Hawken… We are a school born of core values.

Families who apply for a reduced tuition but do not qualify have several options, including a variety of payment plans. When five buildings in University Circle unexpectedly become available, Looney and others see an opportunity to make the vision of the Lab School a reality.

To learn more about Hawken’s Healthy Restart Plan, click here! In addition, a highly selective group of new Upper School students entering ninth and tenth grade will be eligible for merit scholarships through the. This program allows families to apply for reduced tuition, taking their financial circumstances into account and making a Hawken education affordable to qualified students who could not otherwise join our school community. The family owns their house, valued at $360,000; mortgage and property taxes are $29,000 annually. Charles Stephens, founding faculty member. Hawken awards a single Flexible Tuition award to the student and it is the responsibility of the parents to determine a payment schedule structure. The organization expands to include public schools in order to achieve its true intent to make college admissions process more equitable, inclusive and authentic for all students. Hawken encourages all families to apply for Flexible Tuition if they think they may qualify. Will filing for Flexible Tuition diminish the chances of my child being accepted to Hawken? In the summer of 2015, Korda hosts two educators workshops, fleshing out a very specific methodology for this kind of teaching. The badging movement, as a way to credit student work,  draws the attention of Hawken’s administration. It feels right that The Mastery School of Hawken is some 700 yards from Hawken’s original 1915 home because the Mastery School is a pure expression of our original intent and extension of what Hawken has refined over the past decade or so. Each parent/guardian household must submit a separate Flexible Tuition application along with all required documents and forms to be considered for Flexible Tuition. A student may be admissible to the school but placed in the wait pool due to space availability. We are a school for today and tomorrow built on the wisdom of yesterday. As a result, Hawken is not bound by existing decrees, agreements or arrangements exempting a parent from financial responsibility for their child’s education.

Flexible Tuition is offered to students in Grades K - 12. Division Heads and faculty members are not privy to any financial materials, nor are they aware of which families receive Flexible Tuition. It is Hawken’s policy that a family requesting aid from Hawken will also apply for aid at all other tuition charging schools. Payment plans are the sensible approach to paying education expenses. Every gift to the Annual Fund, regardless of size, matters.

They allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying your balance in one large lump sum. Hawken Flexible Tuition Application Procedures The conclusion: if Hawken made its own, it would be problematic, but if a dozen schools did it, well, then…it could work. Are there other scholarships available at Hawken? Tuition will be assessed unless the school is notified IN WRITING USING THE FORM BELOW by the 15th of the prior month of the student’s intent to discontinue. Families interested in applying for Flexible Tuition may begin the application process as early as October 2. SSS is a service used by over 2,000 private schools across the country. Families may appeal a Flexible Tuition decision by submitting a written appeal outlining the reasons why they feel the Flexible Tuition amount is not sufficient. Watch this video to hear a message specifically for YOU!

Current families will receive notification at the time they are asked to reenroll at Hawken. Hawken and the Birchwood School merge, launching the Birchwood School of Hawken.

They allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying your balance in one large lump sum. The combined income of the two parents is $126,000. Please check your email account. Instead of “receiving financial aid,” families pay the amount of tuition that makes sense for their financial situation. 6 hours/week $294/month

(Multiple class rates apply to individual student or per family).

While the change immediately feels positive, it becomes clear that Hawken had changed the schedule and now needed to focus on the methods of teaching.

Hawken subscribes to School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) to process Flexible Tuition applications. 2 hours/week $126/month With a clarified mission in hand, Hawken begins to focus more energy on experiential learning. When a family is unable to obtain all necessary tax documents, a provisional Form 1040 may be submitted. Payment plans are the sensible approach to paying education expenses. At Hawken, we believe that to prepare students for the real world our community should mirror that world with a student body that is coeducational and representative of all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.