The hammer swings from stored position to on-hole position. This unique system is especially effective for drilling underneath ponds, storage tanks, or other structures. Drill Rig, Evolution 3000FH, mounted on Mercedes Benz 4144 with only 3955 kilometres. That means you can drill in any position within a 288 square inch [1,858 sq cm] area without moving the carrier. If your drilling operations include a substantial amount of rotary or core drilling, the CME fluted kelly and chuck assembly can save you a lot of time. One other benefit of the pivoting feed system is the capability to drill on an angle up to 45-degrees.

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The mechanical drive system also gives you a better feel for drilling conditions down the hole. Other, Address:Rig Source Inc.700 Hicks DriveElburn, IL 60119, Phone: 630.365.1649Toll Free: 887-365-1649Fax: 630-365-1650, Sitemap | Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved, To select multiple categories hold control button, Understanding CME Drill Rig Model Numbers. The split feed slide bushings are easily replaced after normal wear intervals, and the standard upright gives you the clearance to drill with up to 10 1/4 inch hollow augers. Slide base options are available for both in-out and sideways movement of the drill on the platform. Other rotation and torque combinations are available, including a high-torque rotary drive that gives you up to 9,400 foot pounds [12,744 Nm] of torque and rotary speeds of up to 665 rpm. Category: Environmental, Rental, SalesTags: CME Drill Rigs |. Due to their size, these are not as common but still worth mentioning. It gives you precise control of force on the drilling tools.

Depending on buyer’s needs all of these original units are available in truck, track or skid mount. Agriculture XPRT

2002 10-ton trailer Cummins QSB 4.5L [275 cubic inch] 110 horsepower [82 kilowatt] 4 cylinder turbocharged and charge air cooled diesel engine.

Control logic – the key to driller productivity. Get the best deals for cme drill rig at From there the easiest way to recognize the different drill rigs is to understand their numerical value increases in accordance with the size of the drill. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time. REQUEST INFORMATION. The five speed transmission is connected to the drill engine through a heavy-duty 13 inch clutch. CME also develops drill rigs with ATV rubber tires to accommodate customers seeking both speed and traction. The CME 45B model features a feed system that is fixed in its vertical position. Numerous water tank/tool box configurations are available, including models with rod storage underneath and an expanded metal rack on top. You can also choose either steel or stainless steel construction. 1,800 pound [816 kg], max line speed 200 ft./min [61 m/min], 3,200 pound [1,452 kg], max line speed 100 ft./min [30.5 m/min], Down max line speed 340 ft./min [104 m/min], Down max line speed 310 ft./min [94 m/min], 900 pound [408 kg], max line speed 400 ft./min [122 m/min].
We are happy to discuss the models and help determine which drill rig is best suited for your needs.

Hydraulic jacks, inverted design with chrome-plated piston rods enclosed at all times.