She advocates that, “Catios are a win for everyone.”, Cats in Canada enjoy the high life with territorial views and birdwatching from their catios.Photo credit: Vancouver Catio Tour, “Cat guardians may feel like they don’t have the space or money to build a catio or that they can’t build a catio if they’re renters,” says Marieke van der Velden, Outreach Specialist of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and catio tour organizer. “Free roaming cats and feral cats are responsible for killing billions of birds each year and our goal is to help conserve wild birds in their habitats. The cats were in it quickly, and I smugly sat on the patio sipping a celebratory glass of wine watching them. With three existing walls, we added the outer mesh wall, a door, and the bronze transparent hard roof. Catio Spaces offers a variety of DIY Catio Plans for a window, porch, patio, deck or yard. Here’s something to add to the list of awesome things you can build for your cat: a catio.

There’s nothing better than seeing tour participants watch cats enjoying the wind in their whiskers and the stimulation of nature while safe outdoors. Do-it-yourself plans start at $39.95 and include a materials list, step-by-step instructions and diagrams for a successful project to complement your home and your feline’s fancy. A retired graphic designer and technical writer, she designed and wrote for two publishers and two medical device manufacturers. LOVE this screened in outdoor cat area.. My inside cats would LOVE to be able to climb out a window for some fresh air, Let us celebrate the return of photo goodness with photos of something old that I mostly already had pictures of. I hate cages, and a house is a cage of sorts. This awesome second floor balcony catio was built on behalf of a large cat family that includes two Savannah's named Enzo and Ru. We encourage you to check out this video of Harley in action.

Your kids will love bringing the outdoors inside with these easy and fun crafts projects featuring supplies found in nature.

That was four years ago. You’ve probably heard of catios (you’re here, after all), but did you know that catio tours are a super-fun cat enrichment trend that’s here to stay? The furballs love the fabulous views, fresh air, sunshine, and climbing pole. 16ga black PVC coated steel wire mesh. Permanent, yet able to be dismantled & moved (great for renters!) The cattery was now approximately 132 square feet and could officially be dubbed a catio. 10% is donated to animal welfare organizations. If you decide to tackle a DIY cat lounge, contact us so we can share your story! August 29, 2013 at 1:17 am.

Dog parents have dog parks – and now cat parents have catio tours! Tours were already a popular pastime in Portland, so the catio tour seemed like a natural fit.  |  It means being responsible for wildlife, responsible for community space and responsible for the safety of our cats,” says Jennifer Hillman, VP Grassroots Outreach and Engagement with The Humane Society of the United States and tour co-founder. I picked up a slider cat door panel at a garage sale for $10 and got to work. Whether small or large, the tours showcase catios for patios, decks, gardens and more.

From Catio Spaces, here’s proof that catios don’t have to be huge to be enjoyable. Using another 10-by-10-foot kennel, we made an 8-by-30-foot enclosure in a side yard with access to it through a cat door installed in a bedroom window. The Highland Park catio starts with a super long run along the side of the house which leads to an extra large Disneyland-esque enclosure. We think an enclosed “Catio” for cats is one of the best innovations yet, especially for the three-legged variety! A cat cannot get over a fence if he is forced to hang upside down, so I came up with a very simple and inexpensive solution for what I had in mind: PVC pipe and plastic chicken fencing. The Sunland-Tujunga catio comes equipped with our first ever, waist high, litter box compartment. A catio tour volunteer poses in front of Operation Catnip’s catio and home of kitty Cobra.Photo credit: Melissa Jenkins, Gainesville, Florida recently began their catio tour inspired by the Portland Catio Tour and initiated by Melissa Jenkins, Operations Coordinator at Operation Catnip. It looks like it was built into the mid-century architecture, thus making the hoomans happy. A few shelves hung on the fencing for perches, and the catio was complete. This product keeps your cat safely on your balcony whether you live on the first floor or third.

Whether small or large, the tours showcase catios for patios, decks, gardens and more. As such, we were able to bring down costs by not painting or staining the redwood and going with a plywood roof. The risk of exposure to infectious diseases is much lower as well. August 28, 2013 at 9:51 pm. Catio tours are a great way to inspire the community to build or buy a catio for their cats that fits their space and pocketbook,” Karen says. All proceeds support SpayDay HRM, a local registered charity. The CatCafe Lounge, which is the only non-profit cat cafe in LA, has found homes for 400+ cats to date. Living inside, cats are much less likely to be involved in accidents or fights that could lead to injuries. © 2006 - 2020 All rights reserved. “Jumping, running, climbing, hunting – felines are built to move. Why Purrfect Catio Balcony Screen? Karen Kraus, who I call the godmother of catio tours, first developed the event to engage her community through her organization’s Cats Safe at Home program, a collaborative effort to humanely reduce free roaming pet, stray and feral cats in the Portland metro region. The gorgeous enclosure blends in perfectly with the home and the surrounding area. The following week a dead pear tree was trimmed, cut down, dragged into the new enclosure and wired securely to the fence. Build a Computer Monitor Cat Bed.

Kristin of My Stuff What I Made built this enclosure for her cats against the side of her house. A catio tour is exactly what it sounds like. Not sure how to get started? In addition to showcasing inspiring catios and happy cats for tour participants, volunteers sell popular handmade cat toys, the organization’s kitten calendar and raffle tickets. My cats watched in eager anticipation through the windows urging me on and occasionally scratching at the locked cat doors. When the people speak, we listen. Also, three are longhaired, all are mostly white, and being in coyote and Great Horned Owl country, it’s not safe for them to be out day or night.

The patio was pie-shaped with house walls on the two straight edges. Senior Cat Food Issues: My Cat Won’t Eat, Is She Suffering?

Then I just opened up all the sections, adding the sixth one that hadn’t been used in the original setup, and voila! Call me crazy but I wanted more, and so I moved indoors.

Your neighbors may look askance at your new outdoor room, but your cats will be happy, and that’s what matters. One of the best ways to learn about the benefits of cat enclosures is by checking out Catio Spaces’ recent blog post, “Catios & Catios Tours: A Growing Trend for Cat Enrichment and Safety.”.

I’m also highlighting why you might want to consider attending a catio tour, being a catio host, or organizing a tour in your city. Each plan is a PDF download that includes a material and tool list, step-by-stepinstructions and diagrams for a successful project. Catio tour participants enjoy a variety of catios including the Taj Meow in Portland, Oregon.Photo credit:  Portland Catio Tour. The Elysian Heights catio is unique in that it was built for a rental property while the cat guardians renovate their home. Want to give your indoor cats a way to safely enjoy the great outdoors this summer? Just look at Serena’s Garden Getaway Cat Catio, designed by Catio Spaces of course. Kitchn is a source of inspiration for a happier, healthier life in your kitchen. Another benefit? I have a dog. TRIPAWD/s is a registered trademark. If they do not have access to cat-centric things to do, they will find another way to relieve the energy. “Catios are a fast-growing trend that benefit cats and wildlife. protect birds & wildlife. Designing catios for Bengals is extra fun due to their athleticism. Cats can access the catio through a window into the home, humans through the screened door. It was quite a while before I realized it, because he always let himself back in each morning by scaling the outside of the kennel fence, running across the roof and jumping down into the catio! Let’s get going! All rights reserved. It, too, has a dead tree and old playground equipment. “After some discussion at county commission meetings, it was decided that a coalition would be made consisting of the Humane Society of North Central Florida, Operation Catnip and the Alachua Audubon Society, to work on ways to support keeping cats indoors and protecting wildlife. It engages people in a way that makes them think about how they are caring for their pets – and how that connects to local wildlife. So it was on the right track when four years ago I began small with an easy DIY project: a covered dog kennel measuring 4 by 8 by 6 feet I bought at the local big box store for $350. I can’t let my kitty see or he will be so jealous. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They are also stress magnets. The Colorful Catio Menagerie in Vashon features 4 catios and 150’ of tunnels by Catio Spaces. David from The Cat Carpenter took an existing outdoor patio and enclosed it in wire mesh, creating a safe space that kitties and humans alike can enjoy. My catio’s finished measurements were 74″ long x 55″ wide by 90″ tall. Julia Konya says. by Cynthia Chomos | Oct 10, 2019 | About Catios & Cat Enclosures, Catio Tours, Free Catio Tips. See our Catio Tour Event Directory. Anonymous says. Jan 8, 2020 - Explore Bri Rainwater's board "DIY Cat Enclosure" on Pinterest.