Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image. I'm struggling to find out how to use this as a webcam. Shoot at desired angle with adjustable FOV and zooming. Sony is committed not only to offering products, services and content that deliver exciting experiences but also to working towards our goal of a zero environmental footprint throughout our business activities.

In-camera Highlight Movie Maker immediately makes a short highlight movie with your favourite music for sharing.

Shoot in the dark with very subtle light, using this cutting-edge sensor. 1 year ago You can use the Elgato-Camlink to use the HDMI-feed and feed it into OBS - it though is more expensive then just getting a Logitech C920 1080p webcam. Distortion in image quality or out-of-focus may occur when used in close proximity to vibrating motors and engines. The camera can also be turned on/off via smartphone with Imaging Edge Mobile. Location tracking and speedometer can be viewed on the movie image when you use Action Cam Movie Creator. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. Then edit the entire sequence with Action Cam Movie Creator into a 4K Time-lapse movie. The computer should have a factory installed USB port and compatible webcam software, such as Microsoft NetMeeting. This is a subreddit for videos and discussions related to the Sony Action Cam products. If the camcorder is turned on, and not recording or playing a tape, it will automatically turn off after 5 minutes to conserve battery power. - … Find information and receive instant notifications about your product, Professional Products & SolutionsCompany InfoCorporate Social ResponsibilityContact Us.

I don't want to go buy a webcam when I already have this camera. On the computer, start the webcam software. It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the sonyactioncam community. IMPORTANT: Not all Sony camcorders are equipped with a USB Streaming port. Applicable Products and Categories of This Article. All Mobile, Tablets & Smart Devices products. New user interface provides intuitive camera operation. Record fast moves and smooth action up to 4K at 100 Mbps. Protects lens from dirt and scratches without supplied Underwater Housing. Rechargeable battery pack (NP-BX1), Micro USB cable, Startup guide, Underwater Housing (MPK-UWH1), Attachment Buckle, Exmor R™ CMOS sensor with enhanced sensitivity, Rugged shielding for real-world conditions, Customise and build Action Cam for your needs, FDR-X3000 Action Cam allows you to capture exciting 4K POV movies with super-steady images via highly advanced Balanced Optical SteadyShot. There is no picture or sound from the camcorder when playing back on a TV using an HDMI connection. NOTE: Contact the software manufacturer for assistance with setting up or using the webcam software. How to use a Sony camcorder as a Web cam with a composite video or S-video connection.

Reliable dustproof/splashproof body can be used alone or with supplied Underwater Housing. Colours & features of the product shown may differ by model and country. View product releases and tutorials on our YouTube channel! Shoot from dawn to dusk and in dim spaces, Adjustable field of view and zoom freedom. More than just wristwear, this compact new remote controller also doubles as a mountable controller for convenient use with many optional accessories including Finger Grip.