: (00:41:55). Well, for the most part, I'll still continue with the overall direction of the program. Alright, I'll play popular music, but not at the expense of musicianship. (uncredited). :

In most of the drumming scenes, the drumming usually doesn't match up, especially during closeups with Devon. A fish-out-of-water comedy about a talented street drummer from Harlem who enrolls in a Southern university, expecting to lead its marching band's drumline to victory.

Meanwhile , he falls in love with a cheerleader (Zoe Saldana).In the film there's a varied procession of characters , the habitual group of misfit roles ,including the only white boy among different color young people , or the sole girl among all men . Use the HTML below. Dr. Lee Dr. Lee Devon Dr. Lee The people who worked on 1995's Mr. Holland's Opus never seemed to have the heart to tell Richard Dreyfuss that he spent a majority of the movie conducting with the wrong hand. So what's the concept? You were sweating bullets wondering how you could lead this loud, passionate group of your peers. : This is odd because the quad drums are on stands. Okay... the radio is off now. | The A&T band separates itself from its competitors by requiring all members to read music, by focusing on various styles of music rather than what is currently popular on the radio, and by dedication to the teamwork emphasized "one band, one sound" concept. : There are some issues preventing that. Upon graduating, Devon heads to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Atlanta A&T University, a historically black college that takes enormous pride in its marching band. :

The site's consensus states: "Essentially a sports movie with drums, the energetic Drumline somehow manages to make the familiar seem fresh. Please like my Facebook Page? "[12], Natasha Grant at BlackFilm.com called the movie "irresistible," "wonderfully crafted," and "fascinating. Audio problem: At the graduation in the beginning, the percussion section is playing on concert snares, but the sound those snares are making is that of Kevlar heads on a high tension snare. Continuity mistake: During the beginning of the drum-line tie breaker between MBC and Atlanta A&T, the section leader for the snare line for MBC starts the band off, then holds his hands up in air and looks around and behind him at the drum-line as they do a roll. Sean And that's okay 'cause we all lose sight of things.

When did he have time to get a new burger? Big Southern Classic... was arranged by two of your very own... Dr. Lee Sean is shocked when Devon takes the solo and is subsequently humiliated. : You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Dr. Lee Devon. Find her a man. : After the closeup, they show Leila again, with the same smiling face as before. If you cannot read music, you cannot be on my field.

[18], The film's soundtrack was also executive produced by Dallas Austin. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

BET Announcer #2 : (01:45:50). In chemistry's grading, I don't wanna jeopardize that.

[compiles some paper and puts it back in his drawer]. Dr. Lee : : Orlando Jones as the tough director is excellent , his acting is likeness to the stiff-upper-lip sergeant Louis Gosset J.R. in ¨Officer and Gentleman ¨ . : Trumpet Section Leader

He basically hits every accent in the shot right after he starts. : This is a marching band competition, and they do little moving at all, let alone actually marching, changes of formation, etc.

And if you don't have the honor and discipline to learn your craft, then quite frankly Devon, you don't deserve to be here. Devon Good morning. Sean A&T and Morris Brown will meet center field! : I'm not his mother, sir. As four friends prepare for life after high school, different challenges bring about turning points in each of their lives. And you lost sight of that. Dr. Lee : You lied in your application, you lied at the audition where you play the required piece, and you lied to me. When one of us looks or sounds bad, we all look and sound bad. All rights reserved. In the next shot that pans across the snares, they are all rolling, including the section leader.

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, the A&T drum line is facing off against Morris Brown.

[after being pointed at by Dr. Lee]  No, sir. Play that. A young detective goes undercover at an elite private school to destroy an international stolen car ring. who's your roommate? Petey Pablo's "Club Banger" and Trick Daddy's "Let's Go" are right out of the Dirty South school of hip-hop, while Syleena Johnson's "Faithful to You" and Alicia Keys' "Butterflyz" have a neo-soul outlook -- that is, they combine urban/hip-hop beats with classic pre-'80s soul values. The problem is - he falls in love with Eva. The story revolves around Devon Miles, a teen who has just graduated from high school in New York City. Official Sites After the closeup, they show Leila again, with the same smiling face as before.

A day in the life of a South Side Chicago barbershop. Dr. Lee Disgusted with Mr. Wade and himself, he rejects the scholarship offer from the rival band and returns to A&T. When Devon gets a package from his father, the stamp on it reads "Atlanta" when it should be New York, where Devon's father is from.

Dr. Lee

Dr. Lee BET Announcer #1 President Wagner

: In one scene, Dr. Lee confronts Devon about lying on his application when he claimed to read music. for B.E.T. Dr. Lee, sir, maybe there's an explanation. Directed by Charles Stone III. Dr. Lee Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Add the first question. Will he also get an education and the girl? Johnson and Keys are rootsy enough to be called soul singers, yet modern and high-tech enough to appeal to the urban contemporary market of the early 2000s. What's up Atlanta, how y'all doing? (2002). Technical Specs. : Devon During the beginning of the drum-line tie breaker between MBC and Atlanta A&T, the section leader for the snare line for MBC starts the band off, then holds his hands up in air and looks around and behind him at the drum-line as they do a roll. What's up, ATL? That is if it's okay with your section leader. Audio problem: In the tiebreaker between MBC and Atlanta A&T, after the initial roll and cymbal players spinning their cymbals for effect, the section leader for MBC hits four quarter notes on his snare drum, but if you look closely, the sound is not synchronized with the video and he hits after the sound plays. That direction is a losing one. Tuba Section Leader Title: : The Band With Nick Cannon, Zoe Saldana, Orlando Jones, Leonard Roberts. In another shot he raises his right hand for the circle effect and his left hand is not playing while its supposed to, neither is Shawn, but you can still hear it. The situation further deteriorates when it is revealed that Devon cannot read music. Mr. Devon