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In early 1861, he resigned his post as adjutant general of the U.S. Army and headed south to join the Confederacy where he became instrumental in organizing the fledgling Rebel army. While Benedict Arnold’s treachery is well known by most Americans, the betrayal of Rudolphus Ritzema has been largely forgotten. He spent much of the next two decades in North Korea as a teacher at the state's Reconnaissance Bureau Foreign Language College, a military school in Pyongyang. Jenkins, it seems, was pretty worried about being transferred to the hell that was Vietnam, choosing instead the hell that is North Korea. Why did he defect to the North? According to information recovered through Venona, Wovschin used the code name “Zora” while working under English-born KGB spy Vladimir Pravdin, known as “Sergei.” She had a network of contacts and informants in the State Department, Harvard University, and the Office of Strategic Services.

I love my country.

According to Carney, his influence may have helped to prevent a nuclear war. Palestinian-born American citizen Victor Norris Hamilton graduated from the American University in Beirut and moved to the US hoping to find an academic position. Nazi propaganda broadcasters soon had Monti on the airwaves denouncing the communists and their American and British allies. When asked why he had defected, he replied, “I simply decided to live here or not to live.”, The next year, it was announced that he had committed suicide in his garage at age 32. But Ritzema’s future in Washington’ army seemed bleak in 1776 after he was officially reprimanded for his regiment’s poor turnout during an inspection. Although having never commanded Confederate troops in the field, Cooper was one of five CSA officers to attain the rank of full-general. He is currently serving his prison term at the Federal Correctional Institute at Terre Haute, Indiana. Benedict Arnold conspires to surrender West Point to the British. Dresnok supposedly has a Twitter account where he posts pro-Pyongyang propaganda and comments on his daily life, but its veracity has been doubted by analysts. But having married into a wealthy and connected Virginia family years earlier, the 60-year-old Cooper suffered divided loyalties at the outbreak of the war between the states. But not even on a headstone could the North Korean government pass on the opportunity to test the mutability of the past. The San Patricos go to the gallows. Officially labelled a defector by the Pentagon, many suspected Nolan, an African American, changed sides after suffering a lifetime of racial discrimination. In North Korea, he married twice and now has three sons. “May God forgive me for ever having put on another.”, Benedict Arnold wasn’t the only Continental officer to change sides during the American Revolution. Martin sneaked into Mexico in 1987 on an Australian passport and died there, although he was ultimately buried in the US. He returned to Britain in 1791 and died 10 years later. Hospital director Vladimir Voronin explained that Hamilton’s delusions had evolved over time, “He used to walk around with a small radio all the time,” said Voronin.

Both men married Soviet women and went on to work and study in Leningrad. To fool their FBI tail, his wife drove home with a fully dressed and wigged dummy sitting in the front seat. In exchange, the KGB would boost his theater career. Martin James Monti — the U.S. flier who joined the Nazis. He married an American woman whom he had met in Libya, changed his name from Hindali to Hamilton, and worked for the NSA cracking codes on communications between Arab countries and the rest of the world. On January 4, 1965, Charles Jenkins traded LBJ for Kim Il-Sung (the latter of whom, it should be noted, remains the Eternal President of the world's only necrocracy). Carney was also given a new name (“Jens Karney”), an East German passport, and a bugged apartment containing only a black-and-white television and the complete works of Lenin. Afterward, Bucar worked for Radio Moscow as an announcer until her death in 1998. But Samuel Cooper, one of the Confederate States Army’s most senior officers and a personal friend of Southern president Jefferson Davis, was actually from New York. Smith also wrote a number of articles for the Soviet newspaper Literaturnaya Gazeta, which became the subject of his 1967 book, I Was a CIA Agent in India. Despite his faith in the Marxist-Leninist cause, Field was kidnapped from his hotel room in Prague in 1949. But they soon regretted their decision to defect. . ] Subsequent interrogations revealed the detainee’s birth name was John Walker Lindh. Furious, he made drunken phone calls to the American embassy in Moscow on a line that he knew to be monitored by the Soviets. After retiring from the League of Nations, he worked for the Unitarian Service Committee (USC), which provided humanitarian assistance during World War II.

The revised analysis suggested that Souther had given valuable information to the Soviets, which endangered US satellite surveillance programs. The most famous American exile in Moscow was Lee Harvey Oswald. After the Berlin Wall came down, he worked as a driver on the Berlin subway. Among the 86 insurgents still alive was what appeared to be a young westerner. In an interview with Associated Press reporter Leslie Shepherd, Hamilton said that he was both a prisoner and the hospital’s director-general of intelligence, that the hospital was actually a brothel, that his family was long dead, and that the Pentagon was communicating with him through a television set. He travelled to Yemen to learn Arabic and later lived in Pakistan. The Bucar affair may have influenced the production of the 1960 play American Girl by Alexander Orlov, an NKVD defector before World War II. According to military records, he was "a chronic complainer" who was "lazy" and "defiant to authority."