Like Break, Vincent is another person with her colored eye. Unlike her mother and sister.

After his wife died in an accident a few days after giving birth to their second child (Ada), Xai began to suspect that Jack was the one responsible for the accident. Xai just lashes out that they could never understand one another because he'll never forgive Jack for what he did to the Vessalius Dukedom. After that, they returned to be great friends, Gilbert protecting Oz no matter what the odds, and has always kept his promise of being by Oz's side forever. Although Oz was aware of the fact that his body will be destroyed after accepting the small fragment of Lacie's soul, due to the darkness of the Abyss trying to destroy all of Lacie's presence, he was successful into giving Jack the fragment of Lacie's soul. He is taken under the care of Sharon and Break, who he discovers are members of a Chain-research organization called Pandora that was established a century ago after a disaster known as the Tragedy of Sablier (in which the entire city of Sablier fell into the Abyss) by the Four Great Dukedoms. Contents[show] Relationships Lacie Baskerville Lacie is an anagram of Elica, It is confirmed that Elica is the daughter of Lacie and Levi (In the story Twist). She has shapely legs, which Jun Mochizuki herself said was one of Alice's defining features. Duke Barma then declares he has deciphered an entire code within Arthur Barma's memoirs, which, once decoded, reveal Jack is actually the one who caused the Tragedy of Sablier. Pandora Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Imōto Sae Ireba Ii. Overall, the two seem to be good friends. After Jack convinced the current head of his family, Xai Vessalius, 100 years later and the last pieces of Jack's soul has disappeared from his body, Oz was woken from his slumber and took control of Jack's body. Oz, having seen a memory of Alice and Jack together, trusted him and allowed Jack to give him his strength. Oscar thought of how Oz was clever and sensitive, as well as how he needed to rid his mind of his dark thoughts; otherwise he'd be running the risk of one day hurting Oz. She helps, Ecila get over Jacks death and helps her choose the perfect guy for her (even though. The Baskervilles say he must be dragged into a supernatural prison called Abyss where monsters called Chains live, a place previously believed to have only existed in fairy tales. Oz, having seen a memory of Alice and Jack together, trusted him and allowed Jack to give him his strength. In episode 22, when the story centers on Alice and the Intention, it is shown that how interestingly Alice's personality has changed in many times, when Alice still as a human. Gilbert and Oz have an extremely friendly and loyal master/servant relationship up until the time when Oz fir. There friendship is a bit unusual. In the past of Sablier, Alice often played rough with Oz, her toy rabbit. When she wore light-colored dresses her sister, Intention of the Abyss, was in control of her body. Before he left, Ada ran up to him and told him to achieve his goal no matter what. The Intention created Lee a human form and created a dimension for Elica for she could seal Lee and herself inside so Jack or anyone thats not a Baskerville could not get inside. After learning about the entire truth of Break's encounter with the Intention, Oz, like Alice, was determined to grant the Intention's wish. ??? Following this revelation, Oz learns that he is actually the real B-Rabbit and used to be a sentient but still lifeless black rabbit doll that belonged to Lacie until she left him in the care of the Core of the Abyss, of whom gave him life. He blamed himself for his powerless and inability to prevent Oz from being cast into the Abyss. Will of Abyss and Alice as they appear in anime. Unknown to Jack, Oz was horrified of the actions he just committed.

Full Name Lacie is an anagram of Elica,  It is confirmed that Elica is the daughter of Lacie and Levi (In the story Twist). However, later on it was revealed that Noise, like the other Baskervilles, viewed Oz as a threat to their plan. Sealing herself in the dimension with the White Rabbit (S-Rabbit) so Jack doesn't use the Intention. He is also the only person Alice calls by his name other than Sharon. On the Side: Sword Oratoria, My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. Oz was devastated by this act as he knew in his heart that Oscar will be killed for helping them to escape. Also their same possessing towards Oz. Alice has always loved Oz dearly, being the one to bring one of his bodies out of the Abyss again after he was born. Oz's relationship with Noise is barely explored at all. Oz finally met Jack during his and Gilbert's rescue attempt to save Alice and Break from Cheshire's dimension. An example of this is when Oz tricked Isla Yura into believing that Jack took over his body at the moment Oz tried to kill himself and manipulated him into gaining access to his mansion. He was severely depressed. for she could seal Lee and herself inside so Jack or anyone thats not a Baskerville could not get inside. Gil attempts to shoot Xai, and Gryphon prepares to defend it's contractor but Mad Hatter appeared between the two and stopped them from fighting. Levi was Alice's father by Lacie, and Alice was the product of his experiment.