O��!ds��xX?�j��2hMP����,,���H3�-K00�|Ҍ@� � QIT Trippe, a former navy pilot, had shown early interest in passenger aviation with an aborted attempted to start a charter service for … If an earthquake or a hurricane occurred in Latin America, Pan Am was quickly on the scene, helping to remove refugees and providing emergency supplies. Juan Terry Trippe, founder of Pan American World Airways, video biography for his induction into the Aviation Hall of Fame in 1970. In 41 years as the operating head of the company, Mr. Trippe was the guiding force in expanding a single 90-mile route between Key West, Fla., and Havana into a global network of 80,000 air miles linking the United States with 85 countries. [��-�>@$$�� *^FQ>#��i �8c�].ےH ݧ�O��O�|���޼�������vŴ����i��댶�7K:���N7Ͷ�o�M���˔��� b�q�~M�0O��x�\�J~1�՟�m��GI�(��%a��" W��,Ǘ�,\�S�2���i4�E��ƽ@�ɐ�*�Pa&k�V� �~�rNxL�]-t��9����� Email.

Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. He was a perpetrator of wild schemes, energetic and hardworking, an enthusiastic family sailor, a lover of golf, skiing, and football, and a loyal and generous family man. 0000002401 00000 n l����}��>�w����ͦ��6����)��cY�l�-�y����o*�s��l~���YQ�$�NK���N�����Y���m�>TJj{�S��=��/�=ї�6;z��1Yf��'�L�l����pǗ��`�G���/��B�}6���[�i�L'��v*�g3Ѹ?лg-;�����|�-W%R�li���x�&����F�J�����


TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. This went over like a lead balloon in the industry, where air fares were fixed by a cartel, the International Air Transport Association; it didn't want to hear about the tourist class. In May 1954, Pan Am introduced the idea of selling tickets for overseas flights on an installment basis.

He went on, four years later, to lead in the creation of Pan Am. Finally, in 1952, Trippe's relentless attacks on the I.A.T.A. 0000004819 00000 n )�3f��� He almost single-handedly built a world airline, Pan American, but often acted as if he owned the world. The one in front, flat-topped and clear, was where he received visitors. The SSL certificate presented by the server did not pass validation. �g��$eL2��e�\�@�t���Ys{̮�+ǶG�tH\d|�5��#"Va}����W��G��ҿ_�}�z�'�ڦ�[~j�7T�M���od�i�����F���N��[��S9���@��7f�T�����{�:k^�Í��Ϧ^n����1ӷ�I���9��A)�#F,� !�S��y�2����'�1��pZ��_�"�7�|�Z�Mۥ! In the postwar period, Mr. Trippe championed the principle of lowcost air travel. 0000000932 00000 n By business school standards, Juan Trippe was not a model chief executive. He was a talented diplomat. For millions of others, it was just a dream or a once-in-a-lifetime binge. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 2 Aspects of Personality. Mr. Trippe had two temperaments. Small local lines were absorbed, and, where required, wholly owned subsidiaries were organized. 2. Jeffrey Garten Net Worth. �L�\�I�2&�̲����� {(�|Ϧ���d�-˛��!�����D��4�B{�������>����ޓ�rc�v�s�'��_�|m;��X/_):JG]�h�9~��N���f�j�[Ӭ,c*��l4:����R#��PVW|�z��)!_�*,h��u1��:�]�#��W���J9�����Y GO@�J����@'��@iC?g�I c@�4F11v�ੵ�Z{��K��u�ͅ�H;j�U�Уi�&%�#��(��sl�����zVM{P;��(��Xd���`m�" ߷OiNt�uU�Z��vQT�G{�>Q��/�kc��79(���EF��iN��b����U�K��g�y+ �S.�7��8��[��+BZ?������W�R[ M>v��n吋�� �3�H��i�d�6��T��ij3�s.�='!���6U��&�j\Ю\9�PwZ���h$�g�� Pm��`!m���^�� a��pN7��4 ( Log Out / 

He could be cool and withdrawn, or affable and sunny. Incredibly, Britain closed its airports to Pan Am flights that had tourist seats. 0 He had four children with his wife Elizabeth Stettinius. Formed New Company. Planes fascinated him, though. 0000002158 00000 n That December, he joined the Navy. Dana Trippe’s net worth. Performance & security by Cloudflare. He enjoyed being a board member at The Westport Land Conservation Trust and The Pan Am Historical Foundation.

}}%��m�M]��А�7F�x�O���uI�� "�f��{�1�6�E���۹ He also had a vision that would change it, at least as regards airline travel. Having stood on the very spots that are thought to be the final resting places of the passengers and crew of the Hawaii Clipper, I knew I was on to something. He was also the managing director of Lehman Brothers. ��R�E7��������hߜtd�-��(��Tyπ��"�����'t���cJ�/�2Y?���ȗS쪑k����\��m7 �o�~sѡ��Q%���_ ���� What characterized Trippe thereafter was an uncanny ability to pace his airline's growth with the range of the airliner as it slowly evolved: first crawling from island to island across the Caribbean and into Mexico, then extending to Central and South America. Mr. Trippe returned to Yale and received a degree in 1922. Click to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. ( Log Out /  [�H�uwB Mr. Trippe later received the Medal of Merit from the Secretary of War.