I asked if he was going to take them and what size his feet were. I stashed my camera and set off on my first alpine lead. We looked uphill and could see a couple of rocks that looked wet so we decided to hike up to the upper CMC Camp where we hoped to find water. When I got down to the notch I didn't think I could make the moves with one hand so I had to consider the option of tying the knot in the rope below me.

Barry and I were a climbing team and Alan and Eric were a team so we divided up our gear accordingly. 11 Total Climbs Enjoy incredible views to both the south and north of the rest of the range and of Jackson, Leigh, String, and Jenny lakes. The The 5.3-5.4 CMC route is an iconic route on that mountain. It was time to celebrate our success!

Mt. Very professional! Nate and Chase were fantastic guides.

Peaks: Mount Moran, Unsoelds Needle, Drizzlepuss (sorted/filed as Moran, Unsoelds, Drizzlepuss) Place: Wyoming; Trailhead: String Lake Participants: Barry Raven, Alan Ellis, Eric Henderson Difficulty: class 5, T Rated, helmet, rope used

I progress up the gully until I ran out of pro and then set up a belay to bring Barry up. After the trail petered out it looked like there was no choice but to scramble up some 4th class ledges to easier ground above. The gully seemed to be narrowing and petering out so Barry decided to exit it to climber's right toward the Black Dike. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, the temps were pleasant, and the breeze was minimal. From camp to the far side of Drizzlepus—it’s a short (but roped) climb up Drizzlepus and then you must rappel the far side—should take about an hour. There was a section of steep scrambling to accomplish in order to gain a ridge and it took Eric and I several tries, at several different routes, before we found a relatively easy one. The CMC route was snow free as of early September.

Photo by Jackson Herring, The CMC face of Mount Moran seen from Drizzlepuss, the crux of the CMC route. My feet wouldn't have survived the day without them and I'm so thankful Barry let me borrow his shoes. Ask Peter-99990000 about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Ask Lisa I about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Ask stevenc5693 about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Ask HGPilot about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Ask catevh about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, One day rock climb of Almost Arete with JHMG, Ask Sean E about Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Hotels near National Museum of Wildlife Art, Hotels near Laurance Rockefeller Preserve, Hotels near Images of Nature by Thomas Mangelsen, Dave Hansen Whitewater and Scenic River Trips, Surfing, Windsurfing & Kitesurfing in Jackson, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Jackson, Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. The approach to the most popular routes on Mt. It looked like a fairly tough climb (probably 5.7) and couldn't be easily protected for the first 15-20'. Barry made quick work of it and I collected all my stuff before climbed up and out of the notch. The main problem was that it felt like the shoes were rubbing and creating blisters on the backs of my heal. In a real nonchalant voice he warned us about "unstable high-pressure systems bringing afternoon thunderstorms over from Utah... blah... blah... blah... and if you're not on the summit by 11:00 YOU'RE FUCKED!!!"