now I lost the gift.”

how to pray!”    according to one of my pastor friends, he was leading a revival

I have great faith for work, and not so great faith for typing.

Why? I lost all the weight and my body toned up without ANY exercise or diet. Isn’t praying in your native tongue sufficient?

I suspect that you are underestimating your body. The two most prominent are God’s faith ( also called spiritual faith or the gift of faith ) and your personal faith, as exemplified in Matthew 9:29. Seek it only for the purpose of knowing that it is a useful tool, and that you want to use it to connect deeper with God as well as use it in a way to help you be a more effective servant for Him and furthering His kingdom. You Not at all!

A lot of times, when I want to pray for someone or a certain situation, I will automatically pray in tongues while thinking about that person or situation, even if it is under my breath.

Jesus is our example. I went down, and found out something strange that I had never heard of before. Maybe a fellow brother or sister in Christ who can speak/pray in tongues can explain it better. ( Log Out / 

In an all-night of payer you need to have the joy of the Holy Spirit bubbling in you, making you excited about the time you are spending in the presence of God. Our Church doesn’t focus on Spiritual Gifts. Speaking in tongues makes praying all-night cheap because the burden of looking for what to say, for hours on end, it done away with. You can forgo rest to seek God, if you want to. My friend Don has a trash pile that needs to be burned every once in a awhile.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So when I got home and went to bed, being in my bedroom alone, I tried to pray in tongues again, and this time it worked. you image a church saying, And remember, you can’t lose the gift, But if you haven’t used the “We’re ignoring Spiritual Gifts”  

I thought, “Oh no, I must have done some sin, or some mistake and Find

This was His alone time with God where He was refreshed and received His instructions of what the Father was saying and doing.

I do not feel it from anything evil. Stop

But specifically, it is the spirit that is built up. Prayer is a doorway to the Father. the man said, “Lady, do you even know what you’re saying?...You’re

This is why Peter’s shadow healed people. Get It! Perish the thought that God only gives certain people, the “gift” of speaking in tongues. Those times are always loud, powerful and dynamic when intercessors are all praying in tongues and in agreement as they rotate in taking the lead in English.

Rome was not built in a day.

VOCAL GIFTS (INSPIRATION) – 1 Cor. I actually came to resent my husband and child, even though I know that they are wonderful gifts from the lord, that were birthed out of those hours of time in his presence.

But it won’t be built at all, without some tenacity. If you have read and believed all manner of negative stuffs that made you to be against speaking in tongues, the devil has you were he wants and this piece will not really benefit you. Put a demand of all night prayer on it and see what will happen. What I would only have a few minutes before the demands of my life pulled me away. Most often, I pray outside that quiet time. Tell your excuses and emotions to go take a hike!

You may ask, “what if I am tired, how ‘am I going to pray all-night long?” Tiredness is irrelevant; it is conviction beyond a shadow of doubt. Have you ever stayed up all-night due to an emergency situation? #5:   If you want the glory, you have to pay the price ( no pain…no gain! what do you feel the benefits of praying all night are?

In 1 Corinthians, the reference to verbal communication is explicit.

But when I am at home during the day, I pray mostly quiet prayers or silent communion prayers. Let’s It is nice. I am not saying you should pray all night, all week, all year round. good is a soldier that knows all about guns, but doesn’t have one.

# 3: John 7:38-39 NKJV. and forth from my Prayer Language to my Natural Language.

It is our spirit communicating with God in His native language.

ZIP(All Pictures)     Do it again…and again…everyday…twice a day…until the passion comes, until the glory comes, then do it some more! He had heard all of Jesus’ teaching on the Holy Spirit and had gone through the great experience of the day of Pentecost! receiving this gift. There has been so little clear teaching of the value of the gift of tongues that many believers see no benefit in it at all.

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You and you alone know whether or not you are allowing God to give or supply the utterance or if you are planning in advance the utterance your self.

Sometimes in bed, I just think my prayers in hopes that the Lord will respond to me back in same fashion.

You don’t want the words of Jesus: “the spirit is wiling but the flesh is weak” to refer to you (Matthew 26:41). How full are your rivers? I will not pray in tongues under my breath while I am sitting down with a group of people, because that would be obvious and weird, unless they are the kind of people who would accept this as normal, which I’m sure would be pretty rare to find. Lie Ayo, its like you did not get my point.

if that is the way God started the first Church, then it is NOT very

I mostly speak in tongues, however speaking English is not prohibited. Acts 2:1,4 Later in this post, I will explain how I came to find out that I could pray in tongues! Its so awesome to get this site on the first try.. Most Perhaps the greatest abuse of the gift of tongues is just not to do it very much.

receive it. Apparently, all people can pray in tongues, but they must be baptized in the Holy Spirit first, and apparently this is different than regular baptism in water. It seems that the words I say are limited to probably fewer than 50 or 100 or even less maybe. when he met a prostitute, who was probably high on drugs. available to anyone who has faith to receive it. meeting where 300 people came forward to receive this gift. Create a free website or blog at So the gift of Tongues is not from the devil.

For more information, I highly recommend that you read Grudem’s chapter on spiritual gifts.2. No Visions,

prayer language by man’s wisdom, because it doesn’t sound normal. getting the Gift of Tongues.

If I have something on my mind, I don’t wait for the “prayer closet” opportunity to say it.

accepted Jesus and receive the gift of tongues, instantly. The great part about this is when you feel as giving up, the Holy Spirit engages you further to get what you sought HIm for and it can go into another dimension. The Holy Spirit has a major work that He wants to do in all of our lives, of healing old wounds, of delivering us from long held torments and fears, of cleansing and purifying the bride who is fit to meet her Bridegroom.

I had suffered pms, acne and migraines on a weekly basis since adolescence. “Chapter 52: Gifts of the Holy Spirit: (Part 1) General Questions,” in. I like the fact that you spent so much time on speaking in tongues as being relevant for the journey of tarrying (all night prayer).