Sarah is not present in the musical and is not mentioned. (Trading card). Age: Unsure. Davey: I’ve begun responding to names that aren’t mine. Real Name: None. Les has dark hair that looks like it hasn’t been cut in a while. are they all secrets from your parents and that’s how you know how loud they get?? If so, why?

(Newsies Live script, page 70) Following 1872, the Tribune was primarily operated by Whitelaw Reid, so it can be assumed that Darcy’s last name is the same. If he does, why wouldn’t he be able to find her? Can you imagine how the Jacobs parents felt about all this like they just send their boys out to sell some newspapers and then davey comes back with a union and a boyfriend and still no money. Davey: MAYBE IT’S ‘CAUSE YOU’RE HOLDING TWO ICED DRINKS! Katherine: *puts hands over ears* Go ahead.

Text. (this blog is inactive but i thought this ask was funny), A blog for fansies to learn more about their favorite characters (but mostly just for the mods to infodump).

Jack: And you. Family: Henry had a father, but he died when he was 11.

Nickname and Meaning: Snyder the Spider, (Newsies Live script, page 17) for multiple reasons. Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Age: Unsure. (. And a prayer becomes a vowAnd the strike starts right damn now! First, it’s a clever wordplay off his name, comparing him to something gross and venomous. Guess what! where does it say a guy can’t cAtch a brEAK?

(Newsies Film script, page 6) (Newsies Live script, page 11) Gender: Les is always played by a boy. He is usually seen wearing a yellow hat and suit. 439. (Newsies Live script, page 70) Almost certainly has other family, but we don’t hear of them. Icon by @i-got-personality. He dresses formally, probably because Davey makes him. In 1899, 17-year-old Jack "Cowboy" Kelly is one of many struggling newspaper hawkers in New York City, selling copies of the New York World on the streets of Manhattan ("Carrying the Banner"). He’s crazy. The next day, when the newsies found out that the costs had been raised, David accidentally gave Jack the idea to organize a strike. Les was born around 1889-1890 saying himself that he is "near 10". Get on top of the fridge…GET UP THERE!

sorry this took so long to answer, tumblr would not cooperate :/, i pointed out each newsie here at least once for you, though a few of them are named more than once because it was a better view of their face or because i forgot i labeled them already, - during seize the day when Jeremy Jordan and Ben Fankhauser run offstage bc they can’t dance, - how during king of new york ben f. is shoved to the back where you cant see him and when you do see him he is very visibly counting along to the music, - SPECS DOES THE WORM ON THE TABLE IN THE BACK NEAR THE END OF KING OF NEW YORK’, - at the end of Watch What Happens (Reprise) when Les says ‘and I gotta date!’ and Davey steals his hat, Jack hits Les with his own hat, Les steals back his hat and promptly hits Jack on the chest with it, - I want to applaud the costume department for giving Katherine’s dress a little hook so she could hook the skirt to her belt for the dance solo, - how Ethan (Les) is also shoved to the back during king of new york, - when Tommy Boy is doing the pirouettes at the end of the song he does the focusing thing where you keep your eyes on one spot as long as you can and then spin your head real quick and get sight of the spot again to avoid getting dizzy and its really cool to watch because you wouldn’t notice unless you knew the trick and the above shot shows that his head is turning much slower than his body, - when jack says ‘keep your shirt on!’ to the kid in front of him just before the world will know and the kid starts pulling at his shirt as if saying something like ‘oh you want me to keep my shirt on, eh? David, also known as "Davey", inadvertently gave Jack Kelly the idea to start the Newsboy's Strike, as well as making sure to create the Newsboys' Union to protect the strikers. However, he does “know just about everything there is to know about printing”, implying that he has spent at least some time working in the printing rooms. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

I got to do two shows in total and it was amazing all in the end, if you love theater and never tried acting you should! He and Les became newsies after their father broke his arm and was fired from a dead-end job at a factory, which caused the brothers to have to support the family. Spot: I had a few looks in mind today, but I wanted to go with one that would intimidate the kids.

Mush mentions that “Papers is all I got” during carrying the banner (Newsies Live script, page 6) implying he has never known his family. (Newsies Film script, page 6) However, in the stage musical, Les says that he is “ten, almost”, (Newsies Live script, page 11) so Davey could be as old as 17. He looks up to Jack Kelly as his hero. I’ll try to be on as soon as I can! Jack: I get called Jack, Davey, Race, Jackson, Jay, Hey You, You, Hey . 3166. Photo. Les: one kid’s younger brother who added us all on snap so he could send us selfies and videos of him longboarding, ok but when Tommy Bracco takes off his hat and sings borough what gave me birth??? Nickname and Meaning: Weasel- pun off of his last name, and his sneaky behavior. I hear Medda call him and have to get him for her! (Newsies Production Handbook, page 28). Bio Since Nov 2017 (2 Years 290 Days) Just an idiot on the street, just another stranger passin’ by. Audio. My name's Stiles and I'm here to steal your wall! everyone trying to make this about jackcrutchie can choke get off my post. Followers. However, the Production Handbook says he can be played as either a girl or a boy.

(Trading card) He mentions having a mother during Carrying the Banner, (Newsies Live script, page 4) but it’s unclear if he’s being sarcastic or sincere. Sarah is not present in the musical and is not mentioned. Crutchie: *to tiny, impressionable kids waiting to audition* Start praying now you don’t get Jack as your counsellor. Davey: Why do you have a caramel frappe and a sweet tea?

Grid View List View. It's where your interests connect you with your people. However, in earlier drafts of the film script, his name was revealed to be Nigel. My first posts will be character entries for Mush, Elmer, and Finch. As well as his older sister Sarah and his younger brother Les. (Newsies Production Handbook, page 17), Nickname and Meaning: Mush. However, Henry is seen shaving his face during Carrying the Banner. He has darker skin, whether he’s tanned or naturally dark. Family: Esther and Mayer Jacobs (parents), Sarah (sister) and Les (brother), Real Name: (none) Snyder. (Wikipedia), Age: Unsure. 101. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Did Les choose to be a newsie? Family: None that we know of. This is widely accepted by fans and actors. - on a similar note; Les yelling at that guard dude? Newsies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Rude teens, plus Les.

I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks & commands silence from the room.“She’s right” he says. Newsies Head Cannon .

Why is Davey neither of his parents’ favorite child? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Can I sit in the warm building? All the Newsies, in sync: UH YEAH, I SURE HOPE IT DOES. Wiesel looks a lot older than 40. Davey: Do I have staff privileges? what if I just take it off?’, - the same kid leaping clear to the other side of the stage when Les yells “LET THE MAN WORK IT OUT!”, - at the end of the world will know when they get thrown out of Pulitzer’s office and Davey is lying on the ground holding his hip like an old man. (If you are adressing a particular mod, please use their name in th ask.) best belated birthday gift ever. Vincent Agnello, R. J. Fattori, Lewis Grosso, Matthew Schetcher, Zachary Unger (whom I couldn’t find high enough quality pictures of). are you a party planner for secret, underground hoedowns?? All posts. Family: Unsure. Why doesn’t Blink make as much money as the other newsies? Why does Blink only have one working eye?

~ Mod Strings, Real Name: Henry (none) (although there was a real newsie named Henry Butler) (Newsies Production Handbook, page 17). ?¿, why shouldya spend yoUR WHOOLE LIFE LIVIN trapped where there ainno fuTah.

Family: Esther and Mayer (parents), Sarah and Davey (siblings) Les…: Is manipulative. Davey: I am never talking around you ever again. David and Les Jacobs have many friends that their family hasn't met. Jack: *while sitting in the floor* ELMER, COME SHOWER ME IN AFFECTION, Elmer: *sits on Jack’s shoulder and nearly knocks him over*. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Bio Since Nov 2017 (2 Years 290 Days) Just an idiot on the street, just another stranger passin’ by. I really want to do either a 1x1 roleplay or a group roleplay with her, preferably Cannon Characters

Real Name: (none) Jacobs. How did Snyder get the idea to embezzle funds from the Refuge? Jack: okay, you know what? If he does have a family, they must have done something awful in a past life. There in the 5th row stands Ben Fankhauser in his Davey costume. Pm me? Davey, laid dramatically across the table in desperation: I feel empty inside, Newsies as Conversations That Took Place Within Ten Hours of Each Other, I can't fucking believe I spent time making this, listen i just think the jack one is so accurate, i can’t fucking believe I spent time making this, i have an unhealthy addiction to newsies and thats that, cue race laughing and jack telling him to watch his language. I’ve been in New York for a while, so I decided to sketch up some rude New York teens on the flight home. You’re both my favourites. I’ve been attacked :anguished: :anguished: Headlines don't sell papes, Newsies sell papes.

In the Newsies novel, David is 15, Sarah is 16, and Les is 8. Katherine: Are you sure there were no lesbians? Someday becomes somehow Jack: I SAID ‘BITCH’ IN FRONT OF YOU THE OTHER DAY AND YOU DIDN’T NOTICE! How did nobody notice Snyder’s abuses before? Age: In the film script, Davey is stated to be 15, and his brother 8.