of the chain fall towards the platen.

preclude the machine manufacturers instructions. across the lower tie bars at this point.

32. More durable than less expensive, case-hardened clamps. Inspect the press and surrounding area including auxiliary equipment. Are the clamps, bolts, adjusting The bolts should be tightened using a torque wrench, To avoid The clamp bolt should always be closer to the toe than the heel. Check that the crane can adequately lift the mold over the machine’s tiebars.

DGMF MOLD CLAMPS CO., … Initiate the injection process with an injection button or other command (machines differ).

| Hose & Fittings | Molding Accessories  The clamp is slotted for linear adjustment. 27. 13 - Adjust settings for proper ejection. Stone flush if necessary. An air shot consists If there are Open toe style:.........................Extra Check that the clamp bolts are the correct length. Activate the screw rotation until fresh material is brought to the front of 31. The mold is moved quickly and easily, and clamped into the right position every time. d. If the bolt is closer to the heel end than the toe end, switch to a longer clamp. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: It then heats the mold and the material to be cast. condition? Some molders use bluing ink and place it on the nozzle tip to see where it leaves a smudge when pushed against the sprue bushing. 26. [http://www.plastictroubleshooter.com/ThePlasticTroubleshooter/Includes/bottomdata.htm]. b. Knowledge about Injection Mold, Die Casting Mold, Stamping Mold, Injection Molding. Are you setting clamp tonnage based on the mold or the machine? It then heats the mold and the material to be cast. The mold should be mounted with at least 1 clamp in each of the 4 which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold.

a. This is normally a dimension that Mold clamps are offered in a Waiting for you to follow us in these SNS, thank you.

screws, or washers bent or cracked? 8. How much torque is to be placed on 26 - Open the mold and bring the clamp unit to a full open position.

This ensures that the mold is Now, continue moving the clamp unit forward until it touches the mold base. Mold Clamp Bodies.

How many clamps do you need to hold 7. Place clamping bolt as close to mold to obtain the maximum mold holding pressure, adjust clamp to parallel, meaning in a straight parallel line with platen and mold slot and not at an angle. a.

a. ejection is located on the "B" half). SERVICES

The angle of direction should be minimal and can be such that the clamp heel is Historically the injuries from injection molding machines have included crushing during the cycle of the machine, burns, slips, trips and falls due to oil or plastic pellets on the walking surfaces. This would normally be a minimum of approximately 2 times the Move the hoist out of the molding area.

You want the pressure of the bolt acting on the toe—not the heel (see Fig. 2. Made of long lasting through-hardened steel. Inspect the press and surrounding area

John Bozzelli is the founder of Injection Molding Solutions (Scientific Molding) in Midland, Mich., a provider of training and consulting services to injection molders, including LIMS, and other specialties. Molding Accessories | SDS Sheets Doing this easily and safely — while being able to compete in the global market — requires the introduction of single setup or a mold clamping system. the machine and SLOWLY jog the clamp unit open under low pressure, watching for any Do not let the edges or corners of the mold hit the platens or tiebars. Platen tilt will be the subject of a future article. sales@servicesforplastics.com | Open the mold and advance the ejector plate, if needed, to gain access to the back of the knockout rods. If a different material or All rights reserved. involved in the “Mold Set Procedure”. for this information. Have you reviewed the clamp manufacture’s information for proper installation? They have a heightened respect for their safety, as well as the safety of others, and for the molds, machines, and equipment they work with. Closed toe style:.......................Extra Heavy Duty (with swivel-base

variety of styles and sizes, we can provide whatever your needs may be.

Dress accordingly. a. 34.

28 - Close the safety gate to initiate the first cycle. with 5/8" bolts requiring approximately 150 ft.lbs. 21 - The injection screw should have been left in the forward position of the barrel Lower the chain hoist slightly to remove any tension. Site Map  |  requiring approximately 200 ft.lbs. Machine shops can be dangerous, and safety attire should be worn. The screw rotation will stop once the screw returns to the set point. nut (over a washer) should be turned and not the bolt's head. line.

Injection molding is used in automotive, aerospace, ship-making and even jewelry fabrication. (with

Keep your fingers away from the chain links.

It should stay in that position while preparing material A Quote | Clamps must be set parallel to press which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold. Make sure ejector bars are the correct length, the same length, that they are straight, and the threads are in good condition. Set the die height to the pre-established clamp pressure. If the clamp pressure has not been established yet, use a high pressure value for large molds or large parts, and a medium pressure value for small molds or small parts. Open toe style:.........................Heavy Duty (with swivel-base adjusting screw) To properly calculate necessary clamp tonnage, you must first know the projected area of the molded part/s plus any runners. (We Are clamps evenly spaced? Request

Five industry pros with more than 200 years of combined molding experience provide step-by-step best practices on mounting a mold in a horizontal injection molding machine.

HERE 4. the material that was brought forward enough time to absorb heat from the cylinder This c. If the mold is excessively small, catastrophic damage to the platen can occur. Index  - Injection cylinder empty and screw forward 1

e. It is acceptable for the clamp to be parallel with the platen, but it is preferred that the heel end of the clamp be slightly farther from the platen than the toe end. ), the friction is reduced and greater preload is produced with the same torque. The pressures and feeds should be set such that a Lift the mold up over the tiebars and lower it into the molding area. The injection nozzle on the machine must be aligned with the mold cavity. a. Ensure the safety strap is in the correct position and in good condition. | Online 11 - Recheck each and every clamp on both halves to make sure they are all tight. 15.

broken springs or other obvious damage. pressure, holding pressure, cushion distance, cooling time, mold open and close settings, at an angle. Mold Clamps. together on a single line, but attach separate "In" and "Out" lines

adjusting screw) Pascal Corporation. Call Today! should be adequate for part removal. It is a good idea to have a thick metal plate placed After leveling, the "A" half of the mold

- Proper material available and dried On occasion you might hear the leader pins hit the bushings when you slowly close the mold. 35. 25. With your hand on the side or top edge of the mold, guide it into the machine and engage the locating ring into the alignment hole in the fixed platen. Place fresh, dry material in the hopper. Are the holes in the platen in good condition?

Helping You Improve Plastic Parts Production. Ideally, the mold clamp should be square with the mold and the toe of the clamp be fully engaged in the slot. Copyright 1997 - 2019.

Check the size and condition of the nozzle seat. 1 - Make sure that the mold has a connecting strap installed.

Closed toe style:.......................Extra The plate will act as a safety catch in case the Bolts for clamps must be correct in

Manufactured from 12L14 Tool Steel, carbonized for hardness.

13. Products for the Plastics Molding Industry, Home | Request a Quote | Place an Order | Product Index | On-line Catalog   a. The adjustment allows the clamping bolt to Ideally, the mold clamp should be square with the mold and the toe of the clamp be fully engaged in the slot. Clamps must be set parallel to press which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold. 4 - Lower the mold from the top of the machine (or slide it in from the side) using a hazards? Advance the moving platen until it is 4 to 6 in. 23 - With the sled still in the back position, take 3 air shots. Repeat this step until the part comes out full and as desired. If not acceptable, determine remedy and reset. Are the clamps, bolts, adjusting screws, or washers bent or cracked?

The proper He has 40 years of injection molding experience – starting out as a machine operator. installed. Mold Installation. Clamps must be set parallel to press Close the mold and turn off the

1). Machined mold clamps farther than necessary because of the additional time required to do so. - Mold temperature controllers operable Suggested Torque Settings in foot pounds. forward until the nozzle seats against the sprue bushing of the closed mold. is ready to clamp in place. b.

If the bolts are not lubricated, 85% of the torque is used to overcome friction and only 15% is available to produce bolt load. clamping pressure on the mold itself. If the mold is installed incorrectly the final product can be ruined. Bring the moving platen up to within 1/4" to 1/2" of the Only use shouldered eyebolts, or preferably, swivel-type hoist rings. slides, or other actions, in the mold, make sure they are still properly engaged upon full Also note that for safety reasons, the general procedure outlined here requires the pump to be turned on and off repeatedly. Changing molds in a traditional system can be time-consuming, laborious and dangerous.

described for fully open. #universalviews #moldclamps #clamp #clamps #clamping #clampingelements #clampingtools #dgmfmoldclamps #dgmfmoldcomponents #dgblissjewelry #ctrfantennas #injectionmolding #engineering #moldclamp #zydmoldclamps #injections #mold #moldmaking #componentes #part #parts #metal #engineer … Another way to check is simply mold a few parts and closely inspect the runner system sprue to make sure the nozzle opening is centered in the sprue opening. Blow air through the

This may require adjusting limit switches or settings. Use safety cones, barrier tape, or other preventive measures. 36. I am trying to create a torque value for bolting an injection mold to the press platens. swivel-base adjusting screw). that point. If the mold 24 - Set all limits for injection and cycle. Using the axial load calculator with that weight, 1"-8 threads (4.5" length, 2.5" of thread, 1.5" of thread engagement minimum into press platen, grade 5 or 8 bolts), mold dimensions of 44.75" x 42" x 80". 3. The smaller the mold, the more the platens will “wrap around” or bow when clamped under high pressure. Torque the clamp bolts on both the fixed and moving platens to the appropriate value (see Table 2). To correct the problem, the mold half attached to the moving platen should be “re-hung” with a slight amount of lift or pre-load from the hoist.

information for bolts.


Once the nozzle is correctly centered you may move to the next step. What started out as a routine request from one Plastics Technology columnist to another to review a draft for an upcoming article led to five highly experienced industry professionals collaborating to create this article about something virtually every molder does every day—sometimes many times a day—mounting a mold in a press. The chain fall should be connected such that the mold tilts slightly at the top.

Copyright 1997-2017 Services For Plastics, Inc. All rights reserved. You want the pressure of the bolt acting on the toe—not the heel (see Fig. an hour to properly come to preset temperatures and soak.