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your storage device to your new computer. any shape or form without the express written consent of Harbor Freight Tools. I have wasted so much time on this thing.

Also make sure you have the recording schedule set to record motion for the time of day that you are interested in (or all the time as I do). Pretty much every system consists of a set of cameras and a DVR box that serves as the user interface for managing the entire system, as well as storing all of the video footage that gets recorded. I have the wired cobra system 8 channel , I would like to add a 360 or 180 dome camera wired. a) Click on the following link or enter it into your Perhaps this will help someone. I use the RXCamViewer app and recently had a problem connecting to my Cobra DVR.

Check the events you want (like the event where they break into your car) and hit the button to save them..then select's quirky.. You can dload the firmware zip file offa the HF page..

Then, when I wake up it is not connected on my cell phone and says the usual “connect close”. Now everything is automatic. As for deleting recordings, this should be handled automatically for recordings on your Cobra. Once you are on Play mode, change from the menu that says General, to the option that says Smart. Do you happen to have the version numbers that you tried (before and after). Anyone else notice this? Do you see the main menu or any camera images on the screen after the system initializing message? Wireless Surveillance System 4 Channel with 2 Cameras. This all started after the cable company came out to fix a tv scrabbling problem that they DID NOT fix and now my security cameras no longer work! I can't find anything online or in the manual about it. take it to the new computer.

Why do you want to disable night vision? My system is completely hard lined to my router at home. Or is there a setting change that can be made. Has anyone ever got the Cobra to stream video reliably? Can't get anything to show on screen, do I have to download software. (My list of servers shows 5 options). COBRA Administration Managers' folder to the desired location on the network and redirect your short-cut to point to Internet Browser's Address bar.

I don't intend for this to be a review - you can do that more effectively at the Harbor Freight web site. The base unit does support the feature, but without support in the camera, it's of no use unless you supply cameras that support the feature. i need to purchase just the DVR, the one i have currently crapped out, where can i just buy the DVR part and not the cameras.

please call 1-888-866-5797 as soon as possible.

After picking out the update from the zip file and tranfering it to my usb thumb drive i updated it and the zoom feature worked great. Write down all the login and server information. This information assumes that you are currently running version 12.0 or higher. Maybe that would cause the error message to go away. COBRA Administration Managers' folder to the desired location on the network and redirect your short-cut to point to

The manual doesn't describe this in great detail, but try playing with the feature.

Once the install has been completed, be sure that any user that needs access to the COBRA Administration Manager double clicking the new shortcut found on your desktop to complete the However the monitor shows NO HDD. VGA monitors typically support several different resolutions.

I would guess you can..maybe dig into the events menu..otherwise it'll get overwritten in a week or so..Dunno about phone..haven't tried that. 1)  Find where your current COBRA Administration Manager is located. Pickup is very good, picks up 25 feet to the street. The fix was simple. I do have an IP camera on my network and the Cobra DVR does not detect it in any way, so unless there is some secret setup option to do this, I'm going to say 'no'. c) Close Windows Explorer and return to your desktop 2) I’ve tried connecting to my Dropbox app, but then I get a request from iexplorer for using Ed name and password. The camera now works! Now my camera's and cobra are working. Any tips to resolve would be AMAZING. Administration Manager folder and find the "COBRA.EXE" application. b) Right click on the file and choose "Send To" from If you find it really annoying, I suppose that you could reformat the HDD. Once the installation is complete you can begin using Without remote viewing it's nearly useless. There is a RCA jack on the back of the COBRA DVR, and once I enabled audio in the. I have been using "IP Cam Viewer Lite" on my phone. ii) If a network is not available, copy the folder to an external storage device and to the new computer. I have sent numerous emails with no answer.

I have figured out the password reset for the 63890 unit put in admin as user name it will say user doesn't exsist just make that box go away and still having admin as the user put in the password 511470 , wal la access to the unit, That didn't work for me buddy just keeps saying user don't exist everytime I click log in, I can't figure this out eithe . Only issue I have is the sound cuts in and out on HD quality monitoring on my android phone. How do you turn off the dvr?

3)  Create a shortcut to your COBRA This information assumes that you are currently running version 12.0 or higher. a) Double click on the new shortcut located on your I have had my Cobra 63890 for about one year and love it.

One thing to consider is that off-the-shelf Ethernet to WiFi adapters would probably need to be configured while connected to a PC.

I haven't tried this yet, but it would appear that you just have to shutdown, swap in the new drive, then power back up and go into the Device Menu and select Format HDD. Once the installation is complete you can begin using Configuration requires a Dynamic DNS as before and forwarding of port 9000 in your router to the DVR's local IP address. So once you have that set up, you reconfigure RXCamView to connect to your DDNS NAME (not IP address number).

have to re enter passwor after selecting zoom or normal. The cameras have no video and the screen says "NO HDD".

What is the HF page???????? Mine did the same thing. Write the product's serial number in the. I just keep getting the spinning blue circle. The DVR has four audio input jacks, but there are eight camera But before you do that, you should try this from inside your network.

a file called "DFINFO32.OCX" or some other "OCX" or "DLL", you will need to

At this point the COBRA Administration Manager should Thanks. I was a bit wary of using something other than the play store, but I did check the app with Virus Total web site and it came up clean. If you are mechanically/electrically minded, you could probably alter the camera's operation by disassembling the camera and disconnecting the IR LEDs. endobj Why would you put an incomplete statement on here of where to download the software/firmware? Due to continuing. I have a similar issue. No body is available. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated. for your "Desktop" and then click the "Save" button.

c) From the "Save as" dialog box, click on the icon have. b) From the "Shortcut" tab, find the "Target" location and write it down (e.g. I haven't done anything different, haven't even touched the system in days! Now, i recently bought same system for a buddy and set it up for him.

Once you get access via your LAN, then you can work on setting up WAN so you can get access from the outside world. The mobile app will not connect. Perhaps a bad hard drive. I got the system work after port forwarding the router and changing the public IP. download and install the Windows System Files. Schedule a Demonstration. This is good for PTZ which some do support. Thank you in advance.

If you want to access the DVR from outside of your network, like when traveling, then you will need to find the address that your internet provider assigned to your router (which might change) or set up dynamic DNS that will track any changes to that address. finished.

i) If both computers are connected through a network connection. It has a night vision of 5 metres.

Media Player Classic recognized that the .MP4 file had an audio track, but it didn't recognize the aLaw codec used. Click the Play icon, and you can preview the clip.

Please help me. Also how do I download it on my computer screen. They notify me of branches from plants moving, bugs flying around, and cars that drive up in my drive way, but that’s it. How can I view it on my android phone I have the app but can't figure out how to set it up on my phone. install. stream

I need help with resetting my password. It was a system IP address issue. Can you delete recordings on the DVR? Keep this manual for the safety warnings and precautions, assembly, Visit our website at: It's very annoying. 8 channel surveillance dvr with 4 hd cameras with mobile monitoring capabilities, Security System Cobra 63890 Owner's Manual & Safety Instructions, Security Camera Cobra 63890 Quick Start Manual, DVR Cobra Deluxe series User Manual, DVR Cobra CDR 810 Product Manual. files to be downloaded and then click ‘Next’ to proceed. no one has helped moe now!! I have a hard wired system and FiOS running at 100Mbps (up and down) and it still drops a lot of frames - even using WiFi inside my house. the COBRA Administration Manager software. Administration Manager (from step 1). Any tips? 2 0 obj

I setup the cameras individually as:Make: Generic URLModel: Generic RTSP over TCPURL: rtsp:// do this for each channel that I need)If your home IP address doesn't change You can use your IP address instead of that you see aboveFor this to work I have created a dynamic domain at and use the domain name that I chose (not the one you see above). endobj

I found building a small elec. Rebooted the system and tried other apps and all I get is the spinning circle icon instead of the live image. Are you connecting with a fixed IP address or using a Dynamic DNS? My guess is that the DVR is confused as to what type of camera you have. Sales: 800.325.1957       Support: 480.831.6078, Installing to a server or other drive on your network,

Hence, plan and draft a chart of camera placement to ensure …