Hoy Nacio (Tune: "Jingle Bells"), Feliz Cumpleanos, Jesus (Tune: "The First Noel"). God loves me!

Children sing birthday greetings to friends . Description; Weight.

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Have you told about Jesus?” Kids will get excited about sharing the Gospel with their family and friends! A CEF favorite visualized song that teaches Gospel truths, using the Wordless Book colors: gold, black, red, white and green.

STOP CEF Press. Di las Buenas Nuevas (Go Tell It on the Mountain), Poema sobre la salvación (Salvation Poem Song), ¿Has Hablado Alguna Vez con Dios? Additional information. 11" x 17", 16 full-color pagesKids question the right way to act or make a decision. Go Tell It on the Mountain is on the Sing about the King 1 music CD. Watch short videos with music Stop And Go on TikTok. 13 1/4", Two two-color signsKids will enjoy this road sign style visualized song that boldly encourages them to go and tell others about Jesus.Includes wooden sticks for mounting. That’s the Gospel £ 5.95. 11" x 17", 12 full-color pagesToday's world presents a child with many frightening situations--being bullied, moving to a new school, divorce of parents, natural disasters, fear of the dark or snakes, the serious illness of a friend, famiy member or even themself. Related Products. Tell all the world of Jesus' love this happy Christmas day.It's Coming:  It's coming it's coming that special time of year. 11"x17", Eight full-color pagesAs children sing this song they will learn foundational truths about Jesus, how He can be their Savior and how they can live for Him.View live demonstration of song here. LyricsChristmas Bells:To the tune of Jingle Bells---Christmas bells, Christmas bells, Ring them out today. Kids will be encouraged to let God use them to tell others about His love when they sing this song.Al dejar que Dios los use, los niños se animarán a contarles a otros sobre Su amor cuando cantan esta canción.One sheet front and back 11" x 17". . The lyrics emphasize how Jesus died and rose to life and how they can believe and receive the gift of salvation.Suggested song in Backwards Birthday Bash. This visualized song encourages kids to develop the habit of a daily devotional time.View live demonstration of song here. Jesus died for me! Three Questions £ 5.00.

11" x 17", 12 full-color pagesChallenge children to believe that Jesus died, rose again and wants to be their Savior and friend and to share the good news with everyone in their world! That is news worth sharing with everyone. 0.2000 lbs; SKU. Christ was born in Bethlehem to take our sins away---Christmas bells Christmas bells Ring them out today. 11"  x 17", Six full-color pagesTeach kids how to apply God's Word to their lives by asking three important questions: What does it say? Children will love this unique visual song! Do What’s Right £ 5.95. Jesus never sinned! 11" x 17", 16 full-color pages  Three song visuals for the price of one!This multi-song visual includes the "Wordless Book Song," "Stop" and "Go." Yes Christmas day is coming soon with gifts and lots of fun, but I know that it all began with the birthday of God's Son.