Despite the continued criticism from church leaders in Rome, the Colosseum remained standing for what it signified. We should preserve the Colosseum just like the Romans did to stop the smog of Rome from eating a way at the travertine covered walls. Phaidon Pres… On the 2nd and 3rd –floor arcades arches are decorated with statues and figures from Classical mythology. London: Profile Books. The Colosseum was renowned for its cruelty activities carried out inside the serried ranks of columns and arches. Every 5 years each Roman male citizen... ...Topic/Inquiry:

According to statistics, millions of tourists annually visit the Rome to view the great Flavian amphitheatre. This was built over something that was made for one selfish person and built something for the people to share. After that, the venatio, or wild beast hunts, took up most of the late morning. This lavished construction hosted battles, gladiatorial games, wild animal fights and more.

For the period of time Coliseum became a beautiful garden with many flowers and for that particular reason it attracted many writers, poets and artists. In this case, the Flavian amphitheatre formed the heart of the city since unlike the rest of the amphitheatres; it was centrally located in the city. The Colosseum is 157 ft high, 620 ft long, and 510 ft wide, making it about the size of a football field. Period 6

,the construction of it, the arena, and many more.

An amphitheater is an oval building usually made to have sporting events.

Roberts English period 1 May 5, 2014 The Colosseum The Colosseum is probably the most well known monument known to man.

In this case, a suitable and convenient construction site was to be selected (Hopkins, 2011).

The Colosseum used multiple examples, The Roman Colosseum is a prime example of an important architectural building that has not only withstand the test of time, but also has had a major impact on how we perceive buildings in the modern world.

The tier above them was for the noble class - the equivalent of knights. This is why this place still has many Christian connections with the church.

It is much better to make the most of time and live life to its absolute fullest.

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Its purpose was to be a gift to the Roman citizens, a massive breath-taking structure that conveyed the wealth, might and power of Rome, showing exotic, wild animals from all corners of the Roman Empire, showing off the extent of Rome’s conquests of different countries.

Download an essay example of Colosseum on FreeEssayHelp. The place had a very romantic meaning to them. The amphitheatre used to undertake combats, which were attended by the Roman people. Therefore, the three emperors are said to have made a significant work in the establishment of the Colosseum. During that period of time the chosen area was densely populated. Titus’ brother Domitian added a further top level that had standing room for the women, the city’s poorest and slaves. Dante's The Divine Comedy - Heaven and Hell Essay, First Ten Minutes of Blair Witch Project and What Lies Beneath, Essay on The Treatment of Women in Trifles by Susan Glaspell. After four centuries of active use, it was used as a source of building materials until the 18th century.

Speaking about arena and hypogeum, arena was about 4000 m2.

1,087 words Question: Who were the spectators at Roman games?

...falls—the world.” The Roman Colosseum was one of the most, if not the most important architectural structures in Rome, as well as one the largest outdoor theatres of ancient Rome. The Colosseum activities had a very strong religious element though it demonstrated family prestige and power to the emperor circle. History:

The amphitheatre could sit roughly 50,000 spectators and the entertainment was free for any member of the public to view.

Primarily, Coliseum was used for gladiatorial contests and spectacles in public.

It was often considered the heart of Roman life and culture because of its importance, purpose, and beauty. Who decided the construction for the colosseum and what are the theories existing revealing the purpose of the construction? Eventually, the construction was used for entertaining purposes only. They often fought with mismatched weapons - the harder the competition, the greater the entertainment. The emperor Nero had built a huge lake all for himself.

The amphitheatre acts as an icon of remembrance for the reign of Vespasian emperor. Roman Passions: A History of Pleasure in Imperial Rome. The Coliseum was constructed on the place o Nero’s lake as the great monument celebrating great victories. Available from:, "Culture And Civilization Of The Colosseum Research Paper Examples." The Colosseum is located in Rome, Italy, originally called the Amphitheatrum Flavianum. The one building that comes in mind over the centuries, when you think of Rome is The Amphitheatrum Flavium or The Coloseum. The Seats at the Colosseum are arranged in a tiered, 37-degree angle elliptical shape around the arena with all the seats facing in towards the centre of the arena. However, in 217AD, there was a major fire in the amphitheatre, which destroyed the upper wooden parts of the Flavian amphitheatre and some crucial structures of the amphitheatre. The only thing that remained of the Golden House after this disaster was the 120 ft statue of Emperor Nero himself in the entrance hall. ancient amphitheater, the Colosseum. Sadly Vespasian died before he could see the grand, “Once the Colosseum had been built, it seems to have become the model for many, if not most, of those that followed” (Hopkins and Beard 2005, 24). The Colosseum would be soaked and filled with a lot of blood and thus covered with sand layer. Conclusion.

The Colosseum entertained the Roman people, both plebeians and patricians, for over one thousand years.

The Colosseum’s builders followed much the same principle as that employed in steel construction today, except that for the skeleton framework of piers and arches they used hard travertine stone.

Then some popes in the 19-th century financed repair and restoration works of the Coliseum.

The Colosseum A Roman Architecture History Essay.

Without the planning, construction, and techniques used for Roman Colosseum, we would not have some of the famous stadiums and amphitheaters that exist today. This can be proven by the purpose of the Colosseum and the context surrounding its construction, the political and economic benefit of the Colosseum to the empire, the types of games which were held in the arena and the values which the structure suggests were important to the civilization at the time.


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The structure is composed of travertine blocks, a broken down marble rock, forming an ellipse 1,719 feet in circumference and 159 feet in height, with an area 282 feet by 177 feet. According to britannica, construction on this building started around 70 AD and currently still stands in Rome, Italy. He also contributed with the gallery to the top of Coliseum and in such a way increased number of seating places. Amphitheatre was able to seat about 50,000 of spectators.

(700) 2020. Conclusion. The Colosseum. This magnificent structure was created by Vespasian, who was the first emperor of the Flavian Dynasty, and finished by his son, Damitian. The Coliseum today is very much connected with the Roman Catholic Church, as each Good Friday the Pope leads the torchlight “Way of the Cross” procession to the amphitheatre. The Colosseum was very much significant with the ancient Roman Empire.

In around 1200 Coliseum was even fortified and used as a castle by the Frangipani family. Get help with 11% off using code -, No, thanks! For instance, he established underground tunnels used by animals and slaves in the amphitheatre. The colosseum was a source of entertainment for the people of Rome, as they witnessed the famed gladiators fighting to the death. 721 Words 3 Pages.

The sound waves of gladiatorial battles, naval clashes, and savage beast wars surrounded the Colosseum, amplifying the crowds’ intensity and excitement to a whole new level.

We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. In general, Roman gladiators were slaves, criminals and prisoners of war were gathered together in the Flavian amphitheatre. In the 16th century, the amphitheatre went through numerous controversies from the church leaders.

This proposition did not bear fruits following his premature death after which Cardinal Altieri had authorized the use of the amphitheatre for bull fighting. WowEssays, 16 Feb. 2020,

There are also 76 other entrances which allowed easier access to the seats for the Roman people (Platner, 2001). Afterwards, he was faced with a myriad of military uprisings and instability in ruling the empire, which led him to commit suicide. The importance of the Colosseum, otherwise known originally as the Flavian Amphitheatre, was that many of the materials, styles, and architecture were inspiring to many architects and designers constructing today’s modern facilities and structures.

It was a high honored building in the Roman Empire and still is today. Generally, there were over 250 amphitheatres in the ancient Roman Empire.

The Colosseum was significantly built in order to embrace the victorious war fought during the civil wars in the ancient empire.

He uses these three physical activities “weaning”, ”sucked…, Empire State Building In 80 AD, during the inaugural games of the Flavian Amphitheatre, around 9000 animals were killed.

In conclusion, the Colosseum carries a lot of cultural, political and social meaning among the Roman people. Speaking about physical description of the Colosseum I must say that it is a separately standing structure.

Interesting fact is that even though Colosseum has great crowd capacity, it can be quickly filled and devastated grateful to the original architectural solutions (close for present stadiums construction decisions). If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it.

Many similar techniques were used to build the Colosseum, and were also used in the making, The Colosseum

During the reign of Vespasian’s younger son- Domitian, Colosseum was remodeled and hypogeum (many underground tunnels for slaves and animals) was built. It was a work of architectural art, showing off Rome’s latest engineering and building... ... It was build as well on purpose in the center of the city to symbolize the heart of Rome. However, the public rejected the idea and thus was abandoned and in 1749, Pope Benedict XIV came with the ideology that it was in the Colosseum where Christians were martyred and thus declared it a sacred place.