She puts on a pink dress and wears it in front of Alex and Gad and comments on how nice it would be if her friends got her a big box of chocolates.

These ‘tips’ are always factually correct and have underlying social development themes; the humour lies in how BG executes them. BG tries to make a special surprise dish for Dad's birthday, but gets so busy with it, Dad begins to think she doesn't want to spend time with him. The ruse backfires when her slightly exaggerated version of the trip passes from person to person and gets blown way out of proportion! After BG embarrasses herself by accidentally bringing her teddy bear to school, she rashly decides to throw it away - and quickly lives to regret it. BG takes a vow of silence for three days when Brittany-Ann accuses her of talking too much and wanting to be the centre of attention. When BG cannot resist the urge to practise with some of Aunt Alice's magic equipment she becomes increasingly worried that she may have made George and Albert disappear for real! What is the hink-pink for blue green moray?

BG disobeys her parents' orders and watches a scary movie on TV.

BG and Alex both want Gad to go with them to two different events happening on the same weekend. She's infiltrating her house to expose possible spies that may be lurking. Dad is painting a portrait of Mom to auction off for an animal charity. [citation needed] Her brother George has a very active[citation needed] personality and dotes[citation needed] on his pet hamster Albert. [6] Fifty-two 30-minute episodes[7] (each having 2 stories, also aired separately as 104 episodes of 15 minutes) have been produced to date. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. BG and Brittany-Ann do their exercises only to discover that dancing with friends counts as exercise too. Rich, spoiled.

Brittany arrives to mock BG but Brittany's mom only announces Valentine's from her grandmother.

Miss BG Theme Song Miss BG Sleepover (FULL) One of my favorite episodes Also im gonna take a break uploading episodes of miss bg so this is the last episode im uploading for a while. In addition, SCN TV airs one (approximately) 12 minute episode each weekday in Regina, Saskatchewan at 9:30AM CST.International Airings: Miss BG also airs in the United Kingdom, on ABC Australia, France 5 and in New Zealand.The theme song: My name is BG. BG is horrified when Brittany-Ann must spend the night at her house.

All Rights Reserved. BG wants her mom to bake a clafoutis so that she - BG - can win a cake contest. What is the theme song lyrics to miss BG theme song? Miss BG is a children's TV show about an eight year old girl, based on a French book series titled Gudule & les Bébés by Fanny Joly. Kayla (French: Carla) is Billy's brunette younger sister. I got so many friends who are crazy about me,

Unfortunately, BG's dad wasn't able to get tickets. BG takes time to show Kayla some soccer tips, and in the process learns that having good sportsmanship is more important than winning. BG shows Billy how to be a great student.

Billy's boys only sleepover in the clubhouse, and this inspires BG's girls to only sleepover in a tent. BG and George show her all the ways to stay healthy and to prevent getting sick.

BG doesn't study, and isn't prepared to win a camping badge she desperately wants. BG and George show us what dogs need most –love.

While her veterinarian father is away, BG and her friends find an injured bird.

BG gives George tips on saving energy around the house - but soon learns that you have to consult your family first! The two are constantly competing with each other.Miss BG has been picked up for a second season as of 1/5/06.Canadian Airtimes: Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, November Preview: 19 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home.

BG tries to help George stay up past his bedtime to watch a Belinda concert on TV.

BG quickly volunteers to help, but when Aunt Alice arrives, BG has some unwanted competition as Mom's "super secretary". BG and her friends put their community spirit to the test when they compete for a chance to paint a mural on the community centre wall, that they all must agree on. BG thinks the two friends will keep each other entertained, and away from her plans with Gad and Alex. After this is explained to Brittany, she admits she left them out there because she didn't like cheap corner-store chocolates, and lets George have them, who shares them with BG, Gad and Alex. (come.

To avoid being laughed at, BG invents an identical looking cousin to take the fall. BG is thrilled to be included on one of her Dad's fishing trips. BG thinks her top mark for essay writing is a mistake and tries to prevent her parents from throwing a celebration party. But BG knows she can always count on him to help find a solution to any problem. But all is not what it seems.

Brittany Ann McAdams (French: Marie-Aglae) is BG's wealthy, blonde next-door neighbor - and sometimes nemesis or rival.