In response to a suggestion that the full recovery could happen in a few more years without a storm she said, “Gosh, keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Frederic came to call.

Tonya Smith was 8 years old when Hurricane Frederic made landfall on Sept. 12, 1979.

“Likewise, I actually got a job out here (Gulf Islands National Seashore) to rebuild the dunes with the Young Adult Conservation Corps. Hurricane

Our normal family of four (mom, dad and brother) turned into a family of eleven for the night. the historic Mobile City Hall suffered during Frederic's rampage through Alabama.

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(Photo courtesy NOAA/1979. Melanie PetithoryOur little family of three moved into our brand-new house the weekend of Sept. 8. CONDITIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. Yeah, that would be great.”. On the night of Sept. 12, Frederic's eye was headed straight toward Dauphin Island. with gusts to 150-mph, just prior to landfall on the Alabama coast. Several Terry Preston family member standing in front of large dunes on Pensacola Beach before they were flattened by Hurricane Frederic in 1979. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Officially, according to the National Hurricane Center, Frederic was a Category 3 at landfall with winds of 115 knots (or about 132 mph).

(Photo courtesy NOAA/1979.

Hurricane Frederic description, photos, and map of this past storm of 1979. The blue roof, center of the photo, marks her home.

Overall damage from Frederic topped $2 billion, including $1.7 billion in the United States. Frederic hammered southern Alabama with the severest hurricane conditions in modern times. recorded wind gusts to 127-mph. Hurricane Frederic produced extensive damage in Gulf Shores. Roof was on, but no shingles. “I’ve been an owner out here since 1979; lived here for a year or two and then got married and moved away,” said resident Terry Preston. METEOROLOGICAL

m_gallery_permalink = ""; This was somewhat of a shock to many residents Shelby Lakes) was nearly complete. An official quoted in an article from the Pensacola News/Journal 40 years ago, said all structures on the island would have suffered far greater devastation without the protection of the dunes. “Well, some of my memories of coming out here would be driving down to the end of Santa Rosa Island into the Fort Pickens area,” said Mike Aymond, a retired National Park Service ranger. “It was not nearly as developed as it is now.

It was the first hurricane to strike the Mobile area since 1932.

“Maybe another three to four feet of dune, we’ll be back to where we were,” she projected. All rights reserved (About Us). Main coastal highway - Gulf Shores, Alabama the morning after Hurricane Frederic.

This is a cul de sac and there were only a few houses were occupied.We stayed in the house, bringing the baby mattress into our room and listening to the howling wind. looked as if a tidal wave had swept over the island.

There were oaks of various sizes in the neighborhood and all the leaves were torn from the trees, chewed up and spit on the house. North America Travel.

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The weather service said hurricane-force winds were felt as far inland as Choctaw County early on Sept. 13. Here is Frederic just before it made landfall late on Sept. 12, 1979. The Pensacola area recorded 96 mile-an-hour winds and storm surge as high as 15 feet. Although Dauphin Island, off the Alabama coast. My in-laws from Selma bought new garbage cans (one for each of their sons), filled them full of water and brought them down. The gulf winds are blustering the day we meet at Park West on Ft. Pickens Road to discuss the 1979 hurricane.

After Hurricane Frederic, dunes were flattened on the western end of Santa Rosa Island. On Gulf Shores, 80 % of the structures were completely WKRG-TV5 produced a ten-year retrospective titled, “Hurricane Frederic: A Night to Remember.”, The narrator describes the aftermath, “September 13, the fury of Hurricane Frederic has left a path of destruction 250 miles wide and 150 miles deep.

intense. Frederic’s lowest pressure was 943 millibars, or 27.85 inches.

Some parts of Mobile County were without power for five weeks, according to the weather service.

At 10:00 pm (Photo courtesy CNA/1979). The dunes on the Gulf behind Terry Preston’s house, which is now on pilings (thanks to Ivan), measured about 10 feet.

in the immediate landfall area - having 50% or greater roof damage.

Sherecounts watching the approach of Hurricane Frederic on television, while on anchored on a ship in Galveston, Texas.

Frederic made landfall just before 10 p.m. on Sept. 12, 1979, on Dauphin Island, with winds near 130 mph (115 knots).

He had moved one of our cars by the window to his radio room.

However, in 2012 the scale was changed, and part of that change led to 115 knots being a categorized as a Category 4 hurricane. (Courtesy Tonya Smith). barometric pressure had fallen to 27.84 inches (943 mb). Hurricane Frederic description, photos, and map of this past storm of 1979.

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Melanie Petithory and her family moved into their new home just days before Hurricane Frederic made landfall on Sept. 12, 1979. Everyone was told to boil any water they used. If someone had something that others did not, they shared it. “We moved back when we rebuilt our house after Ivan.”. “We were the last neighborhood on the beach,” said Preston.

As noted by Aymond, dune restoration began right after Frederic. Gulf Shores found itself just to the east

Frederic originated from an area of disturbed weather in the far eastern Atlantic The Dauphin Island Sea Lab recorded It was the first hurricane to strike the Mobile area since 1932. It adding to the cost to have the house washed from all the leaves and debris.

had doubled. The State of Alabama Storm surge damage stretched for 80 miles along the coast. That’s because the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, which is used to categorize storms, was retooled a bit in 2012.

Frederic produced a storm surge of 12-15 feet along the coast and 8-10 feet in northern Mobile Bay, doing extensive damage, according to the weather service.