NBC just cancelled it after it’s 20th(?) Love them all, but these 3 the best!! I would listen to reruns of L&O to fall asleep. The episodes with the Homicide crossovers with the Briscoe/Munch conversations were classic. Lenny, Mike, Claire and Jack, my favs. The original is still the best. (With the one exception of the female detective). The unforgettable line, “Dumber than a sack of hair.”So many great actors in this show through the years. There was rumor of a limited series bringing back some of those characters. Lenny Briscoe has to be, after all he delivered some of the best lines I have ever heard in a TV show. Great shows with such interesting stories. Played by Michael Morarity.

Everyone knows not to bug me on Weds., my L&O day—I’ve seen all 20 seasons but I still find an episode I don’t remember having see occasionally. Briscoe and Logan pairing was my favorite pairing but all were great! Lenny and Van Buren were my favorites of the police. He had great one liners! I wish L&O would come to streaming!! First 5 years of Law and Order. OL&O will always be the best in the series. I'll stick to my DVD's. Every case, all the time. Dennis Farina was perfect for that role given he was a former cop in real life. Does anyone know who he said it was? Actually I liked all of the cast members. Who's your favorite character of all time? My fave all time series. What a great Character and Actor. Love Lenny, Ed Green, Jack and Abby. A post shared by Katherine Waterston (@katherine.waterston) on Jul 21, 2017 at 7:08pm PDT Early life and education Katherine was raised alongside her sister Elisabeth and brother Graham Waterston in Connecticut, USA, by their father Sam Waterston who is a former actor, and their mother Lynn Louisa who is a former model. Katherine attended Loomis Chaffee School where she became interested in acting, appearing in most plays performed at the school, and upon matriculation in 1998, she enrolled at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting in 2002. Anthony Anderson is definitely an underrated detective in Law and Order canon; he makes the last few seasons almost watchable, La mejor, recuerdo un episodio en el debía repartirse una herencia y el dilema era si al bebé no nacido había que tenerlo en cuenta . Just a simple reminder that article is created and owned only by marriedbiography.org. Lenny Briscoe, Jack McCoy, Lt. Van Buren! it’s about the constitution It's my Go To show!! “Matrimony” is my favorite episode. The year 2015 saw her nominated for a Denver Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actress, while she won a Robert Altman Award at Film Independent Spirit Awards for her performance in “Inherent Vice”. When he and Van Buren were at the cemetery, he said someone told him she wasn't doing well. Me, from the beginning to the bitter end, and over and over, and still do.

What a great Character and Actor.

Loved Lenny. As well Criminal Intent! He won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his work on Law & Order. season. Watch reruns every chance I get. I would rather see miss Sutherland in this picture. She made her debut theatre play appearance in 2003 in “Smashing”, performed at The Play Company, and in 2007, Katherine portrayed the supporting character Audrey in “Los Angeles” at The Flea Theater. Co-produced by his sister Katherine and starring his brother-in-law Louis Cancelmi and his father Sam Waterston , And It Was Good is a beautifully absurdist love and life story which we reviewed at this year’s Raindance Film Festival. Love L&O. I'm so sick of SVU, it's all I can find in Anoka, MN. In 2008, she played a supporting character in the romantic drama movie “Good Dick”, while the following year saw her star as Penny in the comedy drama movie “Taking Woodstock”, which is about the iconic 1969 Woodstock Festival. !Such a great show I think every character on there was great in their own wayView more commentsLoad more. My husband thought I was pretending to be ill but that holiday cost thousands of pounds so I wasn't planning to waste a day of our trip, The crazy thing is they watch this all day long in jail. L & O is my favorite show and I watch it whenever it’s on.

Briscoe and McCoy were my favorite characters. For a complete list of his available audio book titles, visit: Sam Waterston on Audible More on Sam Waterston (from Wikipedia). I loved the drole way he delivered his lines like a man who has seen everything. Played by Michael Morarity. I miss this show so much. Like visiting an old friend. Would've liked to have seen more of all of them. Still LOVE, LOVE this show.

Shame this isn't available in the UK, thanks a bunch! I love marathon days. Press Esc to cancel. Favorite ADA - Abbie Carmichael, favorite detective - Joe "that's ok, we're authorized" Fontana.

I would love to watch all over again and again and again. first second third choice Such a great actor. I loved the drole way he delivered his lines like a man who has seen everything. Briscoe was my fav, followed by the Lou, aka Lt. Van Buren! Favorite line ever....”What you can't handle is my rank in a skirt, but this is neither the time nor the place to discuss it." Favorite ADA - Abbie Carmichael, favorite detective - Joe "that's ok, we're authorized" Fontana. The Original Law & Order is still the best. I think SVU is not as great as L&W which is the best! Jack McCoy & Lennie Briscoe are a tie. She has recently been cast to appear in “Fantastic Beasts 3”, “The World to Come”, and “Fluidic”, all set to be released in 2021. In 2005, she was invited to portray the lead character in the comedy drama series “Untitled Bruckheimer/McCall Project”, but once again the pilot episode wasn’t picked up. ... Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linked InShare by Email. In 2017, Katherine started dating a mysterious man who doesn’t seem to be part of the film industry – the two were seen together by their fans on several occasions. I miss Lenny, Logan, I love watching reruns of episodes I know by heart, it was just so good.

Really like Jack McCoy but my favorite ADA was Ben Stone. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 11ins (1.82m) tall, and weighs around 154lbs (70kgs). I've played it back several times. My all time favorite show. This was the worst pairing in the history of the show. I’ve seen them all and I still watch them in repeats!!