Also there are rattles and sounds that the car makes over 25mph that wouldn't happen if the car was put together solidly with better materials and workmanship, I can hear rattling form the backseat overhead portion, annoying to say the least. The first reset set the distance to empty to 569 miles, and the second time to 535. My kids just got a Honda in August, and now Honda is releasing a CRV hybrid... Update: So, Toyota wants to have a dealer verify my concern before they will indicate my VIN is affected.

-If you refill the vehicle VERY slow from about 7 gallons, you can manage to put in about 11 gallons with some effort, but that also requires topping off the last 1/2 of a gallon or so. Those are exactly the two reasons why fuel gauges, specifically the “empty” mark, are calibrated so conservatively. Yes, if you contact the dealer, they will tell you they have no idea this is a problem, but I have had communications with 5-6 people from Toyota including their field services representative who describe it as a known issue, and a manufacturing defect - happy to share if you end up needing them for a lawsuit.

Hybrids are not just about gas mileage.

Much more power and even nicer than the Rav4 Prime. This will be a tough fix for Toyota because they have to tear the car apart to remove and replace the tank. -Only 1 time and at a very low state of fuel was I able to get more than 11 gallons in the RAV4, even though I have seen other non-hybrid folks putting 13 gallons or more in their vehicles without much effort. Don’t worry, I did it all in the name of science. But fixing the tank would be a great reward for not having Android auto. Some customer reports have also noted the "Distance to Empty" shown on the multi-information display is less than expected. This whole launch and next model year launch were flawed and Toyota new it and still decided to play the money grab game and release the 2020 model. Concern is under investigation.". Just piling on. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here.

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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Worse, no way of knowing if there are 2 gallons left with the light comes on or if there are 4 gallons. The hybrid version of both of these cars is smoother, quieter, and torquier than the gas-only version. "Several owners..."? No it won’t drop to F-150 levels if both are driven at the same speed and conditions. Toyota really dropped the ball on this one. Her very mechanically-inclined father explained to me that once you loosened a bolt on that vehicle, you could back it out easily by hand (because of the precision threads), and how you couldn’t do that on his or my Detroit iron. I can see why vehicle owners would be displeased. Here's another CLUE, Toyota. I have a 2017 Rav4 Hybrid that has been very reliable. Strange that the DTE would be exactly what the Trip A odometer was for that tank. The water cooler rumor for months was this issue was related to the actual shape itself of RAV4 Hybrid fuel tank. The only reason I can think of to contact them would be to have on record the fact that my car is also having this problem. It's a good car, but Toyota could've easily done better.

My Tacoma has also had a few goofy issues. CHeers. I mean, if replacing the tank fixes it, what makes it start back up again? I used to think this way, but after driving and being a passenger in a few hybrids, I think for some the premium is worth it no matter what. It could also be that only come cars are seeing this issue which could be a quality control issue with the mounting of the new tank that causes some vehicles to have a portion of the tank above the fill line making it impossible to really fill completely. If someone has this vehicle and doesn't know they could put themselves in life threatening danger during a bad snowstorm, etc. Owners who complained to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed the RAV4 Hybrid gas tank problems started as soon as they purchased or leased the vehicles.

We already know about Toyota high emissions. I have a 2017 RAV4 Hybrid and have a similar issue. The issue is a badly designed fuel filler. But from your experience (at 80 mph) I’m more than right at 90. Why would Toyota manufacture and continue to sell a vehicle with a known defect? In my wife’s Q60 and my C7 you get a three separate clues that you are going to run out of fuel: a message the dash, a warning light, PLUS the gauge pointing at a big red E. Despite all of this you STILL see people on the side of the road filling up with jerry cans. I don’t see how fooling people into filling up early is unsafe. The plaintiff complains his RAV4 Hybrid doesn't get anywhere near the 550-mile range Toyota promised as his SUV averages only 435 miles.

~8 gallons times reasonable highway fuel economy does not get you amazing range. There are 75-85 mph rural freeways, but most people aren’t driving them. And ever since, a very slow fill to full. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. I do like the quiet and smoothness in city driving. Has anyone ignore the light and driven until the tank is dry?

Based on our ongoing investigation, replacing the fuel tank may mitigate these concerns, although it may not prevent the condition from reoccurring.”. I believe I know the reason for this.

Measure the distance you get for a tank and then reset the distance to empty. He said there was a fuel tank issue but they fixed it … Did you know Toyota RAV4 just broke the record for best-selling SUV in a single year – of all time?

I ended up getting an EV, an Audi eTron. Not exactly, certain RAV4 Hybrids means not all model years or all models. If you have any questions, you may contact Noah Schubert at or 415.788.4220. But it’s crazy to expect anywhere near 40 mpg strictly hwy with a lifted hybrid.

I then drove it 570 miles. A small sigh of relief for all of us who have driven a little too far “left of low” from time to time. Often, people can only get between 10 and 12 gallons of gasoline whenever they try to fill up. Not only that, but the vehicle’s fuel gauge can prove misleading, often registering a level too high. I had a 1982 Civic I could drive back and forth to school all week when it was on E. Yeah, but it wouldn’t have done that if you were driving 90 miles an hour, like DenverMike recommends! But Toyota making their problems their customers' problems is a really bad move. I would really like to hear from Toyota what testing they have done.

let's break that down - Toyota thinks there is a remote possibility that my car not taking more than 10 gallons is possibly some other issue, so I need to drive the tank down, then spend a couple of hours having the dealer go fill it up to verify that it stops at 10 gallons. I got the same letter as well. I very slowly filled it to full. It makes sense, why load down a car with more fuel than necessary for a given advertised range? My older, bigger, 6-cylinder Highlander Hybrid gets 30 mpg at 60 mph; 27.5 mpg at 70 mph; and 25 mpg at 80 mph. As someone who owns a Highlander Hybrid and drives ~5k mi/year, I’ll give answers. You likely could have bought a RAV4 gas trim for $3k less. In an unusual development not often associated with non-EVs, RAV4 Hybrid owners have begun complaining about lackluster driving distance — an issue that stems from the model’s redesigned gas tank. Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. The dealer says they are set to max. An almost $40k vehicle with issues with gas tanks (something that has been around since the model T) and yet Toyota can't get it right now., the gas coming out of the filler is also flooding your EVAP system.