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It features an arrangement of eight double club seats. The Learjet 45 requires 2 pilots and is not approved for single pilot operations. MID JETS )[7], Previous Learjet designs had used rigorous, extensive "fail-safe" structures in the wing and tail assemblies, with numerous wing spars providing a highly reinforced structure (derived from the Swiss-designed P-16 prototype fighter that was the original basis for the first Learjet)[11] – but the Model 45, instead, used a lighter, less-robust structure, affording less cost in manufacture and lower aircraft empty weights, resulting in improved capacity, efficiency and some performance enhancement (for a given amount of engine power), at a competitive price.

Learjet 45 range with 8 passengers: 1,900 nautical miles, 2,186 Statute Miles or 3,519 kilometers (IFR Reserves, ISA, with 8 passengers/2 crew).

ABOUT US, CHARTER AIRCRAFT A very accomplished and noteworthy engineer was saying that in his opinion the overpowered Lear 25(and 23) (zero bipass engines) …

If you are not sure which aircraft best suits your needs, we will take into consideration your reason for flying, the number of people and the distance you are travelling to pair you with the perfect jet for your travels.

[14] Contact | 203-453-0800 | Vault Login Contact | 203-453-0800 | Vault Login Recommended engine TBO (Time Between Overhauls) is 5,000 hours. See our Bombardier Learjet 45 Range page for more information. Higher altitude can also make the flight more pleasurable since the pilots have more altitude options to avoid turbulence and adverse weather.

Common names and abbreviations: Lear 45, Learjet 45, Bombardier Learjet 45, Lear 45.

The six- to seven-passenger Learjet 40 is basically a Learjet 45 with two feet lopped off the fuselage, two fewer cabin seats, and 100 gallons less fuel capacity. However, the auxiliary power unit was initially optional, rather than standard, equipment. Maximum range 2,080 nm 3852 km (Theoretical range with NBAA, IFR Reserves, ISA, LRC, 4pax/2 crew. Aircraft: Learjet 45 (N438RV) S/N 333 by Reva, Inc. Aircraft information, request and photos.

The base image is by Scott Wright on Wikimedia Commons. [7], However, the engine exhibits poor performance in high-density altitude situations (such as takeoff from hot, humid or high-elevation airports), often resulting in long runway requirements. Landing distance is the amount of runway required to land the aircraft at an average weight and air density and will vary greatly for each mission. (Engine power deficiency in high-density altitudes was largely resolved by the engine upgrade to the -20BR engine variant in the Learjet 45XR variant of the Learjet 45 – an engine upgrade which is also available as a retrofit to the older Learjet 45, and widely recommended. In these conditions, the Model 75 can take off from a 4,500-foot runway, with a full load of passengers and fuel, and fly 1,800 nautical miles (2,070 statute miles). Harnessing American know-how and efficiency, the Learjet 75 Liberty offers more people the freedom to stretch out and step up into a Learjet.

[5], Initially, numerous mechanical and electrical problems began appearing in the aircraft after delivery – including cracked windshields, problems with pressurization, fried power distribution panels, and inappropriate alarms. [5], Initially, delays in production resulted in frustrated customers and lost or delayed revenues. FlexFlight Group Mid-sized Business Jet.

Cruise speeds vary greatly during the course of a flight, during climb, cruise and descent.

If you can’t find what you’re after give us a call. With probably the most spacious cabin of any private jet charter aircraft in this class, it comfortably seats 8 with plenty of headroom, legroom and space to swivel and recline retaining the best features of it’s predecessors. Photo is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License.

[6], Problems came to a head in August 2003, when the FAA discovered a defective fastener for the Model 45's horizontal stabilizer could break, sending the airplane into a fatal dive.

The dimensions listed below are also the Learjet 45 XR Dimensions.


The interior of this aircraft is designed to offer the most usable space to passengers.

Balanced field length is the distance required to bring the aircraft up to take off speed and slow it to a full stop at an average air density and payload.

LJ45 is the four place alphanumeric ICAO code for the jet and LJ-45 is the FAA short name for the aircraft. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. [6] (All previous models had been derivatives of the Model 23, with the wide-fuselage Model 55 and Model 60 utilizing the basic wing design originating in the Model 23, but with extensions and winglets; some however, view the Model 55 as a "clean sheet" design, also.

The stricter Part 25 certification requires greater system redundancy, and requires that the airplane reliably meets the performance numbers published in the aircraft's FAA-approved Pilot's Operating Handbook (POH).

This calculation is performed by the pilot in command prior to every flight to ensure an adequate margin of safety in the event a take-off has to be aborted. Early units had minor quality problems and defects. Fuel Capacity: Usable 905 Gallons.

)[5][12][6][7], An internal auxiliary power unit, for ground use, provides electrical and pneumatic power, permits easy starts, without ground power units, and enables aircraft cooling or heating while on the ground, without the engines operating. BOOKING Useful payload is the amount of weight available after the weight of the pilot, crew and usable fuel have been deducted. Internal baggage capacity is the amount of available baggage which can be stowed inside the aircraft where the… With probably the most spacious cabin of any private jet charter aircraft in this class, it comfortably seats 8 with plenty of headroom, legroom and space to swivel and recline retaining the best features of it’s predecessors.

Maximum range: 2,049 Nautical Miles (nm), 2,358 Statute Miles (sm) or 3,795 kilometers (km) (with IFR Reserves, ISA conditions and 4 passengers / 2 crew)Learjet 45 range with 8 passengers: 1,900 nautical miles, 2,186 Statute Miles or 3,519 kilometers (IFR Reserves, ISA, with 8 passengers/2 crew).

Arm 519 inches. FlyRadius is focused on increasing access to information about the aviation industry. The Learjet 45 (LJ45) aircraft is a mid-size business jet aircraft produced by the Learjet Division of Bombardier Aerospace.

Flyover (thrust cutback): 75.5 EPNdBApproach: 93.4 EPNdBLateral: 85.1 EPNdB.