My gordimsya toboi! Na pravoye delo on podnyal narody, Ot yuzhnyh morei do polyarnogo kraya kbimbatti22. Long may our crimson flag inspire, Updated

И Ленин великий нам путь озарил: Chorus, sɐˈjus nʲɪrʊˈʂɨmɨj rʲɪˈspublʲɪk svɐˈbodnɨx United and mighty, our Soviet land! Мы армию нашу растили в сраженьях, A reliable stronghold of the peoples' friendship! Moguchaya volya, velikaya slava – Raskinulis' nashi lesa i polya. Rossiya – lyubimaya nasha strana.

Stalin thought the song should be short, and that it should invoke the Red Army's impending victory over the forces of Germany on the Eastern Front. Another notable change was the replacement of a line referring to the Soviet national flag with one citing the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in the form of "Partiya Lenina" (The party of Lenin). И Ленин великий нам путь озарил.

Yediny, moguchy Sovetsky Soyuz!

Inspired them to labor and valourous deed.

Unbreakable Union of freeborn Republics,

[7] In 2017, the anthem was used more in remixes and covers.

Pripev, An unbreakable union of free republics, The same music was used for a proposed anthem for the State Union of Russia and Belarus, entitled Derzhavny Soyuz Narodov ("Sovereign Union of Nations").

Перевод сахалы. After Stalin's death in 1953 however, the lyrics, which had many references to the former leader, started to be deemed as "unacceptable", and the song was mostly played without lyrics during events. ˈdruʐbɨ nɐˈrodəf nɐˈdʲɵʐnɨj ɐpɫət

And all generations will honor her name. i ˈlʲenʲɪn vʲɪˈlʲikʲɪj nam putʲ ɐzɐˈrʲiɫ Знамя советское, знамя народное Partiya Lenina — sila narodnaya The USSR Anthem, officially known as The State Anthem of the Soviet Union, is a famous National Anthem belonging to the now dissolved Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.), a communist state located in Eurasia. Сквозь грозы сияло нам солнце свободы, Reportedly, Stalin was opposed to including his name in the lyrics but relented after some Politburo members insisted.[9]. На труд и на подвиги нас вдохновил.

Long live our Soviet motherland, Дружбы народов надёжный оплот! The opening bars of this song were sampled from one of Alexandrov's previous pieces, "Life Has Become Better",[1][2] which was based on a quote by former Soviet Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin at the First All-Union Meeting of the Stakhanovites on November 17, 1935. To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us! partʲɪjə ˈlʲenʲɪnə ˈsʲiɫə nɐˈrodnəjə So, in 1977, in celebration of the 60th anniversary for the creation of the Soviet Union through the October Revolution, revised lyrics were created which removed the nods toward Stalin, as well as many other references.

Нас вырастил Сталин – на верность народу We grew our army in battles, // Родина. [14] In late 2000, the current national anthem of Russia was introduced, which uses the music of the Soviet national anthem with new lyrics by Sergei Mikhalkov.

Znamya Sovetskoye, znamya narodnoye [10] A notable exception took place at the 1976 Canada Cup ice hockey tournament, where singer Roger Doucet insisted on performing the anthem with lyrics after consultations with Russian studies scholars from Université de Montréal and Soviet team officials. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Banner of the Soviets, banner of the people, В победе бессмертных идей коммунизма [15] Similar laws were adopted in Latvia[16] and Lithuania.[17].

Zakhvatchikov podlykh s dorogi smetyom! The varying refrains were replaced by a uniform refrain after all stanzas, and the line praising Stalin was dropped, as were the lines referring to the Great Patriotic War. spɫɐˈtʲiɫə nɐˈvʲekʲɪ vʲɪˈlʲikəjə ruzʲ To a just cause he raised up the people,

My budem vsegda bezzavetno verny! На правое дело он поднял народы, [9], [2] – Lyrics: The Soviet National Anthem, [3] YouTube – DJ Stalin – National Techno Anthem of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, [4] Google Trends – Communism Meme, USSR Anthem, [5] YouTube – Soviet Anthem – Jazz Version, [6] YouTube – RUSSIAN / USSR ANTHEM – SHITTYFLUTED. [7] The anthem's lyrics then had to be written. Druzhby narodov nadyozhny oplot!

[8], On August 2nd, 2017, YouTuber TheRBZ created a Minecraft cover for the song using noteblocks. This video has over 1.9 million views as of April 25th, 2018 (shown below, right). mɨ ˈvʲidʲɪm ɡrʲɪˈduɕːɪje ˈnaʂɨj strɐˈnɨ