For brand new machines produced by a totally new concern, there were remarkably few early problems. EMAILS ARE NEVER SHARED. The USA variant is used mainly in the Americas with the European variant being used for the rest of the world. Month prefixes as for 1969 to 1980 but year prefix now gets additional letter. On very early models, it can all be changed without an engine strip. TSXs have their own prefix. At the same time as production capacity increased, Bloor established a new network of export distributors. No normal human beings (except some TT visiting Germans) are that tall. At the height of the blaze, over 100 firefighters with 30 vehicles were tackling the fire. That mean my other was imported after sale in the UK? Speed Triple. Tyre wear depends on the right wrist to a large degree.

An excellent compromise between the Trophy and a sportier bike. Engine numbers are just that, numbers, and don't match the VIN. Manufacturing in Triumph’s Meriden factory was quite different to today… How big is the UK market for Triumph? Same suspension and brakes as the Trophies. The USA variant is used mainly in the Americas with the European variant being used for the rest of the world. The triples, in my opinion, are nicer than the fours: the 900 puts out around 100bhp and has an excellent motor. £4000-plus. It’s showing its age but is still pretty OK, considering. For both variants SMT indicates UK and Triumph. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Not every bike will suffer from all or any of these problems. January 02, 2020, Hastings Triumph piston ring installation notes 0 Comments. This practice followed religiously and some single prefixes may appear on postwar models. So hopefully this is simple question. Can anyone else with a 2009 list their engine number?

The Trophy tourer is probably the best for most distance riding, or a Trident for shorter rides. In 1994, Bloor created Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd.[6]. [1], When Triumph Engineering went into receivership in 1983, John Bloor bought the name and manufacturing rights from the Official Receiver. Tridents are the unfaired general purpose bike. Basic engine variations were achieved through the use of two specifications of piston stroke: 65 mm to create individual cylinder capacity of 300 cc, and 55mm to create a 250 cc individual cylinder. 194646-3T-72001 to 46-3T-79045 (Nov 1945 to Aug 1946), 194747-T100-79046 to 47-3T-88781 (Sep 1946 to Aug 1947), 194848-T100-88782 to 48-5T-100761 (Sep 1947 to Aug 1948), 194949-3T-100762 to 49-5T-113386 (Sep 1948 to Oct 1949). Early ones are now very rare, basically an unfaired version of the Daytona with a single headlamp and posh suspension. They have major manufacturing facilities in Thailand. For five years from 1983, about 14 a week were built at peak production. The 'V' denoting a 5-speed transmission, versus the earlier, standard 4-speed gearbox. document.write (document.charset ? document.write ("?zoneid=802"); Local time Today, 10:22 Joined Jan 5, 2006 Messages 39,911 Points 1,257 Location Port Elizabeth First Name Dave My Ride Speedmaster Trident Sprints (or just called ‘Sprint’ after a while) are half-faired with uprated suspension. Comfy and capable. [27], In 1995, Triumph began selling the Triple Connection clothing and accessories range of products, designed by Triumph rather than licensed. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. '':''); Parts. Available to read instantly or by mail order. Ferociously fast for the time. Frame prefixes were ‘TL” for the 3T up to 1948 and "TC" for 1949. At 21:00 on 15 March 2002, as the company was preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary as a motorcycle maker, half of the main factory including the assembly area and stores was destroyed by a fire which began at the rear of the facility. If you already know the Triumph motorcycle engine numbers, you should probably learn how to Install your Triumph Hardtail in the coolest! The 790 and 865 cc versions of the Triumph Bonneville and Thruxton look and sound original but internally they have modern valves and counterbalance shafts.

Frame prefixes were-”TH” for early Speed Twin. *Excludes frames, hardtails and specified oversize items. Many early bikes have passed the 100k mark easily. 1969NC00100 to JC24847 (Oct 1968 to Aug 1969), 1970JD24848 to ND60540 (Aug 1969 to Oct 1970), 1971KE1 to HE30847 (Sep 1970 to Jul 1971), 1972HG30848 to HG62061 (Jul 1971 to Jul 1972), 1972KG to PG and 3926 to 4189 (Sep 1972 to Nov 1972 - T150V), 1973JH15101 to GH35469 (Aug 1972 to Jun 1973), 1973KH101 to GH5947 (Sep 1972 to Jun 1973 - T150V), 1974GJ55101 to NJ60061 (Jun 1973 to Oct 1973), 1974GJ40101 to NJ41671 (Jun 1973 to Oct 1973 - T150V), 1974JJ5630 to KJ6040 (Aug 1973 to Sep 1973 - TRX75 & T150V). I was lucky as I was able to get the original VIN number from the seller, however I am amazed that the engine number seems to mean nothing... Can you look at your sticker and see what the production date of your bike was? Starting in 1950 frame and engine numbers were matching. Even a nutter like me, on rough bumpy Manx roads can get about 4.5-5k out of a rear though. The first letter represents the month, the second the model year, and the number which began at 00100 for each model year. //]]>-->