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It's a superhit ....no need to mention the director.

#50 @Hiam — Dong Mae grew on me too.

Yes, please pick Park Hae Jin oppa. Common koreans do a better job. Chief Producer: Yoon Ha Rim x, Pat Falk Aug 05 2018 11:59 pm It seems that he just gets better. Very cruel to our hearts... How can we move on????? ***, Trailer:-

agatha May 29 2017 10:00 pm There was a great deal of light-hearted scenes as Eugene and Ae-shin began their courtship. All the characters together are the ingredients of an outstanding recipe for a dish one can't leave for the after-life without partaking .

Not a good but perhaps that will change. have rewatched it 3 times and cry legit in every episode. Best Drama Ever! SQ2 Aug 30 2018 11:16 pm Ep 8 leaves me in awe. Who can even pull out an idea like this????

Joanna May 31 2017 11:42 am So, I find this a bit..uncomfortable? Iris Delgado Oct 01 2018 12:26 pm Moon Sep 23 2018 6:16 pm This drama will surely be anticipated because the director and writer are really in making dramas, Wookhye May 29 2017 4:11 am

wany Jul 07 2018 9:13 pm This drama so epic! The comedy pops up in the most unexpected moments too. !...I just can't wait to watch this drama...i got high hopes...Lee Byung oppa...fighting!!! Hopes he'll be our man. I loved all the lead characters so much, I’m going to miss my weekly visits to see them…, I knew that he will end the way he did he always finish the dramas the same way, but still love him in dramas he can talk with his eyes only, I agree with Hally!

The story of patriots who fought for a country they believe was worthy. I was impresss. lee byung hun and kim tae ri cant be main couple right?? She'll nail it. orin Aug 12 2018 10:38 pm Awesome Lee Byung Hun.. Mahira Jul 11 2018 5:23 am But I prepared. Every life is precious because of its potential to be something much, much more; to reach the ultimate good. You should watch! Stop complaining about the ages!! Dong-mae said to Ae-shin that her mercy — saving his life when he was a young butcher’s son — kindled a false hope, and that false hope is what sliced her hair.

Thank you Netflix for the shows you are making available for me to see that were produced all over the world. Kim Tae Ri's character kills me!! huhuhuhu...I cant wait for another week!! Cinematography, story, casts, aaaahhh everything about this drama are sooooo da bbong!!! I can feel Bridal Mask/gaksital vibes in this Drama *O*. From the first epi until the end I was so immersed with the plot. . Heddie Sep 10 2018 6:36 pm By the way, I see comments about the samurai, but those aren't samurai.

“When the plum trees bloomed. @Chae won, thank you for explaining the reason for the Koreans' petitions! well, first time i don't expecting anything, i'm just miss LBH acting. Ae-sin gets a new mission. thats only a teaser... damn,, cant wait... hunylicious964 Feb 19 2018 11:09 pm (rooting for him actually) Gik Oct 12 2018 11:18 am Big thumbs up. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (KBS2) Skylark Sep 18 2018 4:57 am I will never forget this drama. jimout May 30 2017 9:52 am The director, Lee Eung-Bok, has created such magnificent scenes, performances, and memorable images. Hyun bin -Jun Ji Hyun or Kang Dong Won and Song hye kyo, Vixy Jun 06 2017 7:42 am These are beautifully written. Mori n wanik almost make me curse them As history would have it; they succeed. Goblin vibes. I understand the importance of trying to save Josean but the way she used Eugene to get to Japan and also when the Righteous Army goes to Dong-Mae to ask for a favor after theyve been so bad with him. Eugene Choi, you reckless man.

Ae-Shin is really cruel!

Gigi Sep 09 2018 12:31 pm Thomas W Nov 17 2018 5:53 am Better than goblin for me.

Homemade Love Story (KBS2) Lee Byun Hun is an excellent actor. For the sake of those who haven’t watch yet, I don’t want to spoil but cried both in the last two episodes. Yeon Rin Aug 27 2018 9:40 am

I love the period and period dramas in general, so I’d like another’s perspective.

Fantastic baby!

all the actors bring their characters so well. Or, looking at the people playing their younger-selves, two or so years apart in age. Tina Jul 05 2020 11:31 pm Bing Oct 01 2018 12:21 am This drama is sooooooooo perfect. That'll make it hurt less, I guess. feel like i'm watching a movie not drama, Sunshine Jul 18 2018 11:44 am


Thank you.

Lol! Lord Go leads an urgent appeal, and Ae-sin faces Japanese troops. Having said that and finally back to reality, all the actors were awesome!!! Please choose two of these names for the cast! Love the ending too, very realistic not too enforce or open ended. Just 2 episodes into the drama and it’s killing it off already. We should bid "See you again", instead of "Goodbye", so see you again Mr.Sunshine ❤❤❤, Chae Ri Feb 23 2019 4:06 am Kang Dong Won or Jo In Sung please.. The subtitles say Ae Shin used the tab in your name, when her servant is speaking to her, which makes no sense and makes it extra confusing. Kim Tae Ri looks like Lee Byung Hoon's daughter. When his fingers are acting in these drama.nice casting. Park hae jin's smile lights up the whole room. park yoochun is in military enlistment now which can help him pull the soldier character . This drama telling us, it is not an easy thing to be a King, I feel sorry for the King of Joseon in that era. Eugene will no doubt play a role in the resistance along with Lady Ae Shin. cant wait to see our lovely goo dong mae ? Damn. this drama have most beautiful sad ending, dots and goblin have a great ending. Park yoochun and park shyn hye I beg you, kath Jun 12 2017 7:30 pm Title: 미스터 션샤인 / Mr. Sunshine Genre: Historical, Military, Romance Episodes: 24 Broadcast network: tvN Broadcast period: 2018-July-07 to 2018-Sep-30 Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00…