They offer the highest... Lightweight. Which characteristics of DaVinci drive your decision to select / purchase / use this product: Which are the Top 3 drivers? It is even better looking than I expected, and I think it is the best looking roof in Norman I like the fact that there are variations in both the size and color of the roof tiles.”, “My Brava Old World Slate roof looks no different than a real slate roof, but it cost much less…Brava is authentic looking, easy to install and durable…My satisfaction level has not changed over the 9 years since the roof was installed…it’s awesome!”, “My roof is wonderful, I have had so many compliments from people passing by…it definitely allows the roof to stand out and brings a sense of luxury to the property. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you right away. Another is PlyGem Slate and Cedar Shakes roofing. As a natural material, you do not have to do anything to slate to enhance the looks. It is an injection molded material, made primarily from recycled rubber. *Color Disclaimer: The printed colors shown in this website or brochure may vary from actual colors. What Are Plastic Roof Tiles Made From? Hard slate is the strongest type of slate, and more durable than soft slate. Is Ply Gem a good engineered slate roofing ? Installed, synthetic slate costs about $900-1,100 per square. Thanks to modern technology, there are now synthetic slate roofing options that look identical to the real stone, but cost at least 50-60% less. DaVinci Slate delivers on that promise with its astonishing versatility. One of them is Symphony Slate by CertainTeed which has been discontinued since 2019, but there is still a lot of information floating around about this roofing product on various roofing and home improvement blogs, because it was so popular. If you have a more modest roof size and a structure not designed for the added weight, synthetic slate roofing can be a great option. Our synthetic slate roofing tiles can be installed in any climate without concern! They also were able to duplicate the color mixture my wife was looking for to match the stone and stucco of the house. Historically, slate is one of the most appealing roofing choices, combining unmatched durability with natural beauty. Our pros have picked the top faux slate roofs, that can work well on a variety of architectural house styles. Then the wind began blowing off individual pieces.

What are the insulating advantages , if any in using these products?These are awesome looking products!!! This roofing guide is presented by Leo B.

I had a Tamko Lamarite slate roof professionally installed in 2007 and it started cracking and chipping around 2010. The Random-Width Blend is an even blend of 6”, 9” and 12” synthetic slate tiles, which provides unparalleled beauty.