Find guides to this achievement here. From the Tall Tale book in the Captain’s Cabin of the southern shipwreck, turn around and you will find the journal. Préparez-vous à faire la rencontre du fantôme de Lord Arthur Pendragon et à jouer avec le feu lors du premier chapitre d'une histoire haute en couleur. Did you complete the tale before looking for it? As you discover each journal, you will learn more and more about the crew of the Ashen Dragon and their quest to the Devil’s Roar! Two galleons approached at once, as allies. With this latest update, The Seabound Soul wasn’t the only new adventure to experience in the Sea of Thieves.

After reading through the final journal you will earn the commendation, The Ashen Journals, for finding and reading all five! Duke est donc parti en quête d'aide, laissant les rênes des Fonds de cale à Stitcher Jim.

Now, we resume our charted course, passing Liar’s Backbone as we sail. He will plague us no longer! All Tall Tales begin with a quest book. The darkest of hours, on which we of the Ashen Drago must set sail to fulfill our final duty. Once you’ve voted on the quest book, you’ll begin the Tall Tale. Even Duke is no longer content to just sit by! The Seabound Soul is one of Sea of Thieves shorter Tall Tales, but it’s rich with lore and untold consequences. Once you’ve voted on the quest book, you’ll begin the Tall Tale. Reading through the journal you found on Shiver Retreat, you will learn that the next journal can be found on Liar’s Backbone. These poor pirates have not had the good fortune of being allowed to move on to the Ferry of the Damned. These contain the secrets of the Ashen Lords, ancient and powerful skeleton leaders. All Rights Reserved. This is the location of the next journal. Ashen Chests and Keys can both be sold to Jim for Doubloons, but using a Key on a Chest allows you to retrieve an Ashen Tome of Curses.

I am her Captain. If you still haven’t completed The Seabound Soul and need some guidance, we have this walkthrough to help you along the way. The latest rumours speak of Sir Arthur Pendragon returning to the world, a man with his own supernatural history.

Wrong! Unlock an Ashen Chest to claim the Ashen Tome of Curses inside. Pendragon était un aristocrate avec un penchant pour l'aventure. . Once on Scorched Pass, head to the South East side of the island. Alarmed, Duke heads off to find help, leaving Stitcher Jim in charge of the Bilge Rats. I do not know how the pirates divined our heading. The other was ripped apart by our cannon fire even as our crew assailed theirs.

Duke lui-même refuse de rester les bras croisés ! The Pirate Emporium provides exclusive new ways to express yourself, offering pirate pets, unique ship liveries and additional emotes! Face south from the beacon and you will see resource barrels against the mountain side.

The flames that perpetually wreath our vessel seem to coil around him, as if longing for his touch. I have ensured it can only be opened from within. Find the book to get started on Sea of Thieves’ latest story-driven adventure, a permanent addition to the game!

I thought perhaps he meant for its tendrils to destroy the Ashen Dragon as it has so many other ships, but he gave me one last order.

La mise à jour de contenu mensuelle embrase Sea of Thieves, avec tout un pan de tactiques de combat maritimes inédites pour contrarier encore davantage les autres pirates ! Pirates who wish to pursue this Tall Tale simply need to find the quest book on his old ship to find out! Faux ! But there’s no reason why a poor, innocent ship should suddenly catch fire, right? Check out the Shacknews Shores … The first journal can be found in the same shipwreck on Shipwreck Bay that the Tall Tale is started in. The Seabound Soul is no different! They dared to interrupt our journey and try to scavenge from us! Throw these and they burst into flames – a surefire way to ruin another crew’s day! Our precious cargo and its guard are below deck, in their rightful place. Selling this also unlocks a Commendation allowing you to purchase a certain Ashen cosmetic item. One day, he shall summon us, and the world shall once again know the fury of the Ashen Dragon…. Fire will catch and spread on ships, so if your vessel is set alight, you’d better be on hand with a bucket of water! Today is the Fated Day.

The journals are only available to find while the tale is active.

While they are both who we set out to help in this tale, these pirates tell just one side of the story.

Sail on over and you will find the journal on some resource barrels beneath some giant rock formations on the North side of the island.