You have described him accurately from my memory and I don’t believe I have anymore to add. TODAY I GOOGLED THE GOAT MAN AND WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED TO FIND THIS WEBSITE. I was 15 years old and lived in the country of Greenville, North Carolina.One day I heard all this noise going past the house and my mom told me to hurry it was the goat man.I ran to the porch and there he goes past the house with his goats and bells ringing.He looked like a dirty old man.It was cool to see it from a distance. Horrified by his ordeal, the Goat Man and his herd were driven to Conyers, Georgia to recover. The ghost cat of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Have you seen a black and white cat roaming the grounds of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse? This was before interstate 75 was built and he came down Hwy US 41. I remember this as a special moment. Since I was a kid, I assumed people like him were common. Copyright by Larry K. Martin. Unable to work, Ches nevertheless refused go on the public dole, wanting to be his own boss. While it was pretty comical at the time, despite the itchy pustules, we have enjoyed many laughs about that over the years and fondly remember The Goat Man! It saddens me to read about the muggings to him and the harm to some of the goats. I don’t remember the exact locations, but he was camped out in a field near town. I wish peace to Ches… and thank-you for letting me know to go ahead and take a leap of faith. Reno Bailey, the creator of Remember Cliffside, recalls from childhood a man who used to pass through town with a wagon pulled by goats and made money by taking photographs of children posed in his wagon. May god rest their souls. The goatman of Maryland is said to haunt the area around of Bowie, attacking couples in popular make out spots with an axe.

One legend suggests the man’s home was vandalized by teenagers and his goats killed, leading to his reign of terror, but tales of a goat-human hybrid aren’t restricted to the Outer Banks. That is, until a storm caused the circus train to derail near Pope Lick, where the beast has lived ever since. “On cold winter nights, my goats are the finest electric blanket I can find,” he would say. I remember the Goatmam being in Hartselle Al. This story originally appeared on I remember the Goatman staying in our town(Bloomingdale,GA) when I was a kid during the 1950’s. Ghost tours are available at the Whalehead June through the end of August each season.

Elvis as TV critic: Bang-bang, you’re dead, Mountain town lifts 1948 restrictions on pool halls, New in the collection: National Folk Festival button, Ending of ‘Cold Mountain’ left readers hot, New in the collection: Postcard of office made of coal. I grew up in Macon,Ga. He spread the gospel to his visitors. I had never heard of the Goat Man but I remember him vividly and when my wife read me a 2005 article from the Nashville Tennessean newspaper the memories came rushing back. This subject and others are available as prints from. I WISH THAT I HAD MET HIM AND HIS GOATS AND I HAVE THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THE STORIES OF HIS TRAVELS. I remember you could hear the pots and pans on the wagon rattling long before you could see him. I found him so interesting to watch and wonder where all he had been. So we never saw anymore of the Goat Man. My father would carry us to see the Goatmen. Who remembers the Goat Man coming through Richmond County?

This story gives me even more belief that goats are smart enough, and loving enough. Albert Gene stayed in Iowa to attend school, rejoining Ches on his vacations.