to escape. However, when they jump out of the plane with their parachutes, they land in the jungle canopy, far from the Lost City. When the ClueFinders return to their game, Joni throws the frisbee too far and it goes into Ms. Rose's yard. Click on file link to start download. Upon falling into the trap, Limburger's plane drops into the pits. Limburger built a disguise for his airplane, so it would appear to be Mathra, having used the legend of Mathra to provide a cover of his smuggling of animal hides for his fur company. 335 Multiplication and Division Flash Cards | All Facts 0-12 | Best for Kids in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Grade 4.7 out of 5 stars 276.

$33.99. The box art depicts Joni wearing the backpack like she does in most other games, despite that Leslie is the one who wears it in the game and due to having Owen and Leslie themselves play the primary roles whilst Joni and Santiago played secondary roles.

The ClueFinders’ 5th Grade Adventures is an adventure game that builds on fifth graders’ interest in mystery and adventure as well as their abilities in logical thinking, mathematics, science, geography, and language arts.

As the ClueFinders leave the rainforest by boat, Dr. Pythagoras gives them LapTrap as a reward for them for saving the rainforest. They also find Ms. Rose's walking stick, which leads them to the conclusion that she was captured by the plants too.

All of the activities in The Clue Finders’ 5th Grade Adventures have been specifically designed to develop this wide range of skills.

The ClueFinders conclude that they need find the two pieces of the key and get to the Lost City. Legend had it that the ancient Numerian people encountered a monster named Mathra, who terrorized the animals of the forest. French (titled "Le Club Des Trouvetout").

LapTrap explains that Dr. Pythagoras recorded the location of the two key pieces and the Lost City on a map inside of one of LapTrap's programs. Cluefinders Years 6 & Adventures: The Empire of the Plant People is a computer game released in 2000. Resume depends on download link. The game is full of fun games that test your skills at various school subjects which is great but unfortunately there seems to be a glitch every time we get to a certain part in the story (the stone faces).There is no where to move on to like the original PC game and it deems very frustrating and makes it unable to finish the game. Copyright infringement (DMCA) can be messaged on facebook page. The one detail Ms. Rose did not mention at the end of the game was that the amnesia Joni and the other prisoners is temporary, which could've hinted of Joni remembering the Underground Plant Empire and the pollution that affects it. Protected by BOWI Group.

Owen, Leslie, and LapTrap set out to find and rescue Joni and Santiago. Download speed depends on download link. The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventures: Empire of the Plant People is a computer game released in June 29, 1999. Dive into a volcanic island adventure and enjoy an explosion of fun and mystery. Just then, Dr. Pythragoras' computer companion, LapTrap, appears to assist the ClueFinders.

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Help the ClueFinders as they collect and use information to save the islanders and themselves! Both locations also contain clues that suggest that Mathra couldn't be behind the animals' disappearance: a can of aviation engine oil and a business card labeled "Fletcher's Furriers". By helping out the creatures of the forest, the ClueFinders are able to obtain items required to complete the ancient Numerian puzzles: Sneezeberries from the Monkey Kingdom, and Goo Beetles from the Goo Lagoon. He swears his vengeance against the Cluefinders, and as he walks away with his dark mood unappeased, the real Mathra appears behind him, roars, and breathes fire. All of the activities in The Clue Finders’ 5th Grade Adventures have been specifically designed to develop this wide range of skills.

They eventually captured Mathra and locked him in a deep dungeon. Resume is supported. After Joni and Santiago collect both key halves, Mr. Limburger offers to fly them to the Lost City. ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventures with 5th Grade Free 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. During their travels, the ClueFinders meet highly intelligent talking animals and plants who have valuable information on how to find the keys to the lost city. The video screen that pops up when using Santiago's video phone has the screen (when off) in different colors: at the starting point it's charcoal gray, in the Monkey Kingdom it's light gray, and at the Goo Lagoon it's blue in some areas whilst pink in others. Download speed is low. The ClueFinders: The Incredible Toy Store Adventure! Find the key that goes with the bottom word in a similar way. Click on Download File button to open new window. Gameplay: Read the directions on the sign, and then place the worms in the correctly numbered seats. It seems to have become discolored, and they come to the conclusion that it contains industrial waste. They plan to attack the town above in retaliation because they feel it is all they can do to save themselves.