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Metcalf's AMAZING Versatility vs the 49ers | Baldy Breakdowns, New York Islanders: That awkward moment when your girlfriend thinks you’re proposing, but you’re jus…, San Jose Sharks: Hey. I want to look like them. I’ve seen Mat’s “Family Guy” tattoo in person, but I’ve never seen a photo of it, until now. “Just five minutes,” Butcher pleaded. Both are known for their tattoos, with Latos estimating he has spent at least $5,000 on different designs. And if one thinks Latos has a lot of tattoos, well, they need to check out his wife. Of all the places on the human body to have a bulls-eye, Coco Crisp chose the area below his left ear. • Site Map • Terms Of Use, Hal McCoy: Better “Latos” Than Never…Mat Latos, Znidar Notebook: Ohio State Secondary Takes Hit…, Analysis: Ohio State Looking Good in Big Ten East, Buckeye Notebook: Ohio State Downs Penn State On The Road, Versailles Falls To Roger Bacon – “One Play Short!”. Whatever their meanings may be, some tattoos just look absolutely awful. We know today is a lot. Scott Spiezio was a serviceable infielder during a decade in MLB and won two World Series titles (with the Angels and Cardinals). The Reds and Indians play Monday in Cleveland, with those two on the mound again. I can do that.". Then he got up without saying a word and walked through a door to complain to a Reds officials, “The media is crowded around my locker, can’t you make them move away.” He was told to do his own dirty work. Two, does it look like, erm, something a lot less publicly acceptable to anyone else but me? He has won 43 Ohio and national writing awards and was the first non-Cincinnati newsperson elected to the Cincinnati Journalists Hall of Fame. #NBAVideos: Top 50 Plays From NBA Restart! Whether what Leake said hit home or whether somebody else got to Latos or whether the maturation process is blooming, there has been a turnaround. The tattoo itself looks great, and it's clear a lot of detail was added into it, even if it's tough to make out from far away. But I have two issues with this. #ALLCAPS…, Vegas Golden Knights: Who had fun watching Shea Theodore this season?? It is a neat baseball themed tattoo for a pitcher that is one of the elite talents in the league. Nonetheless, his tattoo lives on. If he wanted to retaliate, he could have. UPDATE 12/11/2014: Ever wonder about the emotions a baseball wife experiences during trade speculation? It makes perfect sense. "I've got full sleeves and lips on my neck," Latos said. Birds? It took him two minutes to put on each sock. As a result, he is low on the list, though worth mentioning. I'll let this one speak for itself, I suppose. #VOTE…, Philadelphia 76ers: @theycallmetisse made it a point to visit local poll workers and voters to hear …, Philadelphia Eagles: Double tap if you voted this #ElectionDay!…, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Got the job done : #NOvsTB 8:20 p.m.

Most of Mat Latos' tattoos are on his upper body, and only a small amount of them are visible to the fans. As Mat Latos was being dealt from Cincinnati to Miami during the 2014 Winter Meetings, Dallas Latos took to Twitter to express the anxiety that go into trade rumors. “Have them come down to the clubhouse.” Butcher pointed out that the writers had to stay to cover the rest of the game, but Latos was adamant that he didn’t have time.

Here’s some morning skate sounds to help get your m…, Dallas Stars: We have issued the following updates on offseason surgeries for Ben Bishop and T…, Washington Capitals: Oh, hello! Apparently no explanation exists anywhere for them, so I'll have to ask him myself one of these days. But I wanted to hit the man, I would have hit him, no ifs, ands or buts.”. ), #MLBVideos: Corey Seager Postseason Highlights (Dodgers SS breaks records, wins World Series MVP! A.J. The tats are the names of his two sons, Chase and Tyler. Ask Mat Latos' wife Dallas Latos. When covering the Rays last summer for B/R, I had the privilege of attending several games as a member of the media. At this point, the tattoos serve as a reminder of how far he had fallen and how close he came to losing his MLB dream. Along his right arm, Sabathia has a nice design going that looks really cool both from a distance and close up. Last year, Kemp got an arm sleeve tattoo of St. Michael the Archangel. Your email address will not be published. McCoy has been the Cincinnati BBWAA Chapter Chair 22 times and was the BBWAA national president in 1997. He gave up five home runs in one game in Great American Small Park, but still won the game. #NFLVideos: NFL Votes | Devin and Jason McCourty, #NHLVideos: Top 10 Auston Matthews Plays from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: Top 10 Anton Khudobin Saves from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: Top 10 Mitchell Marner Plays from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: Top 5 Travis Konecny Plays from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: NHL Collision Course: Best of the Postseason, #NHLVideos: Top 10 Brad Marchand Plays from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: Top 10 Joonas Korpisalo Saves from 2019-20 | NHL, #NHLVideos: Top 5 Evgeni Malkin Plays from 2019-20 | NHL, Ottawa Senators: Happy Birthday to @Smit_Treat15!!

6 of 15. If he wahnts to whine about it, let him whine about it.”, When Latos was told that Lowe could have retaliated by throwing at him, Latos said, “Lowe doesn’t throw hard enough for it to hurt, so I wasn’t too worried about it. Latos argued with Butcher for five minutes, the five minutes he could have given the interviewers. The next morning, after Lowe had his say, I was standing near Latos when he looked at me and said, “I’ll bet you want to talk to me about Derek Lowe.”. Hal McCoy is a former beat writer for the Dayton Daily News (Dayton, Ohio), covering the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. During spring training, Latos was asked how many tattoos he has and he said, “Just one, but it isn’t finished yet.”, When the Cincinnati Reds acquired the 24-year-old righthanded pitcher from San Diego, sending half the population of Louisville to the Padres, the San Diego media said, “He’s a bit different. Ryan Roberts is known for two things. (Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, and more! So when pitchers are finished in an exhibition game, the writers scramble behind the right field wall to a door where the players leave the stadium and board a bus that takes them to the clubhouse. ", Artist: "Oh yeah, a skull? He drilled Joey in the back a while back. Mat Latos bobblehead. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m not denying nothing. I’ve never heard a veteran whine so much about nothing. But judging from these tattoos, he's probably not the most low-key human being. Residing in Clayton, Ohio, McCoy is an honors graduate in journalism from Kent State University. His first interview this spring was a delight, but his cantankerous personality quickly surfaced with the writers. That keeps Inge and his tattoos out of the top 10. This looks more like a bad Fubu ad than a tribute to your offspring. It's really not a surprise that Jason Giambi has his share of tattoos. I don’t care if he doesn’t respect me. He wouldn’t elaborate and said to ask the Reds manager about it. !…, Cincinnati Reds: Congratulations to Tucker Barnhart, the 2020 National League Gold Glove winner a…, St. Louis Cardinals: DEFENSIVE EXCELLENCE …, Los Angeles Dodgers: Betts of the best. That said, Mat Latos doesn't feel like his love for the game is adequately conveyed in his play.