Ich kniff vor Schmerz meine Augen zusammen, als ich auf einmal spürte, wie ich hochgehoben und auf das Bett gelegt wurde. My true name is Nova. The war, was over. Just when this day couldn't seem to get any worse the former Jedi comes face-to-mask with a terrifying creature of twisted flesh, metal, and barely controlled rage. Share. Ahsoka: A Clone Wars Fanfiction Fanfiction. A/N: This is just a little one shot idea I had after reading the 'Ghost Prison' graphic novel. A fix it story where Ezra doesn't go away, Kanan doesn't die, Rexsoka was always a thing and not separated for years, Vader is redeemed by Ahsoka and gets more love than he thought, and Palpatine is defeated years sooner, all set during A New Hope. Her voice was stronger; pulling on the emotions she felt, primarily anger towards the Jedi, for imprisoning her and for doing this to Anakin. [Story line happening within Star Wars: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK] After raiding the Rebel Base on the ice planet Hoth, Vader was about to chase the escaping ship of Luke Skywalker, when he sensed a call in the Force that he could not resist. Ahsoka's eyes fluttered downwards in shame as she considered herself, having been stuck in this prison, her greatest friend had been forced to endure something that put him in a mechanical suit of armour. If you don't like it: don't read it, it's simple, right? ", hörte ich meinen Meister rufen, als er so schnell es ging über das große Doppelbett rutschte um mir zu helfen. Share. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. My thoughts on my thoughts. And so, here she sat on the fabric of her bed, contemplating once again. She rushed to catch up to his long strides, and fell into smooth step by his side. Also, sorry I've been absent for awhile. "They put me here.". Pretty decent fic. I got back from vacation and had to work a ton of overtime to make up for it so I've been exhausted and struggling to write my normal stories. Vader knows what it looks like when someone is on the verge of death. The young Togurta cocked her head to the side as she talked to Rex. Некоторые девочки взрослеют неправильно. "Ok, Rex, but if you want to talk about anything, just let me know ok?" . She is about 2 years older than in the original TCW Series. It's set after/during their arrival in the prison. This does come at a cost though. That would be amazing. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it), I failed... Every time I got them close together, I just wanted to bring Anakin or Vader into it because it was frustrating me to pair her with somebody else. Or maybe Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka do turn to the Dark Side after Mortis. Her words fell upon deaf ears. The man I followed from one end of the galaxy to the other." One goes after the other. Then there are the people who seek power and vengeance over some pathetic petty differences and wealth. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. It felt familiar to her, oh so familiar as she tried to place the rage-filled presence moving ever closer. Great job! All was quiet, the scientists stood in silence in the observation room. Share via Email Report Story Send. Share via Email Report Story "Uhh, General? I am known by many names:  shaman, angel, witch, freak, ghost, guardian, demon, monster, Sith, and even death. All her life, Ahsoka had been cast aside—the last one to be chosen as a padawan, nearly left for dead on a hostile planet by the Jedi Order. 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Uh... yeah lol. "Silence, just observe. One-Shot. Instead she had tried to persuade them of what Ventress had done, helping her on the way to getting evidence of her innocence.

These days she couldn't quite hold the peace required for meditation, whether her own dark thoughts or those of the inmates around her she couldn't know which affected her most, but her once fine inner peace was long since lost. Unknown to her, their meeting is to change the fate of the whole galaxy. Well done. For a moment, one half had perished, and both galaxies seemed to sing with opportunity.It's three years later.And he has a plan. A pair of war-droids had manhandled her down to a cell, and simply left her there after removing the cuffs. Ahsoka quickly stood up and grasped her lightsaber, furious. This has to the one of your best stories yet. And they decided that the time was now. !! Young Maria Garand, the nuclear terrorism approaching her.Marie's struggle and affection. Share. Anakin gets a worrying call about his Padawan when he scouts for enemy activity. Scraped, yes, but nothing major. Recent Additions, Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/interactive-story/item_id/1634547-Ahsoka-Tano-Weight-Gain/map/1111. Ahsoka discovers her former lover and master is still alive after believing he died at the end of the war, so she gathers their daughter and moves to Mustafar to be with him again. !MAJOR SPOILER WARNING FOR THE TCW FINAL!!! She had experienced her own dark reflections of the Jedi, the Republic and the war they fought, and old indoctrinated Jedi teachings had little influence over her anymore. She did indeed follow him with some trepidation out of her cell, for the first time since her imprisonment here. "Put her in cell block one and enter her data into the systems," was all the woman said, spinning on her heel to walk past Ahsoka's line of sight. It wasn't until where she really was registered that the anger set in.

I have to get some shut eye, and so should you." Send to Friend. A collection of various AU scenarios and scenes I wrote and may elaborate on in the future.Includes ideas such as Obi-Wan raising Luke, Mandalorian Skywalkers being related to Jango, Shmi as a Sith, various scenarios in which Anakin never made it to the Jedi and one AU in which Vader defects from the Empire for his toddler granddaughter. For the first few hours the young togruta had been in shock, looking around at the bare gunmetal grey walls. She had felt a duty to find the woman, to at least try and repay her. by ViceroyAmidala Follow. That was just philosophical disagreement. And instead of Plo Koon who found her, Count Dooku (still a Jedi Master) found her? The Inquisitor steps out of the transport to talk to one of the troopers, and in the hazy afternoon sunlight her face is so familiar that Rex is sure he’s seeing things, and he ducks back out of sight and tightens his suddenly-shaky hands on his blasters. During the outbreak of Order 66, countless Jedi Masters, Knights, And Padawan's of hundreds of species were killed by the clone troopers.

Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Apologetic but insincere, sad but not truly so, disappointed as well. He had used that same tone when presiding over her in the Temple, they all had. It is stretched across two galaxies, living two distinct lives that, by all means, were never meant to learn the existence of the other.But for a moment, on cold day in 20 BBY, the distinction had blurred. Anakin feels fear cling to his bones. Perhaps that was the reason for her anger, her inability to find peace as she once could, and her occasional fits of rage as the sheer unfairness of it all hit upon her, beating her fists upon the cell door, yelling out, one more voice among the countless. Smiling slightly she looked over to where Vader's black cloak billowed as he pulled away from her. Her canine teeth grew slightly longer. Eventually he tore his gaze from her, and spun on his heel to leave her cell. As a Jedi. Everything goes wrong when Apprentice falls for the girl. "I followed you then Skyguy, and I'll follow you now. When they reached it, Son released her from his claws, throwing her down on the ground like a piece of meat. He's still got Anakin in him even when he's in denial). Far too many of their men … “I won’t leave you.” She can hear the tinge of panic in her voice and she forces herself to steady it. Darkness swirled on the edge of the horizon, quickly followed by death, a voice crying out and joining the flow of the living force. А некоторые люди хороши лишь мертвыми, потому что, ожив, их безумие становится страшнее смерти. I won’t go into it here in the summary why I love this version more, but feel free to ask if you’re curious (be prepared for a long, passionate response if you do). "Who-who did this to you?" Ahsoka sighed as she squirmed in the bed she’d been forced into. Deep breaths shuddered into her body as she looked at the door, and to what lay beyond it. He couldn't stop thinking about that la, Continue the story dark side ahsoka and wraith of revan. My name is Darth Vader," he replied, and she could feel him looking into her for response to the title. I will get back to them soon and answer my messages! Oh, that was just the beginning. Once again: this is a ANISOKA fic! "I wasn't there for you when I should have been, the Jedi kept me locked away here because I was a threatto their precious order. When bonded to a host, they can dramatically increase their Force powers. She had given her last words of protest towards these masters she had once looked up to, had followed loyally in the fight for peace. She sniffed, straightening her back and wiping the salt water from her face. A collection of Star Wars of all era's short stories/flash fictions for mostly LGBTQ+ pairings that include but is not limited to Rare-pairs. Except herself of course, as her body grew more adult-like, and her mind and thoughts changed, becoming more focused on her fury. Summary. And Barriss’s betrayal, of course—shunned by the one institution that had always promised to stand by her. Son calmly walked up to her. Love the sinister look she has. Deep within this prison, darkness enshrouded her daily; she did not fear it as she once had, feeling its strength adding power to …

It’s got to be the lack of sleep, the long hyperspace flight to get here, some mix of wishful thinking and anxiety, because the Inquisitor looks… looks just like- Ahsoka.

He was obviously as much machine as man, and his presence in the force was a maelstrom of power, anger and the dark side, but he was unmistakably her former master. She probably tends to lean towards this form during date-night. That's when I always thought the real Anakin Skywalker emerged," she admitted to him in soft tones. OK, I cannot wait for episode 16 of season 3! Dutifully she followed his path as he led her on to depths unknown. She hadn't resumed consciousness until what must have been hours later, her montrals still ringing.