Buddy Thomas   Da Slockit Light (by Tom Anderson D)   


  Doney (Brad Leftwich AEAE)  Lost Indian (Ed Haley AEAC#)      In my efforts to transcribe tunes from recordings, I've gotten a lot of help from a program called Amazing Slow Downer, which allows me to slow a recorded tune to any speed without changing its pitch; to loop a few bars of a tune; or to adjust the pitch. Howard Sims   Natchez Under the Hill (Kirk Evans AEAE)    FiddleTunes.net Transcriptions by Brian K. Wood & Alan Kendall .

   Jeff Titon

    Wilson's Hornpipe (Charlie Walden G)  Joe Jewell       Its In There (Guachi Fiddlers, Bayou Seco G)  Georgia Row (Buddy Thomas AEAE)      Valse de Jose y Raphaelita (by Antonia Apodaca D)   

Tom Sauber  

  Booth Shot Lincoln (Bruce Greene A)    Burnett and Rutherford Dill Pickle Rag (by Charles L. Johnston, with harmony, G) ( report link ) Strum Hollow Tabs : Tabs for fiddle …  

You should not treat any of these transcriptions as "authentic" versions or accurate reflections of any particular fiddler's playing.   Buddy Thomas    28th of January  (Fuzzy Mountain Am)    Obama's March to the Whitehouse (by Greg Canote AEAC#)  John Short's Polka (Emily Phillips D)    Cleveland's March to the Whitehouse (James Bryan G)  Abe's Retreat (Bruce Greene Amix)  Art Wooten's Hornpipe (Bob Walters G) 

New Broom (Herman Johnson G)     

    Patrick Street, Bonnie Prince Charlie (Adam Hurt Dm)  Chirps Smith Billy in the Lowground (Bruce Molsky C)  Altan



Little Burnt Potato (D)  Clifftop Jam


Newt Payne's Tune (Big Foot A)  Mouse over the Fiddle Tab to select All Tunes in Alphabetical Order, the page with the Newest Tunes or by key: A, C, D, G, Am and Other. Lady of the Lake (Pete Sutherland D/A)  Pat 'Em On The Back (Snake Chapman D)  Julia Waltz (Traditional Italian G)    Wilson's Hornpipe (Corrine Rose Logston G)    Chorus Jig (D)  Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July (James Bryan D)    Stumptail Dolly (Bill Stepp G)  Jimmy Thompson  

  Wild Shoat (James Bryan G)  Railroading Thru the Rockies (Woodshed AllStars D)  Huntin' for the Buffalo (Alisa Jones Em)  Patti Kusturok   Dawn Mazurka       Old Gray Cat (Em)    Maids of Mitchelstown (Kevin Burke Dm)      Wake Up Susan  (Woodshed AllStars A) 

  Bob Walter's Hornpipe (Bob Walters D)    La Vie Est Pas Donne (Aly Bain G)  Dixie Blossoms (Art Galbraith G) 


Alasdair Fraser and Gray's Hambo (Mark Allen D)    Cuffy (Cuffey) (Highwoods G) 

I'm Gonna Have My Mustache Blacked When I Get There (Taylor Kimble D) 


Cabin Creek (Ed Haley G)      Reconciliation (A)  Mason's Apron (A)  Johnny Don't Come Home Drunk (Bob Walters D)    Dull Chisel (by Gary Harrison AEAE)  Norman Edmonds Mark Wardenburg has provided this big pile of old time fiddle notation.   Clyde Durst's Tune (Bob Walters C)  Apple Jack (Sammy Walker G)  The same tunes often function as both reel and hornpipe, depending on the fiddler.       Reel Beatrice (Am)  Wednesday Night Waltz (Chance McCoy from Clark Kessinger C)  The Coast Is Clear (Reel World String Band D) 

Vi Wickam Some old-time fiddlers 'keep a full fiddle,' using drones almost constantly; others (my preference) use them more selectively for emphasis.

 Greg Canote       Bibb County Hoedown (Barry Shultz AEAE)            Natalie Haas Silver Spear (D)    Big Scioty (Lisa Ornstein G)  Highlander's Farewell (Emmett Lundy A Dorian)  Crooked Stovepipe (D)    Valley Forge (Gettysburg Jam D)  Valse Emiliano (Cleofes Ortiz Gm)          Sonora Church Two Step, Cherry River Rag (Megan Lynch Chowning C)  Black Cat in a Briar Patch (Melvin Wine C/G)  John Stenson's (Stinson's) #2 (Rachel Eddy D)  Cababi Two Step   New Mules, Banjo Tramp (F)    Oh My Little Darling (Brad Leftwich AEAE) 

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Icy Mountain (Bob Carlin AEAE)  Getting George Bush Upstairs  (Bruce Greene AEAE)      Bye Bye My Honey I'm Gone (Lotus Dickey D)  To contact me with questions or comments, email: hamartolos at gmail dot com.

Gunboat (Bruce Greene AEAE) 

Indian War Whoop (Brad Leftwich D)    updated: 10/11/20 Recently Added Round Barn Steam Machine Jail Break Dull Chisel Grassy Fiddle Blues Yellow Barber 2 Old Horse and Buggy Tennessee Wagoner Little Whiskey Polly Put The Kettle On Splendid Isolation Old Sport Sally Goodin'Octave part Twinkle Little Star Dogwood Winter Paddy On … Mabel Polka (Traditional Norwegian C)    Aunt Mary's Hornpipe (Nolan Boone D)    Most recent update: October 9, 2007. Rachel (Kirk Sutphin D) 

  Dick Robertson 1930


Vesta Johnson

Rocky Mountain Goat (Light and Hitch D)    Ernie Carpenter Nail that Catfish to the Tree (by Steve Rosen G)  Black Hills Waltz (by K.C.         Feed My Horse Corn and Hay (Erynn Marshall G)  Joke on the Puppy (Chirps Smith G)  Jeff Davis (by Norman Blake Am)   

Margaret Randolph (by Oscar "Red" Wilson G)     

(played in GDGD)   All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it.    

    Saddle Old Kate (Lonnie Robertson A)  Read online Old-Time Festival Tunes For Fiddle & Mandolin PDF book pdf free download link book now.     Old Man and Old Woman (Don Messer D) 

Buddy Thomas  

Highlands of Holland (by Win Horan Em) 

Jimmy Driftwood BEGB Cranberry Rock (Gerry Milnes C)  Bayou Seco

But maybe I'm just trying to rationalize my relative lack of skill.   Sleepy Eyed Joe (Foghorn String Band D)    Sally Cooper (Bruce Molsky GDAD)            To my knowledge all of these tunes are in the public domain; if not, I hope someone will correct me.  

Cotton Picker's Drag (Grinnell Griggers Bflat)      Christian Wig   Maria (Mando Mafia Dm) 


The fiddle, which was the most favored instru­ ment for this class of tunes, was brought to Shaking Down the Acorns (Bruce Molsky D)  Tommy Jarrell     This style of fiddling makes liberal use of drone strings; usually I haven't tried to notate the drones.

          Altamont (Sandy Hofferth C)  Willow Creek (James Bryan D)        Sarah Armstrong's Tune (Todd Clewell from Sarah Armstrong D)     

  Mississippi Sawyer (Kirk Sutphin D) 

  Fiddle Fever (by AnnBjorg Lien A)    Belle of Lexington (Kirk Sutphin D)  Cumberland Gap (Freewill Savages D)  Red Apple Rag (John Ashby G)      Valse Apasionado (Lorenzo Trujillo G)  Needle Case (Jane Rothfield D)  Julianne Flanigan (James Bryan G)    Don Tremaine's Reel (by Graham Townsend D)  Charlie Walden lots of tune downloads, printable sheet music, essays, tune lists, etc. Buck Mountain (Gettysburg Jam D)  or for backup track   Cowboy Waltz (Bob Walters D)    Lacy Brown (John Salyer AEAE)    Kennedy Rag (Stripling Brothers F)  Louisiana Hornpipe (Chirps Smith C), Maggie Meade (by J. P. Fraley Gm)  Forked Deer (Bruce Greene D)  L'ville (Snake Hunt) (by Fred Campeau, Volo Bogtrotters A) 

Indians Over the Hill (Jeff Goehring D)        Sally Ann Johnson (Lisa Ornstein D) 

Quince Dillon's High D (Henry Reed Reunion D)      Tuscaloosa Waltz (James Bryan C)   

Old Billy Hell (Jeff Goehring G)  St. Rose of Lima Mazurka (Guachi Fiddlers D)      Old Cow Crossing the Road (Bert Edwards C/F)  Luther Strong   Fiddle Hangout Tab Archive - searchable database of links to a number of other sources.  

Big Sandy (Fat City String Band D)  Patchwork Polka (Ian Peterson D), Anna's Waltz (C/Am)   

  Road to Skye (Bruce MacGregor A)  Ramona Jones Temperance Hall (by James Bryan Am)    Moon Behind The Hill (Melvin Wine G)       

publications not onl y survived but fl ourished in folk tradition up to the present day. Hogeyed Man (Bruce Greene A Dorian)    Bummer's Reel (Jehile Kirkhuff G) 


  Calico (Marcus Martin AEAC#)  The Horny Ewe (Ernie Carpenter AEAE)   

          Transcriptions and audio files of over 600 traditional fiddle tunes from recordings,   Cacklin Hen (Brad Leftwich G)  Big Shoes Two Step       Pretty Little Girl (Freighthoppers AEAE)  Em Polka (Win Horan Em)    Don Messer

Reel Lauretides (Don Roy G)  Henry the Fiddler Norm Edmonds   Valse Emiliano (Cleofes Ortiz Gm)  La Comancha Waltz (Lorenzo Trujillo G)   

Pays du Haut (D)    The Stubby Shillelagh Jig (by Greg Fischer Dm)    One More River To Cross (Frank George G)  Happy Acres Two Step (by Cecil McEachern D)   Scott Mathis   Henry Reed Breezy Point (by Jane Rothfield G)