font-weight: 100; The small business owner has loaned $5,820 to his campaign since December.

", Korte said that violent protests are not acceptable, but that they should not serve as a distraction from "the real work that needs to be done to create a more inclusive community.". .race_footer {

padding-left: 10px; For more stories that matter, subscribe to } In response to the question if Scottsdale police acted appropriately in their response, the candidates’ answers were about 50/50. Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. Ortega said looters at Fashion Square used the Black Lives Matter movement as a cover to commit property damage, but that Scottsdale police also underestimated the size and intentions of the "criminal mob.". display: inline-block; Mostly Right. padding-left: 10px; Police chief Alan Rodbell issued a report to the council on July 1 saying no stand down order was ever given. position: absolute; Campaign finance requirements, Who represents me? top: 0px; background-color: white; } Phillips reported no donations from political action committees. In 2008, Borowsky spent $81,000 of her own money to finance her council campaign, more than any other council candidate at the time. margin-right: 12px;

.votebox_bp_logo { } Ortega raised about $75 from individuals donating $50 or less. .widget-row.value-only { Because no candidate received a majority of the total votes in the primary election, the top six candidates proceeded to the general election. font-weight: bold; Candidates are required to disclose the names of donors who gave more than $50. Klapp said the police presence around the peaceful protest was respectful, and that the response to the Scottsdale looting was appropriate. Michael Auerbach forms Exploratory Committee for possible run for Scottsdale City Council November 2020.

Justice Courts | They include Michael Auerbach, Tammy Caputi, Bill Crawford, Tom Durham, Betty Janik, Becca Linnig, John Little, Kevin Maxwell and incumbent Guy Phillips. Donations from developers to zoning attorneys are common in local races. .votebox-covid-disclaimer { "As mayor, I support the policy to protect life over property, but such an incident must never happen again," Ortega wrote.

Guest Editorial: City’s Largest Employer and Neighbor Endorses Museum Square - Arizona Progress and Gazette | Smart Opinions. Notably, he was the only candidate who voted No on the School Override and Bond election this past year. font-size: 20px; Michael Auerbach ran for election to the Scottsdale City Council At-large in Arizona. $10,000 from David Hovey Sr. and David Hovey Jr. with Optima.

} Linnig loaned $10,000 to her campaign. Support local journalism. Early ballots were mailed out July 8 for the primary election on Aug. 4. The following candidates are running in the general election for Scottsdale City Council At-large on November 3, 2020. text-align: center; Among the council candidates, Tammy Caputi and John Little raised the most money, almost twice as much as incumbent Council member Guy Phillips. background-color: grey; Crawford, who operates a downtown fitness and strength training center, raised $49,190 and spent $20,160 through June. background-color: #dac113; ", "I would make sure there is a large enough force to deter the enemy," Auerbach said. Reach the reporter Lorraine Longhi at or 480-243-4086. .results_text { Linnig received a $2,500 donation from David Hovey Jr., with Optima, and a $5,000 donation from Julianne Hancock, with Camelot Homes. display: block; background-color: #ccc; Police have since arrested nearly 50 people involved in the looting. .results_row td:first-child { } Janik, a retired teacher, raised $39,635 and spent $29,973 through June. Littlefield loaned $14,000 to his campaign. Energy | } else { margin-bottom: 0; This page was current at the end of the individual's last campaign covered by Ballotpedia.

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.widget-row.heading { Voting in Arizona | *With four council seats up for grabs, including a new Scottsdale Mayor, an overhaul at City Hall could change the mindset and direction of Scottsdale for years to come. background-color: #003388; } .election_results_text { Most of Korte's donations came from people giving between $50 and $500.

.votebox { Borowsky said she fully supports the First Amendment right to protest, but not the violence and property destruction that has accompanied some protests. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Spokeo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined | } } font-size: 12px; Spokeo is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes') = 'none'; Arizona elections in 2020 | Michael Joseph Auerbach, 55. font-weight: bold; The following candidates ran in the primary for Scottsdale City Council At-large on August 4, 2020.

} Council member Virginia Korte, also running for mayor, closely tails Klapp on fundraising, with $157,350 raised, but has spent almost twice as much as her council colleague. Littlefield, a former city council member, raised $38,161 and spent $15,373 through June 30. Site development by, Barrett-Jackson Returns to Live Auctions, Lauded for Safety Measures, Proves Resiliency of Collector Car Market During 2020 Fall Auction, Not What Scottsdale Needed But A Response To Hate We Can Celebrate, Guest Editorial: Paying It Forward – For The Best Scottsdale, Who Will Stand Up For Scottsdale? background-color: #f9d334; Klapp condemned the "unlawful and violent" riot at Fashion Square, but said she participated a week later as peaceful protesters marched through Old Town.

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They include Michael Auerbach, Tammy Caputi, Bill Crawford, Tom Durham, Betty Janik, Becca Linnig, John Little, Kevin Maxwell and incumbent Guy Phillips. Guest Editorial: It Used To Be A Freaking Bus Station, Guest Editorial: A Landmark Project That Makes Dollars AND Sense. Little raised $360 from people donating $50 or less. "I will uphold and support the freedoms of speech and assembly which includes protests. The majority of his donations came from retirees or people who are self-employed. Municipal Courts, Budget and finances | This may be a dark cloud that follows the councilman throughout his campaign. font-size: 0.9em; display: inline-block; Most donors to Littlefield's campaign were retirees. .results_row { .infobox p { Michael Auerbach is returning to the political stage. Some of his largest donations included $8,600 from Michael and Cindy Simonson, with Sunbrella, and $1,500 from Daniel Spiro, president of Exposure Illumination Arch. Caputi raised $471 from people donating $50 or less. Our ethnicity data indicates the majority is Caucasian. display: block; Ballot access for parties | Largest cities | Our wealth data indicates income average is $105k. $12,800 from Les and Diane Corieri, with Evening Entertainment Group. AZ International Auto Show & New Car Buyer's Guide 2020 Model Year, early voting centers are open around the Valley, several residents and council members argued earlier this year, behind the opposition effort to the controversial Southbridge II, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. } Korte said police faced "incredible" odds as they were outnumbered during the Fashion Square looting, but commended the fact that no lives were lost and that the riot did not spill into the neighboring residential areas. }; display: inline; Some of Klapp's largest donations included: Klapp received about $1,500 from Mayor Jim Lane's political action committee, $1,000 from the Arizona Multihousing Association PAC and $500 from GAZPAC, the Southwest Gas political action committee.