From every corner of your room, Sunshine melts the winter snow This poem has not been translated into any other language yet. To keep us warm from time to time, We’ve found a place we call Sunshine . The hope of finding them sustains life... As ever, pithy and sweet! Dear God be praised! The rising moon is so close to the earth, you can just extend your hand to reach and hold it in your hands. A sultry day ends and dusk falls with moon rising on the horizon, very beautiful, Great imagery and free flowing words makes this poem wonderful. . I'm tired . That we enjoy here at Sunshine. Instead of surrendering oneself completely to darkness, it is always better to seek for beacons of light in the dark....! . If I could hold time I would try to hold the day You told me you are mine I would never let it go away If I could hold time I would hold all the pleasant days And forget the ones that brought delays I would hold tight With all my might And never forget the very sight Though it's still a fight But it's just alright Though it seems a crime I wouldn't care a dime "XFor weeks, for months I have not seen the sun;The minatory dawns are leprous pale;The felon days malinger one by one;How like a dream Life is! "There in the cabin's alcove low she lies,Still candles gleaming at her head and feet;All snow-drop white, ash-cold, with closed eyes,Lips smiling, hands at rest -- O God, how sweet!How all unutterably sweet she seems. What sunshine is to flowers is what you are to me. in yon mountain cleft a radiance shines,Gleam of a primrose -- see it thrill, expand,Grow glorious. there she stands, the angel of my dreams,All in the radiant shimmer aureoled;First as I saw her from my bed of pain;First as I loved her when the darkness passed.Now do I know that Life is not in vain;Now do I know God cares, at last, at last!Light outlives dark, joy grief, and Love's the sum:Heart of my heart! The light slowly pales into evening mist We’ve found a place we call Sunshine … to die! I wrote comments and deleted more than once. . A beautiful poem written by one of our lovely members about Sunshine Adult Day Care. Desire of cold and soothing light is a lovely desire to recreate the heat and soul. If I could … Even I have had such thoughts. . Well time was running very short My spell to tell I love you Was very long. If I Could Hold The Moon Poem by Nosheen Irfan - Poem Hunter. An 10+. Sunshine chases away the gloom From every corner of your room. I stared once more.

A wonderful poem. It’s where we spend a lot of time God blessed us with this Sunshine To keep us warm from time to time. Sunshine sweeps the clouds away Sunshine brightens up the day. . . I couldn't hold on your hands. "Sunshine," I faltered, "stay with me, oh, stay! The day camouflages as the sunshine Oh, fainWould I see the sun again!Oh, to see a coral dawnGladden to a crocus glow!Day's a spectre dim and wan,Dancing on the furtive snow;Night's a cloud upon my brain:Oh, to see the sun again!You who find us in this place,Have you pity in your breast;Let us in our last embrace,Under earth sun-hallowed rest.Night's a claw upon my brain:Oh, to see the sun again!XVThe Sun! Another Beautiful poem from you. You changed my life for I could not proceed with my journey without you.

I couldn't hold on your hands.

Enjoyed reading. Could it be the sun?

Read poems about / on: sunshine, sun, angel, night, silence, god, strength, dream, snow, death, pain, kiss, howl, sad, sky, rose, house, fear, joy, light, Sunshine Poem by Robert William Service - Poem Hunter. how vain! it did seem her eyes were open wide.Surely I must have dreamed! All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). . Hi Nosheen, lovely style and expression. . If I could hold the moon in my fist! I am short of words.

Long had I lainGroping my way to life through fevered gloom.Sudden the cloud of darkness left my brain;A velvet bar of sunshine pierced the room,And in that mellow glory aureoledShe stood, she stood, all golden in its gold.Sunshine! .Not dead, not dead indeed -- she dreams, she dreams.II"Sunshine", I called her, and she brought, I vow,God's blessed sunshine to this life of mine.I was a rover, of the breed who ploughLife's furrow in a far-flung, lonely line;The wilderness my home, my fortune castIn a wild land of dearth, barbaric, vast.When did I see her first?