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Please contact us directly at (631) 264-0005 for a shipping quote. If you don't see the sail you're looking for, we can also create a custom sail kit! 0000011151 00000 n 0000009352 00000 n Sunfish Sailboat Classic. 0000012375 00000 n This is the sailboat loved by all. Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software by Miva, Inc. Sunfish Practice Sail (we can install a window), 334 South Bayview Ave Amityville, NY 11701. 0000009933 00000 n 0000002988 00000 n

0000039485 00000 n uniform, even from the same designer. 0000002022 00000 n 0000010351 00000 n 0000013767 00000 n Copyright © 2020 Dinghy Shop. 0000001176 00000 n 0000010452 00000 n Click Here. Vanguard took over the SUNFISH from AMF for several years. These dimensions are intended as starting points only. These include sails for common home-built boat

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models as well as smaller, high-production boats. 0000011239 00000 n We recommend carefully measuring your boat if you are uncertain As of 2012, the SUNFISH was still in production. 0000008300 00000 n

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I am considering manufacturing my own mast and spars but I don't know all the dimensions. ��>pf��d��;w�p`��9l 24 ����E��dݠN����t�C5�05���Q��q)8�C�f�9M��)�q�fdΖ�N��p��hj�ޕ�ndN}��"1"H�_�y5aͥS�������. Designed in 1952, the Sunfish sailboat is still a favorite with all ages. Complete Sail Plan Data for the Sunfish Sailboat. 0000038517 00000 n 0000007713 00000 n

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Details >Please Note: Most of our sail dimensions are based on class rules, designer blueprints, 294 0 obj <> endobj xref 294 44 0000000016 00000 n Request a Sail Quote after reviewing your sailboat specifications. 0000003903 00000 n We've limited our listing to the sails most commonly used, but these are not the only ones 0000014273 00000 n The staff of the Dinghy Shop diligently works with its suppliers and product manufacturers to ensure correct and updated pricing, information and availability of the products offered for sale. My daughter took sailing lessons and fell in love so I am restoring 2 Sunfish from 1966 and 67. Looking for Sunfish Parts and Accessories? 0000013312 00000 n Click here to contact us for custom options and pricing.

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The single-sail Sunfish is praised for it's simple to rig set up, while it's size and weight make it easy to car top or trailer. 0000006374 00000 n

appropriate for a given boat. Sunfish Mast and Boom Specs. The Sunfish is built to last and provide years of worry free enjoyment with minimal maintenance required.

These data points should be carefully checked. We offer easy-to-order kits for our most popular standard sails.

All dimensions are intended to be maximum and smaller sails are not wrong. The Sunfish combines easy rigging and manageability for a comfortable and hassle free sailing experience. 0000010768 00000 n to see if there is a popular sail kit available for 0000017167 00000 n .

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