the '90s. Best Free png teletubbies sun png - baby , HD teletubbies sun png - baby png images, PNG png file easily with one click Free HD PNG images, png design and transparent background with high quality. Jess when she was revealed as the original Sun Baby, The Jess Smith who was first rumoured as being the Sun Baby, Jess at the new series premiere along with Berry and her actual mother, Berry and her mother at the 2016 toy fair, Berry being filmed for the new series with her mother behind the camera making her laugh. A post shared by Teletubbies (@teletubbieshq), What the 'Teletubbies' Sun Baby Looks Like Now, John Oliver Says He Teared up After Voting for the First Time as an American Citizen, Ice Cube Lashes out at 'SNL' for Joke About His Donald Trump Endorsement, 'Moonshiners' Returns With a Brand New Season, and Business Is Booming Despite Pandemic (Exclusive), 'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Catch Awkward Moment Between Nelly and Carrie Ann Inaba, How 'The Good Doctor' Tackled COVID-19 in Season 4 Premiere, Danny Masterson's Rape Case Arraignment Delayed to 2021, NBC Pulls 'Connecting' From TV, Pointing to Possible Cancellation. 43 Likes, 2 Comments - The Amazons (@theamazonsofficialng) on Instagram: “Do you remember the laughing sun baby from Teletubbies??

As Smith explained to the British morning show Lorraine in 2017. "The teletubbies sun baby has a baby," the tweet read. Look, we probably learned things. "No, the Teletubbies [Sun Baby] didn't have a baby," the official Teletubbies Twitter account confirmed. (Unsettling) image: ABC. "Can't wait to see the new episodes.". When fans saw this photo many assumed (and some still do) that Berry was Jess Smith's daughter. "They encouraged me through it all.

Introducing little Berry - who will be playing the #SunBaby in brand-new episodes of the #Teletubbies. These days, when you think TV host, you think Sonia Kruger, or Osher. This has made me feel 800 years old https://t.co/8KJx1Y8tiq.

The account addressed concerns and clarified that the photo is indeed of the original sun baby, Jess Smith, with the new sun baby, Berry. graced the morning televisions of many a pre-schooler, and is as infamous as the Gerber baby. No, the girl who was the baby face in the Teletubbies sun has *not* had a baby of her own. ", What the Sun Baby from Teletubbies looks like today. ", A post shared by The Amazons (@theamazonsofficialng) on Oct 6, 2015 at 2:14am PDT, She also said in regards to her fellow peers, “I thought I may as well tell them as I’m going to be spending the next three years with them.”. The baby in this picture is Berry, who replaced her as the face of the Teletubbies sun. There has been quite a few people pretending to be 'the sun', but only I could tell you the real story. pic.twitter.com/z7P3vMKVCW. "AH! FACE. Some fans wonder why would the creators put the baby in the sun because the sun is a baby. It started when someone shared a picture of Jess Smith holding a smiley, blonde-haired child in her arms and claimed she was the mother. Igglepiggle, Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy, The Tombliboos.

", Convincing people she was telling the truth was simple — she just asked them to search for a picture of the Sun Baby online. They also cleared things up by explaining that the child in the photo was actually the new sun baby, who was going to be in the show's reboot. There is no way a woman is responsible for this.

Sign up for our weekly "TV and Movies" newsletter. Introducing little Berry - who will be playing the #SunBaby in brand-new episodes of the #Teletubbies. "So I've recently celebrated my 19th birthday and after a lot of thought, I've decided it's time to tell everyone," she wrote. ", According to Jess Smith, her family is proud of her for contributing to a show that became a global phenomenon. "I do remember watching the Teletubbies when I was a child," she wrote on Facebook in 2014 (via the Daily Mail). "This has made me feel 800 years old," tweeted Greg James, host of Radio 1 Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 1. The entire cast of In the Night Garden. (Tripped out) image: ABC. Seeing Jess all grown up makes us feel old too! In the caption on the post from the Teletubbies official Instagram page, it was explained: The original Sun Baby is all grown-up! I'm going to hold back a little here, because there was a real human being behind that floating mouth. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. Jess Smith was the Sun Baby in the original series. Does Smith still have that signature smile? I am the sun from Teletubbies. "She would have been 10 at the time of filming, and she doesn't even look like the baby. The Baby Sun is the sun of Teletubbyland that shines in the sky and makes baby noises.

On a Facebook status back in 2014, Smith said, "So I've recently celebrated my 19th birthday and after a lot of thought, I've decided it's time to tell everyone.