At the end of the second wave of lasers two will be blue so you will need to dodge roll. If you are having a hard time either use a link to survive or watch the video below to figure out the correct timing for each guard or dodge. The Premium Menu consists of the Fast Pass and Black Code options. ├ How to Obtain Oblivion and Oathkeeper Merits are 9 optional challenges which can done either during a new playthrough by choosing the easy adventure option during the game's tutorial or after defeating the secret boss which unlocks both EZ and Pro Codes. └ Permanent Choices, ■ Basic Features When he charges up his blade, your max HP will be reduced for 30 seconds if you get hit. No matter how crazy it seems at first keep at it and you will get him.

By dealing damage to him he will eventually go berserk, everytime he slams the ground you need to dodge the shockwaves created by his weapon.

Larxene will attack you immediately so you need to block or dodge until she jumps in the air. After the 4 dashes he will spawn red pillars each time so dodge roll away. When he uses his DM you need to block the shadows and dodge the lasers. As with most armor in Kingdom Hearts, Donald Duck's staffs can be upgraded by use of item synthesis. ├ Keyblade Graveyard Climb to the top of the tower and the game will notify you that the challenge has started. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Below is a list of options under Pro Code.

However, Defense boosts from equipment are still applied. When he places the two orbs on your left and right time your guard and dodge roll after in order to not get caught. Avoid attacking the Schwarzgeist as much as possible while staying alive. Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind If he surrounds himself with lasers you can block them if he gets close though he isn't open to counter attacks like the story fight.

Immediately guard again, use a counter to avoid taking damage from her drop down attack and dodge roll around to avoid the lightning shockwaves.

If he teleports block and use risk dodge, if he doesn't use airstep to attack him as he falls. └ Items └ Roxas, ■ World List ├ Maleficent ├ Arendelle

├ Kairi ├ Difficulty Settings Block it 3 times and then use risk dodge for an opening. Forms aren't affected by this and items like elixirs restore your HP to normal. A new mechanic is introduced in the last two fights - total HP reduction.

Young Xehanort will always start the fight with two quick dashes and will attack on the third one. He will keep using dark barrier as he is dodging your attacks and retaliate with a small explosion if you attack the barrier itself.

He can also teleport around the arena and attack you with his keyblade. ├ Link Summons Fast Pass EZ Code options provide tweaks to make the game easier. Best Equipment - Top Armor, Accessory, & Weapon List. You can use the Repair Kit special weapon to restore your ship's health if it gets low. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Square Enix has released the first major post-launch update for Kingdom Hearts III, bringing the anticipated Critical Mode difficulty option to the game, … ├ Riku However, MP Regen does not activate while recharging MP. If he uses the dark slashes block the first one and use counter kick to attack him. ├ Data Larxene When he has about half of his health left he will start his DM which can't be blocked, dodge roll around the arena and keep an eye on him. Enemy attacks are automatically blocked.

├ Kairi Hit him with fire once so he gets staggered and vulnerable.

These are passive abilities you get depending on what you choose. (main story) when you load your save file. Kupo coins in your possession have no effect. Clear the Schwarzgeist in Misty Stream with an A rank! During battle, your whole team cannot use items. From the Main Menu go to Downloadable Content and choose Re Mind. If he says ''pay attention'' block the attack to get another chance to deal damage. For the second DM block the projectiles and then dodge diagonally as each orb comes towards you. The required score for A rank is 365,000 points so keep that in mind as you are progressing. ├ Twilight Town ├ Sora

Keep blocking his attacks and prepare for the third wave of lasers. Re Mind—The other tale that unfolded during the climax of Kingdom Hearts III. ■ ReMind Story Walkthrough Your Focus Gauge automatically recharges. Journal. At the end of the third combo guard and then use a counter to gain an opening. The more cards you block the less will be on the floor for the mini games.

The only added attack are the icicles which you need to be careful of. During the second half of the fight you will need to block everything instead because he isn't vulnerable after the combo. When you reach 1 million score you will receive your A rank and you can finish off the boss.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Magic is very strong in the game so I generally pick Wisdom. ├ Collecting More than 111 of Sora’s Selves It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. ├ San Fransokyo When he throws his weapon around the arena he will teleport above you and then slam the ground, dodge roll through the attack. January 27, 2020 Customize Donald, Goofy, Woody, and Buzz to "Hands off" combat style. When he attacks you directly along with two lasers you can dodge them and attack him since he will be open again. What you need to keep in mind is to not touch the left stick at all if you need to land before climbing a wall. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Your whole team’s HP automatically regenerates. Her DM starts with a huge explosion in the middle of the arena and she will charge you immediately after.