), Official Election Day Discussion and Results Thread. I really wish she would of just kept quiet and said nothing honestly....because she did the same, break or no break. She wasn't worried about him spending time with Kiyan https://media0.giphy.com/media/PnEKODr3dX3pe/giphy.gif, I had a Madea. Genesis is always gonna be an outsider, just like Nixon and Koy (Bey's lil bro and sis), Joh'Vanni Jackson, and all the other babies born from these kinda unions. 'Net Famous. Shudve never gave these hoez social media ? I’m very confused. She has the nerve trying to be the moral police ? Now that baby has nothing to do with any of that mess and needs both parents so that she can grow up without daddy issues. You know this whole thing with sidechicks thinking they have a right to be outraged started with Tiger Woods and his baker's dozen of methhead side chick Beckies. ? She had a baby by a married man with family. Terms of Use | !...When you decided to lay up with a MARRIED man you made a decision to not only sleep with SOMEONE else husband but also have a baby with him! Maybe he meant to say "She's looking FOR a husband" and he was just assisting her ?? That's probably majority of the men on child support. He said just because his wife is not giving him and reason to step out. I know you didn’t think he’d be with you. HOLLERING!!!! ... second baby mama This is his first baby mama and son. started by imhungry, Mar 28, 2020. She gonna b checkless n babyless. This site uses cookies. The ink reads “Milagrito” for the love of his life. My daddy allowed it and wouldn’t say anything to her because it was easier for him to keep running with other hoes. She should have because he was very disrespectful to her. Following the claims, Nas said that he is hopeful that their relationship will continue to improve. But I do hear you though. And she can cur her ass to bc she knew the game. Baby Mom is just mad because her "bad bitch " perks ran out...and another's kicked in.. Side piece tramp....he wasn't even spending time with his own son and wife. Trump Tarot Tea Part II: The Phuckery Continues, Ariana Fletcher aka @therealkylesister & Associates Discussion Thread, Wax & Wick, Show Off Your Latest Candle Pick Up. Smh, called this. They dont even realize how they're setting their kids up for failure. . When paparazzi photos surfaced online showing Carmelo Anthony on a yacht with a mystery woman, many assumed the other woman was his baby mama, Mia Burkes. Homework Must be done on your mate!!! But if its born during our marriage then I dont have to accept shit. 10K Views 3 1. He said she can suck the skin off his ?. It has been reported that the 46-year-old rapper is currently expecting his third child after someone claims that he gets his/her cousin pregnant. People can get hurt, and I witnessed that growing up. MoneyBaggandAriTeaa 6,464 views. Sad but true. According to the source, Nas first met the young woman when she attended one of his concerts in Philadelphia. She don't see the hypocrisy or the irony in her damn post Don Jr tries to get some fatherly love from Trump and gets rejected. She's getting paid. If the who're was worth her salt she be sucking the building owner and not the human guard dog. SMH. Most people are so quick to put the majority blame on the woman and release the man from any accountability, which contributes to men engaging in foolishness because their reputation is hardly tarnished by this. It just so happen that this chick got pregnant and didn't get an abortion. I don’t care what he told you...You should’ve made better decisions and know they’re are consequences for your actions! A monkey wrench was sort of throw in his plans recently when one of the mothers, Melissa Rios, decided she wanted full custody of their four-year old son. Typical brainless, wannabe entitled groupie hoe having unrealistic expectations from a married FATHER. Who is prettier? Politics. Mind you this chick is community coochie!! Two reasons for you to stop asking for relationship tips on LSA. His sons with his first baby mama. Blame blame blame blame ... meanwhile da kid feels this wound ...... which creates many more for that same child to grow up to repeat the same shyt that hexanbeast mammy and deddy refused to ackowledge when the child was young ...... then come the blame everyone on social media again ........ same recurring cycle over and over ... mind you no damn growth ..... only growth in deeper wound ..... Jesus will Not fix this shyt. Dave East and the mother of his only daughter are doing so well, he decided to make it tattoo official.. I wouldn't put that burden on the woman's shoulders and say that she has trust issues. You should see the bugs bunny buck tooth Dominican chick he’s stepping out with????? *click*. Now as for BOTH of the adults that put her in this situation......you all are getting your issues too. I feel sorry for the child but that’s the road you chose!...Deal with it????? Sometimes, Not knowing is the blessing. FUCK EVERYONE And let’s run away from the daily routine.. A post shared by Millie Colon (@callmelu.lu) on Dec 11, 2019 at 6:37pm PST. ", By: Uncredited writer on Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. “According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, Melissa Rios is asking a judge to award her full physical and legal custody of their 4-year old son David. I don't think she even notices the irony in what she's saying. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Reps for Nas have yet to respond to the rumors. That baby is innocent. I've smelled Wal Mart candles that gave better throw. By: Uncredited writer on Miseducation of Lauryn Hill