About six months ago, I was searching the Web where somehow I found a prepared Sworn Declaration Statement letter. I am also going through the compensation process for my issues related to service. The faster your start it the better it is, plus they will give you retroactive pay. I have the same deal basically. Medications for service-related depression and pain causing weight gain which resulted in OSA. In 2009, I was finally forced to face my sleeping problems. Sample Nexus Letter For Sleep Apnea Secondary To Ptsd April 14, 2020 by kiaz CONCLUSION OF LAW Sleep apnea is proximately due to or the result of the. Really good job bilking old Vets out of money when a half-way decent VSO can do it for free-my point is shop around and interview them as to what they have experience with. is kicking back enjoying his check. I took letters from generals that I worked for in the Air Force. In addition, all these “job” programs for veterans is also a bunch of BS. Your greatest fight after you serve is to fight to get what you deserve. They were the ones who loaded and unloaded the canisters of agent orange. NEVER GIVE UP!! Because of gigantic budget cuts which are imminent and will be pushed for by the Republicans. If HadIt.com has helped you and you can give back a little it is appreciated Give here https://community.hadit.com/donate/make-donation/. I am very good with SSI/SSDI cases because that is my actual job 9 to five.. connection for sleep apnea as secondary to his service- connected PTSD. Can anyone give me a good phone number for the Winston Salem VA office dealing with compensation claims? Nexus Letter (draft) continuing the Sleep apnea fight :).

One last important detail is the need to request a copy of your file. I have done all of the work and an attorney would never have done what I have done. with the October 2003 VA examiner’s statement regarding a lack of nexus in.

Holding up your claim longer just to be denied. When asked to give an independent medical opinion as to whether a veteran’s condition is related to a specific incident during military service or another service-connected disability, the medical professional must express his/her medical nexus opinion with one of the … (function() { It goes on and on. that alone is 50% compensation if it turns out you have it. I got this from my claims agent, who got it from the VA. You, yes you, are the reason HadIt.com has remained a resource-rich resource. So, the form was not filed. It will change your life. And overall disabilty stays the same, I’m 80% disable and have been sine 1997. He started my process for me and also got back my VA benefits. Also, does the VA automatically rule against genetic diseases?

I Had several bought of bronchitis, my sinus are messed up and have this repeated vertigo symptoms head aches. That was in July 2010. He was in the hospital for roughly 3 weeks and then sent stateside for additional recoup. Amen my sister. My doctor put in report that I complained she never answers my letters and that she does when in fact I have 19 unanswered letters and all these type things destroy your credibility and mine is very important to me. I requested my other doctor to write a letter for the VA but he requested that I give him a sample letter that would be sufficient in wording for the VA, and he would be more than willing to help me out. Spousal letter for Sleep Apnea The spousal letter should have a flow to it. Any ideas. In this post, we will be exploring the 4 essential elements of a buddy letter, followed by VA buddy letter examples.

They aren’t in any hurry, either. Sleep Apnea secondary to Sinusitis Nexus Letter I have written both my Senators and both have responded to some tired old writing from the VA that I failed to make my QTC appointment.

I contacted my state Senator who’s office sent a letter to the VA asking about it only to have the VA send an explanation letter and that was it, I already knew that but I wanted to know why. I served on active duty in the Navy aboard an aircraft carrier from November 1979 to November 1983. Presently I have obtained all the evidence I need to submit my claim. Contact those organizations also on your behalf. Tinnitus | PTS(D) | Lumbosacral Cervical Strain | Scars | Limitation of flexion, knee | Diabetes | Paralysis of Siatic Nerve | Limitation of motion, ankle | Degenerative Arthritis Spine | TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury. @Joseph AnthonyHi Anthony where do you live? To update this-I finely got my claims corrected with much effort and the help of Sen.Levin’s office. An attorney with NSLVP , told me , how impossible it is to get VA to pay compensation. There have been some very helpful information provided, You can get a free lawyer through your local legion rep.Mine va rep. is in our courthouse but your American legion can help you. I'm just curious if the VA doc is trying create a scenario that if I do have sleep apnea, then that is what is causing my anxiety and depression not my service connected tinnitus.

I have been seeing a VA psychologist and psychotherapist for the past 4 months and I know that has to be included into the documentation they have requested for me.