You have to keep it fresh. That was the music I grew up on.

All Rights Reserved. It’s part of the blues that my dad used to listen to. Tell me about that. This has to be the worst child abuse case I have ever seen in my life!! LD:

I think my first check was $108.

I started when I was 19. dance routines to The Supremes.

LD: Dan Forest.

As a kid, I was a huge Diana Ross fan. Laurie DeYoung:

My husband used to be on staff at Even when you look at country, those roots go back—Elvis used He has been generally praised for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. K: [Video] VERY GRAPHIC, Free Food For Families From Housing Authority, The Les Twins Do Michael Jackson For You To Enjoy [Video]. The key … Payton Alizabeth Cannon, 21, was killed just after midnight on Wednesday when her car veered off a road in Mooresville and hit a tree, news outlets reported. I want to serve the audience.

that? He came and fired the morning show, the program director, and the general manager. Roy Cooper wins reelection, 2020 election turnout could reach highest number in more than 100 years, NC State Board of Elections extends voting times at 10 precincts, N.C. National Guard Cyber Security Response Force helps secure elections in the state, Your Local Election Headquarters: Click here to follow 2020 Election Results, Man arrested in connection with 33 East Apartments shooting; 1 injured, What time US election results are expected – and when polls close in each state, WNCT NOW Digital News Update 11/03/2020 – Late Afternoon. story? I grew up on Motown. K: Everybody should go through it. LD: K: I just remember there was just something about that skinny little girl. (The driver has still not been found) Her twin sister lost without her sister, tragically overdosed today and did not make it. She was alone in the car and had been wearing her seat belt, Master Trooper Jeffrey Swagger said. . I have all those albums. [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO], Worst Child Abuse I have EVER Seen. voices who introduced us to some of our favorite music. The radio is a very personal medium. The two sat down together for the first time at Rams Head Live in June. I hope the people listening are having fun, too. The administrative console is used by server owners or players designated as admins to monitor the server, correct any issues players may have, or police the server itself. I started working at 15 and never stopped. I wanted to do stuff. For decades, Laurie DeYoung and Konan have dominated the local airwaves. [Radio] is what I love to do. LD: Laurie DeYoung and Konan crack up at Rams Head Live In June. LD: Roy Cooper was reelected Tuesday, defeating Republican challenger Lt. Gov.

Should Be 18 or Older To Watch…. People like us have been doing it for a while but you know there’s always a young person just waiting for it—gunning. It’s really unlike anything else. LD: They were all kind of close. It’s just so much fun.

WPOC’s country godmother and 92Q’s hip-hop connoisseur talk life lessons, longevity, and, of course, their lifeblood: music. We didn’t have a lot. MORRESVILLE, N.C. (AP) — The daughter of a radio show host in North Carolina has died in a car crash.

. I wanted that independence. K: “As you can imagine, we are all devastated, but Ace and his family are especially in desperate need of your prayers.”. Election results on Tuesday showed GOP candidates winning majorities in the 50-seat Senate and 120-seat House so the party could extend control for another two years and retain their conservative policy agenda. I always knew I wasn’t a nine-to-five person. LD: Democrats had been on a multimillion-dollar spending push to win several additional seats in each chamber and flip power. but I lived in Michigan a lot. That was the stuff I used to play, in the late ’70s, early ’80s. From Survival Servers. K: LD: I am numb..... Our whole family is devastated and I pray for their remaining siblings. MORRESVILLE, N.C. (AP) — The daughter of a radio show host in North Carolina has died in a car crash. A Baltimore Photographer Once Captured John Lennon and Yoko Ono at The Dakota: Hampden Woman Searches for Beloved ‘Bawlmer’ Vanity License Plate. These two girls came up after the service and told me how they grew up—their mom was a drug addict and an alcoholic—and they said, ‘You were . I love the passion of the business. You get so many unique opportunities. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. LD: This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

called Reading is Fundamental. K: My dad was serious, like ‘Listen, you gotta do it.’. The only names making money in rock are the Fleetwood Macs, the Queens, and Billy Joels. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. That’s the beauty of it. . So when I talk to them, I explain the ups and downs they may go It’s Election Day. a big church. LD: To bring up the console, you will need to press the tilde key "~" on your keyboard. As most of you know, I lost a daughter to a hit and run this past February. Cannon’s father, David Cannon, is known as Ace in “Ace & TJ,” a syndicated morning radio show that airs in Charlotte. It’s so different from anything else I could be doing. Jo Smail’s Visual Poetry Transforms Loss Into Joy, Loyola Professor’s Piece Featured in ‘Best American Short Stories 2020’, Culture Club: Everyman Returns, Super City Hits the Virtual Stage, and News from the BMA, Baltimore's Fascinating Relationship With Andy Warhol, The BMA Deaccessioning Scandal, Explained. K: K: You want to be relevant. . LD: LD: It’s got more of a community feel.

We weren’t there long.

“Our show has experienced a heart-wrenching blow,” the show posted on Facebook Wednesday.

feeling that I got was just: This is what I want to do. distance.

I still listen to them. You know, Radio is about serving the community, disseminating information, and having It is fun.

It’s a fun job. My first check was $269 every two weeks. Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription.

It ages well, because people of all ages like country. She’s from Baltimore. Baltimore was much more engaging, more neighborhood-y. You want to be the one to say when you’re ready. He can later be found at the tavern … The guy who owned the station—this was back when individuals owned them, which doesn’t happen much anymore—got in financial trouble. K:

I always get it mixed up with my first house payment. coming up, like Taylor Swift, and they just fit right in.