Othello attended a Forrester meeting and it was said that Othello was the music director for Forrester.

During her marriage to Stephen, he abandoned her and his children, leaving Beth as the Logan's sole provider. Beemer was dropped to recurring status in January 2012, but continued to appear up until February 29, 2012, when he left the show altogether. He refuses to leave and tells Donna that he loves her. Later, Danielle and Karen were outraged when Caroline fell from a two-story balcony while arguing with Bill, and supported Katie when she staged an intervention to deal with Bill's drinking.

Othello then showed up to DJ the Hope For The Future line that would cement Rick's role as president. While grieving, Brooke and Nick have sex. Sofia Carson really fangirled when she got a tweet from Kelly Clarkson over the summer! Bridget later falls pregnant after a one night stand with Owen Knight. Betty White originated the role during a ten-day run spanning December 2006 through January 2007, later returning in 2008 and 2009. The headstrong Ridge responds by proposing to her. After discovering that Owen attempted to sleep with Donna her aunt, Bridget Forrester walks over and throws a glass of wine in Owen's face. Taylor and Nick almost automatically fell in love and married each other. He helps Ridge to find his family. He was portrayed by Michael Fox from 1989 to 1996. Did Kim Kardashian Vote for Husband Kanye West for President? [20] He fathered a child with Felicia Forrester. Nick and Taylor decide to have a child but her eggs are not viable; so she needed a donor. [29], Constantine Parros was played by Constantine Maroulis in 2007, first appearing on March 15. Nick resurfaces as he helps Taylor in the Forrester family dilemma when the Forrester jet crashes into the Atlantic carrying Brooke and Thomas. Nick then begins a relationship with Donna, after she splits up with her husband, Justin Barber. Nick eventually fires both Bridget and Owen from Jackie M Designs, although he later hires Owen back. [22], Ann Douglas is the mother of Stephanie Forrester. Donna became more enamored by Owen's knight saving act and they commenced to kiss as Eric Forrester was awaking slowly from his coma. Nick blackmails Eric Forrester and the rest of the Forresters into selling him Forrester Creations or Stephanie will face charges. William "Bill" Spencer is a fictional character from the CBS Daytime soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Massimo went to college at Northwestern with Eric Forrester, Stephanie Douglas and Beth Henderson. He's a good man who wants to do good things. He might seem kind of cold sometimes, but I think his heart's in the right place. After firing Amber Moore for stealing Forrester designs, Jackie begins to worry as they do not have a designer. Danielle Spencer is portrayed by Guiding Light alumna Crystal Chappell. Jarrett Maxwell is a fashion reporter for Eye on Fashion and an employee of Spencer Publications. Donna starts to become suspicious of Owen also since he seems too good to be true and becomes concerned when he tells her he loves her. Nick and Bridget divorce and he begins a flirtation with Aggie which later ended after Nick was diagnosed with cancer, but was later revealed to be in good health.

They then decide to officially become a couple. It is later revealed that Ridge is alive. During the concert, Constantine is joined by Elliott Yamin, third runner up in season five of American Idol, and singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin.