Why isn't the hope we have in Christ and that WE are more than…. I believe you were planning an interview with Celeste? I don’t believe this, I think it’s clear we are, especially when blue endorsed LGBT, 9mo abortion and forced vaxx or red, blue+red=scarlet/crimson. Additionally this mark seems similar to the MIT Quantum Dot Tattoo. National sin/rebellion against God, has determined and decr…. After he got his chip I thought to myself is that it?

The technology would enable instant tracking and access to a person’s medical history. There is no man alive and walking the earth now, who could get America out of the trouble that she's in. It is akin to what Celeste Solum described about this technology—you become one with it; you become it, and it becomes you. What a marvelous thing it is to hear His voice, realizing that the God of the universe enjoys talking with us!!! And because this is their reality, they are able to inherit the promise of Luke 10:19—nothing, by any means, can hurt them, not even nanotechnology. Beth, there is so much more coming, he is going to blow y…, AMEN and AMEN. . He is shown to be smart in many episodes like finding Stretch Monsters real identity. Can Christians Go to HELL? She is a witch and she is calling for spells and harm against Donald Trump. I am looking for data to prove or disprove this. Jake is vocal in educational aspects of school and often volunteers to give new students tours. As Stretch, he is quick to adapt and react in dangerous situations. In the cartoon that appeared on Netflix from 2018 that I posted as a separate post, notice that the “mark” is on the right forearm of each person. It is not surprising that people are programmed by the most powerful people in the world to follow their desired plans for them and regurgitate their narratives. A lot of these posts are so focused on the devil. Hi Sujit – thank you! Glad to hear you're moving forward in your knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. We should definitely be careful with how much we research on the internet. She is a very smart little girl. Separately, if you watched the Dana Ashlie video I had posted, nanotechnology likes a sugary, acidic environment. Similar to branding cattle, the Beast will claim its own. Season 2 of Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters consists of 10 episodes. I would…, Good morning S.Y., Glad you enjoyed learning about the Somatid, truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made! More Stretch Armstrong & The Flex Fighters Wiki. Anyways, I watched a man receive an little implant in his hand, he was a middle Aged white man with graying hair , he looked disheveled and very tired. Yes, God & my family are my priority. The Connection Between Alliance ID2020 and 5G (Mark…, VISION, THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS READY FOR THE…, Thousands of Swedish citizens now receiving…, Prophetic Dream - Mark of the Beast in Vaccine &…, Architecting The Beast System: AI Control of Food…, Coronavirus stimulus bill providing cover story for…, Trump in charge of fast tracking Bill Gates Final…, New study reveals 64 nations now using facial…, "Satan is about to mimic My perfect sacrifice. We have to disclose what God says, such as: "I who will prevent it,"…, Yes John, Trump is a deceiver, an actor & a counterfeit but MANY refuse to see! I just watch Celeste’s videos though that is a great idea to interview her. Additionally this mark seems similar to the MIT Quantum Dot Tattoo. I believe the mark will be a chip but by getting that chip it changes something in that person’s dna that can be physically seen by those in charge if they have a special light, it will show the change in the person’s skin/dna.


His skin glowed a luminescent green, it was ugly. Thank you kindly. I think the following scripture verses can help clear up a lot of confusion regarding God's relationship with rulers.