The default tune is set to ignore the factory throttle position switch. GM type IAT sensor, for bypassing the air flow meter. These engines use a pulse width modulated (PWM) idle air control motor. Innovate Standalone Gauge Kit with LC-2 & Blue DB Digital GaugeInnovate Motorsports introduces their newest digital gauge option for those looking for affordable wideband monitoring. BMW E30/325i/E32/E34 1987-1993 MSPNP Gen2 Plug and Play ECU, QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module – optional, USB to Serial Adapter - Trouble Free!! Second Generation MSPNP; Easy to Use and Install! The MSPNP Gen 2 has its own documentation: It uses a MicroSquirt Module at its core, with the other boards being unique to the MSPNP Gen 2 and not related to the V3.0 or V3.57. Note that you may need to add 360 degrees to the Tooth #1 Angle setting if adding a cam sensor. It supports most broadband Bosch knock sensors, although we currently do not stock these either. We will also need a high current driver output. To do this check, you'll need the program portcheck.exe. All three wire-in MS3Pro versions use the same wiring and settings for this engine. Note: Although there is a paid upgrade to TunerStudio, it is not needed to tune this ECU. O... Can I use it with my stroked M20B31 with 10.5:1 without changes? DIYAutoTune Engine Management Systems. I would recommend adding the following. (Note – our assembled units are configured this way by default. Yes, you just need the IGN-6, the IGN-6's connector, a QuadSpark, and suitable spark plug wires. We sell a separate kit with an IAT sensor, mounting bung, and pins that can be stabbed into the air flow meter connector to wire it up. Products » MS3Pro & Plug-Play Solutions » MSPNP Gen2 » MSPNP Gen2 ECUs » BMW E30/325i/E32/E34 1987-1993 MSPNP Gen2 Plug and Play ECU, BMW 1987-1993 E30 / E32 / E34 MSPNP2 Plug and Play Standalone Engine Management System. Additionally, some European 325i models for the 1987 year used an ECU with a part number of 0 261 200 073 or 0 261 200 081; this ECU is not compatible with the stock wiring on these cars. Spark for if using a Vortec ignition module, Tooth #1 Angle: 97 (this may need to be adjusted slightly due to production tolerances). MegaSquirt installation on BMW M20 and M30 engines, using the factory crank trigger Updated 3/31/2020 Check out our out of the box plug & play solution for 87-92 BMW E30 325i, ready to plug into your factory harness! You can use a. ’87-’92 E30 BMW 325i M20B25 MSPNP2 Installation Guide, ’89-’93 E34 BMW 525i / 535i / M5 MSPNP2 Installation Guide, ’88-’92 E32 BMW 735i MSPNP2 Installation Guide. We typically use 93 octane for tuning unless we specifically wanted to tune the engine on something else (the 4.8 LS base map was tuned on 87 octane, but that's the only one I am aware of where we used a different fuel). The default tune is set up for those without an ECU controlled tach and you can turn the tach output on in software if needed. Running it in wasted spark just requires adding an external ignition module and coil pack, like our QuadSpark and IGN-6. Automatic equipped E30s using a hydraulic transmission will work without issue. I have seen older M30 motors swapped to the later 55 pin wiring harness and crank trigger; the MSPNP could be used in that case. Check our catalog to see if we have what you need. Level of control:  Full Standalone EMS– Fuel and Ignition Control. I have an 86’ 635csi with the 059 Ecu is this model compatible with my car? Alternatively, you can use a built in high current coil driver: Connect the crankshaft position sensor to main board pin 24 and a ground pin.

Check that the computer is reading the serial cable. – optional. You will need to adjust the tune to what this engine needs. Here are the main application specific wiring details to keep in mind. Note that you may need to add 360 degrees to the Tooth #1 Angle setting if adding a cam sensor. Using this on the earlier 325e eta motor (M20B27) or other early M20, M30, or S38 versions with flywheel speed sensors will require swapping in the crank trigger assembly from the later engines. If you wish to purchase one without the connector anyway, please contact us directly.

Yes, the MSPNP can do closed loop fueling based on O2 sensor feedback - either narrow band or wide band. For an MS3, connect this to the MS3X nitrous output if you wish to use this feature. Check out our out of the box plug & play solution for 87-92 BMW E30 325i, ready to plug into your factory harness! I installed this in my E30 with an M20B25 and my tacho isn't working. Worst case, the ECU is covered by a one year warranty if you need any repairs. Tune it right. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may write a review. Set JP1 to the 1-2 position, and J1 to the 3-4 position. Connect the PWM idle output on pin 30 to the opening coil and connect the closing coil to ground through a 30 ohm 50 watt resistor. Headphone output for knock sensor – listen for knock while you tune! Tune it right. ). Yes. You’ll want to take a 330 ohm resistor, solder it to a length of wire, and wrap the resistor with heat shrink. Support Articles » Technical Articles » Installation Articles » BMW » How to MegaSquirt Your BMW E30 325i and Other M20/M30 Applications. Tune it for less.

Set up the ECU up to trigger from the VR Input. These engines use a pulse width modulated (PWM) idle air control motor. hi,im Matias and i got a while on the forum (r3vlimited/e30tech) and always ive got the idea of... Is this compatible with a m30b35 by any chance? The IAC valve is a 3 wire IAC design. This ECU is for the later 55 pin wiring harness; the stock wiring harness in 1986 would have used a 35 pin connector that does not physically fit. The car was an Improved Touring build with minor bolt ons, so the base tune should be considered an approximate starting point rather than a final map to run. See the MSPNP2-B8793 installation directions for how to install this kit.

This electronic boost control solenoid can be used with the MS3-Pro/MSPNP as well as any DIY Style MegaSquirt EMS (with the appropriate mods), or with other electronic boost controllers to control boost by adjusting the pressure to a turbo wastegate. To use the A/C idle up function, wire Digital Switched 12V In (gray connector pin 19) to the factory A/C input. If the port it's scanning is not connected to a working Megasquirt, or it's on the wrong speed, it'll say "No connection made." The DIYPNP connectors are not the exact same version as used in the BMW ECUs, but are a slightly narrower variant to fit in the DIYPNP case. Here is a partial list of BMW DME (stock ECU) part numbers that this ECU can replace: If you’ve run across a BMW DME with a different part number and are curious if this will fit, please contact DIYAutoTune at

Connect JS10 to IGBTIN (if there are any wires connected to JS10, remove them. Mostly, you’ll use the wiring diagrams in the MS2/Extra MicroSquirt Hardware Manual. How to MegaSquirt Your BMW E30 325i and Other M20/M30 Applications, section of the MS2 V3.57 hardware manual, The crankshaft position sensor will wire to CKP+ and CKP- (pins 6 and 15 on the white connector). Let's start with an alternate communications test. Yes, this could run a turbo engine no problem. The free version included on the USB Stick can access all the features and tables of the MegaSquirtPNP. They ship with 3.3.1 as this is the firmware the tune was developed on. If you run into this issue, go to Basic Setup -> Tacho Output Pin, and make sure the tach output is enabled and the output pin set to Tachout. Build the ECU up to trigger from the VR Input. We recommend using D14 for the spark output. Please email us a screen shot of the results you get, and I'll go over where to go from there.

Using this ECU on the M106 will require swapping to the later M30B35 wiring harness and crank trigger. MS3Pro ECUs – the original version, the MS3Pro EVO, and the MS3Pro Ultimate – do not require any internal modifications to run this engine. You just need to run a vacuum hose from the port on the MSPNP to the intake manifold.

Internet connectivity is not required, but you may need to use a USB thumb drive if we need to share files over email for support reasons. 12×12 Air Fuel Ratio Target Tables for use with wide band O2 sensor for precise tuning and table trim. ), Tachout if using MS3X tach output to run a CDI box, Set up the ECU up to trigger from the VR Input. Application(s): This article covers the 1987 through 1992 E30 chassis BMW 325i with the M20B25 motor. Onboard peak and hold drivers support both high and low impedance injectors – No external ballast resistor is needed! Yes, it works with an M30B35 for the years listed - we include an approximate startup map for this motor on the USB thumb drive. If it's on the right port and right speed, it will give you the version of the Megasquirt firmware that's on the Megasquirt. DIYAutoTune Engine Management Systems. Connect the IAC output on pin 30 to the opening coil and connect the closing coil to ground through a 30 ohm 50 watt resistor. See section 6.9.8 of the MS3 Hardware Manual for details.

The IAC valve uses a 3-wire design. The stock sensors on an E30 do not support sequential injection, but you could modify the distributor to add a 1 tooth cam trigger to add this feature when using MS3. Model specific installation directions are here. The factory sensors do not support sequential injection, but it is possible to modify the distributor with a one tooth trigger wheel and cam position sensor to allow sequential injection You will need to change the trigger wheel setting to Dual Wheel with Missing Teeth. On a turbo car, you'll want a wideband with an external control unit, like an Innovate LC2.

You do not need to open the case and should not put the boot jumper in place for this test.

You can use the IDLE output on the MS3X card for the opening coil output, and any unused mid current output on the MS3X (or main board pin 30 for the FIDLE output) for the closing coil. Connect the coil negative terminal to pin 36. Thank you, In have a m30b32, would I have to swap a harness from a b35 for it to work. Use pin 19 for ground and pin 37 for the 12 volt power supply. The DIYPNP is temporarily unavailable until we can resolve the problem with the connector shortage. Also, this MSPNP may not work with automatic transmissions on the E34 or E32 chassis, which rely on the fuel consumption signal for the transmission computer. If using an MSD box, you can use the MS3X tach output to control the coil by connecting the tach output to the MSD white wire.