Sharon Mann, Actress: Fahrenheit. Sharon Mann is a French-based American actress who voices Krillin ("Clearin") in the AB Group dub.. The show aired on Kabillion from 2007 to 2015.

Includes the two-part prequel titled "XANA Awakens". When the series started to come to an end in 2007, The Game Factory released three video games based on the show: Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko: Fall of X.A.N.A. Using Lyoko's powers, X.A.N.A can possess electronics and objects in the real world like a virus to wreak havoc. The second season started on 19 September 2005. Her DVD titled “The Works With Sharon Mann” had the prestige of being the US home shopping channels number one selling Workout DVD.

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This "sequel" to the series featured live-action sequences for scenes taking place in the real world instead of its traditional 2D animation but retained the iconic CGI for scenes taking place in Lyoko, now with an updated style.

Sharon Mann is known for her work on (2003), (2005) and (2007).. Born on , , Sharon hails from , , . Check below for more deets about Sharon Mann.

[3] French animation company Antefilms offered Romain and Palumbo a contract as a result of the film.

FitTV was an American pay television channel, owned by Discovery Communications.The channel focused on fitness and exercise-related programming. In the United States, the series premiered on 19 April 2004 on Cartoon Network.

They realize that they cannot destroy X.A.N.A, or Aelita will be destroyed along with it. [2] Romain worked with Tania Palumbo, Stanislas Brunet, and Jerome Cottray to create the film, which was screened at the 2000 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. On 31 May 2011, the MoonScoop Group announced on its Facebook page that the show would be returning for a fifth season. possesses Eva Skinner, an American girl, and travels to France in order to infiltrate the gang and kill them off.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The series eventually returned to Netflix on 1 October 2020. 's "Replikas," which are copies of Lyoko's sectors that are linked to X.A.N.A.-controlled supercomputers on Earth, all created for its goal of world domination. After his return, he has a difficult time gaining the trust of the group. decides to draw energy from all of its Replikas to create the Kolossus, a gigantic monster that later destroys the Skidbladnir.

Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Since succeeding in escaping the confinements of the supercomputer, X.A.N.A. They finally find out that Franz Hopper is indeed alive somewhere, hiding in the uncharted parts of Lyoko to avoid X.A.N.A. In Italy, the show aired on Disney Channel and was published on DVD by Delta Pictures under the label 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Sharon A. Mann is a voice actress who worked on the English version of Code Lyoko.

has miraculously survived and returns though weakened and initially missing its memories.

Several Code Lyoko products have been released, including DVDs, a series of cine-manga by Tokyopop, a series of four novels by Italian publisher Atlantyca Entertainment, apparel, and other accessories. [10][12], A series of Clan TVE festivals in Spain included live stage shows based on Code Lyoko among other things. All four seasons were made available on Netflix on 6 August 2012, but was removed for unknown reasons. Casper Scare School's second season (the first seasons' recording was done in NY) had her as the voice of Ra and Jimmy Bradley. After what they thought was their defeat, Jeremy receives a coded message from Franz Hopper that allows him to recreate Lyoko and continue the fight against X.A.N.A.

She also appeared on the Hartford Stage in the Ensemble of Mark Lamos' award-winning production of Peer Gynt starring Richard Thomas. The pilot featured both traditional animation and CGI.[4].

A 4 time National Sport Aerobic Champion, Sharon’s passion is helping people achieve their fitness goals through the development of cutting-edge programs for both group fitness, small group training and one on one personal training.